The Jackbox Party Pack Launches Today on PS4, PS3

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The Jackbox Party Pack Launches Today on PS4, PS3

Jackbox Party Pack

Greetings from Chicago and the Jackbox Games studios, where the harsh hand of Father Winter has begun its annual spanking motion toward our pale, gamers’ buttocks. It’s this time of year that we like to gather our friends and family near, enjoy some hot toddies after we look up what hot toddies are again, and fire up some party games on the old PS3 or pretty-new PS4.

This year, in time for the holidays, we at Jackbox Games have attempted to take matters into our own hands and create the ultimate collection of party games. A variety pack of games — all funny, all unique — that you can start up on any occasion and select the game that most suits your fancy at that moment. And most importantly, games where a bunch of people can play without the need for a bunch of controllers.

So today we announce the release of 200 celebratory white doves, and also the launch of The Jackbox Party Pack, a 5-game bundle of new games, including the brand new You Don’t Know Jack 2015. We think the price is ridiculously cheap (cheaper than the last You Don’t Know Jack release on PS3 was all by itself). And here’s the thing: no extra controllers are needed to play. Once a game is fired up, everyone uses their phone, tablet, or any internet-connected device as their controller.

Jackbox Party PackJackbox Party Pack

The games in the pack have different player limits, but most can accommodate up to 8 players and one can handle — get this — 100 players. It’s five party games in one pack, so to speak, although it really isn’t a “pack” so much as it is a digital download. And it’s out today. We think it’s the must-have party game for this holiday season, and the best way to save an otherwise boring holiday gathering.

Fans of YDKJ will enjoy the 50 episodes of YDKJ 2015. All your favorites are here, host Cookie Masterson, the humorous fake commercials, questions like the DisOrDat and Cookie’s Fortune Cookie Fortunes with Cookie “Fortune Cookie” Masterson. And some surprises like the brand new “Kangaroo, Peanut, Albert Einstein, or Uranus?” recurring question.

You may also recognize another game in the pack, Fibbage XL, which comes on the heels of our recent release of Fibbage: The Hilarious Bluffing Party Game on PS3 and PS4. If you’re a fan of Fibbage (and everyone who plays it seems to be), you probably have already written us clamoring for more questions. Well, Fibbage XL has it. It contains all the content in the original Fibbage, plus over 50% more all-new questions. So, if you own Fibbage already, you can get 50+% more questions along with 4 other full games in Party Pack. If you don’t own Fibbage, well, this is your chance.

Jackbox Party Pack

We want to save some surprises, so we won’t go into detail about the other three games in the pack: Drawful, Word Spud, and Lie Swatter.

You can kinda guess what those might be by their names, sure, especially Drawful, which we’re really excited about and involves… no, you know what, find out for yourselves. Get the Party Pack. The value is incredible, we think. In fact, we may be pricing ourselves out of jobs. If so, consider it our holiday gift to you, cheapskates.

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  • This makes me really happy, really wanted to play the PS3 version of YDKJ to no avail and this is my chance finally, thank you so much Jackbox fellas <3

  • This looks glorious. Does this support cross-buy? (buy the PS3 version, get the PS4 version free)

  • In just 5 minutes this has become my #1 anticipated game of the year. My friends and I bought fibbage and we’ve played it nearly every weekend since its release. Because of that, we also recently picked up the retail YDKJ and have added that to our regular schedule.

    Jackbox Games, you guys are awesome. I can’t wait to pick this up when I get home. Holy moly I’m excited.

  • Can’t wait. Getting this as soon as the store updates. Fibbage is awesome. YDKJ is one of the funniest, well-written games I’ve ever played.

  • Hey Mike,

    These games will keep us gamers laughing and having a good time with our friends over the winter, thank you.

    I wanted to ask if you guys would consider on making “Dynamic Themes” and “Avatar Pictures” for the PS4. Your game would look cool displayed on everyone’s PS4.


    Rob aka Graf

    • Hey Rob,
      Hope you enjoy the games. We haven’t looked into developing Dynamic Themes or Avatar Pics. We’ll check it out.

  • “The French have a pastry called Nun’s Puffs”

    The alternative French dessert pets de soeurs (literally “farts of [holy] sisters”) is sometimes confused with this dessert, but actually is a completely different pastry.

  • In for 1? In for 5? I don’t know what i’m in for. Well i kind of do, since i’ve played some of these before. I’ve played YDKJ a lot before.

    I also played Drawful with some of the guys at Jackbox on their Twtch, and it was really great. A lot of fun. I can’t wait to play more.

    And YDKJ’15 sells it for me. YDKJ is one of the best games ever, and i need more.

  • Cross buy would be nice! PS3–>PS4

  • Can players use controllers instead of phones?

    • Single player YDKJ will work with the console controller. Multiplayer YDKJ and all of the other games require a smart phone / tablet / pc / any modern device with a web connection and browser to play.

  • OMG dream come true…. SOLD! Please make more Jack games for console! I’ve been a fan since the first one game out on PC, which was probably before some of your kids were born!

    • We just launched a new YOU DON’T KNOW JACK today for console and already you’re asking for more!?! We need to let the writers take a vacation at some point.

  • Anyone know if these games contain kid-friendly content?

  • any word on Price ?

  • This sounds like the perfect thing for my holiday party! Price details and how hard is it setting up other devices? Is it easier if I have 4 controllers?

    • It’s super easy to setup smart phones. NO apps to download, no need to get devices onto your own wifi network, etc. Just take out a web-enabled smart phone/tablet/computer, open the web browser and enter the 4 digit code shown on the game screen. You’re in.

  • So for those of us who bought Fibbage already, we paid $7 for a demo? That’s pretty crappy.

    • Sorry you feel that way. Fibbage was our first attempt at large party games using mobiles as controllers on console. For a $7 title it still has hours and hours of content. Fibbage XL is the exact same game but with some additional new questions that our writers created between the launch of Fibbage an the launch of The Jackbox Party Pack. If you enjoy Fibbage and have exhausted the content, there’s more content in XL AND Drawful is like Fibbage but with drawings… and The Jackbox Party Pack includes a new You Don’t Know Jack and two more games.


    I’ve been playing YDWJ since windows 95

  • Can this game be played with normal sony controllers?

    I love these games but down own any of the alternative/phone/tablet/etc… options.

    I hope the lack of mention of REAL controllers is an oversight and the game works like any PS4/PS3 game, with the controllers for the system it’s on.

    Please answer ASAP so I know if I should buy this game today, or never.-

    • Single player YDKJ will work with the console controller. Multiplayer YDKJ and all of the other games require a smart phone / tablet / pc / any modern device with a web connection and browser to play. Most people don’t own multiple controllers on newer consoles…especially 4 of them. AND, most of the games use functions not possible on controllers – privacy, keyboard, drawing, etc. At the very least, there’s a free demo… try out YDKJ and Fibbage and see how you like it with the new control mechanism.

  • Not in a giant hurry for this, but ever give thought to the Vita?

  • As a casual gamer who rarely buys anything out the 1st week, I’m really excited to see that I bought Fibbage Day One, which is included w/ this bundle…because I’m sure the “Jack” devs had no idea that this bundle was set to come out aprox. 3 weeks later.

    Thanks for the support. What makes things worse are the replies given to customers regarding this issue through your various social media sites.

    Best recent instance of “smash-and-grab” that I can think of.


  • To boomstickhbg

    For Fibbage, you NEED a tablet/phone/laptop for every player since each player will input secret answers on their own device

  • Can you please bring this to vita? I can picture myself in boring parties and me taking out my vita and asking everyone if they’re down for YDKJ and everyone exploding from excitement. Or not.

  • The demo is currently available for PS4 but there is no way to unlock the full game. Any news on that being available, I’m having friends over in a few hours to play.

  • Fibbage is the Ultimate party game. Being able to play using your own smart phones or tablets is a great thing especially when you have 8 people who all want to play at the same time, but what will happen if the server goes down (hopefully not for good)…
    Will the game cease to function?

  • Thanks the the Reply… NOT.

  • Well I will try out the demo because why not.

    Even YDKJ requires non Sony controllers for multiplayer?

    My friends and I loved the PS3, YDKJ and we usually played 3 or 4 at a time using the same screen and controllers.

    Now that the new Gen is here, Jack somehow took a step or 3 backwards and can only use single player for controller now?

    That makes no sense at all.

    PS3 You Don’t Know Jack, great game, used sony controllers.

    2015 You Don’t Know Jack = only single player for sony controllers.

    Odd way to design a party game.

  • @18 Soulwind613 Agreed up to a point.. I did buy Fibbage launch week. Played the hell of it. had fun.. Bummed that we are not getting a discount for “upgraging” to the Party Pack.. Not sure why they aren’t doing Cross-buy like they did with Fibbage.
    It all seems like a step back.

    What JackBox Games *should* do if they don’t want to do any of the other stuff is at LEAST upgrade/patch the Fibbage we already purchased to Fibbage XL.

    I’ll probably get this eventually when it hits 50% off or less, or if it hits the PS+ IGC in the future, or wait for the PCSteam version to go cheap.

    I really like JackBox games and YDJK, but will hold off buying anything at launch/full price from these guys in the future.

  • I’m a big fan of the series. Love the most recent YDKJ game. I’m at an odd place between consoles, though. My PS3 is slowly phasing out, but I don’t have multiple controllers for the PS4 yet (and will probably not be able to afford more for quite a while). In the long term, I would probably play the PS4 version more, but these are party games, necessitating a PS3 buy. So I’m torn. Make it a cross-buy, though, and I’ll be on board 100%.

    • Given your situation, I’d suggest getting it on the PS4. The Jackbox Party Pack doesn’t require more than one console controller.
      Single player YDKJ will work with the console controller. Multiplayer YDKJ and all of the other games in the pack require a smart phone / tablet / pc / any modern device with a web connection and browser to play. As you noted, most people don’t own multiple controllers on newer consoles…especially 4 of them. AND, most of our games in this Party Pack use functions not possible on controllers – privacy, keyboard input, drawing, etc. It’s free to try YDKJ and Fibbage XL in the Demo.

  • This is awesome. My question is, or those who have Fibbage and have yet to exhaust all the questions (I think we’ve only played about 2/3rd way through even though I got the game at launch), will Fibbage XL know which questions from the original have already been shown? I would hate to have old questions shown. Thank you!

    • Unfortunately The Jackbox Party Pack doesn’t have access to the save game data from Fibbage. BUT, All of the new content that’s been added to Fibbage XL in The Jackbox Party Pack has been prioritized to show up first. After that new content is exhausted, then the game will randomly cycle through the original Fibbage content. Hope that helps.

  • So bought. You don’t know jack was one of my favorite PS3 games so to get that plus three other games made by the same folks is awesome!

  • Is this online multiplayer for YDKJ 2015 or local multiplayer only ?

  • As someone who bought Fibbage, I’m looking forward to this, and am sure that it will be worth the money. That said, as someone who bought Fibbage just a few weeks ago, I don’t think an “upgrade price” for Fibbage owners is an unreasonable request (even a $5 discount). I’ll be picking this up, but I think my future Jackbox purchases will be a few weeks after release, just to avoid things like this.

  • About what percentage of the the You Don’t Know Jack 2015 questions are duplicates from the original ps3 game? Are you planning on re-releasing the 4 Jack Packs on PSN for the original ps3 game? They disappeared before I could get them and I am DEVASTATED. Seriously.

  • Why isn’t this game possible to buy if I’m an European user? I really want this pack but I have browser through the whole PlaystationStore now 5 times.

    Swedish user

  • I don’t own any of the machines these games run on but my grand-kids do. I am wanting to get a game that will keep around 20-ish people aged from around 16 to 72 occupied for a while at a holiday celebration. When i first heard about Fibbage a while ago, i though that would be the perfect game. So, i was all set to buy a copy and have my grandson download it to his X-Box Now I see these games becoming available and think Fibbage XL would be better. Or, maybe one of the other games would better suit the occasion. I don’t have any idea how YDKJ works. But, as I mentioned, I don’t have any of the devices the games run on. Is there some way I can test these out, or see demos so I can determine which, if any, might better meet our needs? And, is Fibbage the only one of these games that will run on the X-Box?

    Thanks for indulging a non-gamer.

  • I understand why the smart phone is necessary for games like fibbage, but why would you take out controller support for multiplayer You Don’t Know Jack. My family and I were all really excited when we heard there was a new YDKJ game coming out, but now that we know we are not going to be allowed to play multiplayer without multiple smart phones for everyone, we can’t play it. It’s really dissapointing.

  • Will the jack box pack be a cross buy in the future? Just wondering. Just purchased it but did it for the PS3 since I have that in my living room to play with guests. PS4 is in my room…no guests in there except the wife lol.

  • I’m assuming Fibbage XL will repeat questions I’ve already done if I’ve played Fibbage before? Disappointing that it doesn’t use chapters or something like YDKJ so you don’t get repeats.

  • Just wondering if this pack is available for Australians?
    And if not, will it be? I’ve been in love with the YDKJ franchise since I was a kid, and would love to have this game in my collection.

  • is it still available on ps4 cuz i just checked and its only on ps3 with a free demo on ps4

  • Why has this been pulled from PS4?

  • It’s back in the store now.

  • Hey guys. No sign of this on the UK store. I REALLY need to buy it, right now. My life is incomplete otherwise. Any news of when we can purchase it?

  • Getting nothing on the Aus store too.

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