The Jackbox Party Pack Launches Today on PS4, PS3

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The Jackbox Party Pack Launches Today on PS4, PS3

Jackbox Party Pack

Greetings from Chicago and the Jackbox Games studios, where the harsh hand of Father Winter has begun its annual spanking motion toward our pale, gamers’ buttocks. It’s this time of year that we like to gather our friends and family near, enjoy some hot toddies after we look up what hot toddies are again, and fire up some party games on the old PS3 or pretty-new PS4.

This year, in time for the holidays, we at Jackbox Games have attempted to take matters into our own hands and create the ultimate collection of party games. A variety pack of games — all funny, all unique — that you can start up on any occasion and select the game that most suits your fancy at that moment. And most importantly, games where a bunch of people can play without the need for a bunch of controllers.

So today we announce the release of 200 celebratory white doves, and also the launch of The Jackbox Party Pack, a 5-game bundle of new games, including the brand new You Don’t Know Jack 2015. We think the price is ridiculously cheap (cheaper than the last You Don’t Know Jack release on PS3 was all by itself). And here’s the thing: no extra controllers are needed to play. Once a game is fired up, everyone uses their phone, tablet, or any internet-connected device as their controller.

Jackbox Party PackJackbox Party Pack

The games in the pack have different player limits, but most can accommodate up to 8 players and one can handle — get this — 100 players. It’s five party games in one pack, so to speak, although it really isn’t a “pack” so much as it is a digital download. And it’s out today. We think it’s the must-have party game for this holiday season, and the best way to save an otherwise boring holiday gathering.

Fans of YDKJ will enjoy the 50 episodes of YDKJ 2015. All your favorites are here, host Cookie Masterson, the humorous fake commercials, questions like the DisOrDat and Cookie’s Fortune Cookie Fortunes with Cookie “Fortune Cookie” Masterson. And some surprises like the brand new “Kangaroo, Peanut, Albert Einstein, or Uranus?” recurring question.

You may also recognize another game in the pack, Fibbage XL, which comes on the heels of our recent release of Fibbage: The Hilarious Bluffing Party Game on PS3 and PS4. If you’re a fan of Fibbage (and everyone who plays it seems to be), you probably have already written us clamoring for more questions. Well, Fibbage XL has it. It contains all the content in the original Fibbage, plus over 50% more all-new questions. So, if you own Fibbage already, you can get 50+% more questions along with 4 other full games in Party Pack. If you don’t own Fibbage, well, this is your chance.

Jackbox Party Pack

We want to save some surprises, so we won’t go into detail about the other three games in the pack: Drawful, Word Spud, and Lie Swatter.

You can kinda guess what those might be by their names, sure, especially Drawful, which we’re really excited about and involves… no, you know what, find out for yourselves. Get the Party Pack. The value is incredible, we think. In fact, we may be pricing ourselves out of jobs. If so, consider it our holiday gift to you, cheapskates.

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