Far Cry 4 Out Today on PS4, PS3

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Far Cry 4 Out Today on PS4, PS3

From the treacherous peaks of the Himalayas to the surreal temples of Shangri-La, every moment spent in Far Cry 4‘s Kyrat is a story, and now you can experience it for yourself on PS4 and PS3. You play as Ajay Ghale, returning to your place of birth to scatter your mother’s ashes.

Far Cry 4 Out Today on PS4, PS3

Poor Ajay has no idea what he’s walking into. The country of Kyrat is under the rule of Pagan Min, a charming psychopath who has made himself the King. Now stuck in the middle of a civil war, every choice you make will determine the future of Kyrat and its people.

But you don’t have to go it alone. Guns for Hire (Far Cry 4’s co-op mode) allows you to join up with a friend to explore Kyrat. Take to the sky in the gyrocopter to rain destruction from above, or charge through the world together on the backs of elephants. You can even punch a tiger in the face, if that’s what you’re into.

If you’re feeling competitive, hop into the multiplayer. Play one round as the Golden Path rebels and the next round as the mysterious and mystical Rakshasa. As a Golden Path soldier you’ll have the full force of modern weaponry at your disposal. Lay waste to your opponents with machine guns and heavy artillery. The Rakshasa are a bit less grounded in reality. As a Rakshasa warrior you can summon wild animals to come to your aid and make use of the swarm and blink arrows to gain the upper hand. Should you get overwhelmed, you can simply vanish into thin air and give the Golden Path the slip.

Far Cry 4Far Cry 4

Players who pick up Far Cry 4 on PS4 or PS3 will get 10 exclusive Keys to Kyrat. Send a key to your friend on PlayStation Network and enjoy a free, two-hour co-op trial in the game’s wide open world. So even if your buddy doesn’t have a copy of the game, they can still hop in and help you liberate some outposts or go big-game hunting in the valleys of Kyrat. Create your own one-of-a-kind adventures in the living world. You’ll never run out of things to do and see in Far Cry 4.

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  • Nobody who bought digitally in US-PSN for ps3 can play.. It always says when starting campaign game data corrupt and in multiplayer it just loads forever on the maps……

    Why is this not adressed here in the sony blog? Yet you spam us with another marketing message

  • Picked up my PS4 copy earlier today. Sadly I STILL have yet to finish Far Cry 3, so I need to get on that before starting this one. Might I add, this seems like one of those games that’s going to get a lot of use out of my Share button!

  • Man I hate to bash on Ubisoft because they make amazing games like Far Cry 3 or Rayman Origins. AC3+4 and Watch Dogs are also quite amazing open world games, but really Ubi, why is there still no fix or ETA? Rockstar has already issued like 3 or 4 bugfixes today for their gta release.

  • Releasing a game which is broken and charging for it is beyond belief, why is it that the games industry is able to get away with this time and time again? It is a disgrace that after pre ordering a product to be one of the first to play we are still un able to even start a new game due to the ps3 far cry 3 corruption message. But all we get is another sales pitch………

  • Good luck to everyone who picked this up. I truely hope the game isn’t a let down, so far I can’t say I’m suprised at the issues with the multiplayer. You’d think that would be the kind of thing ironed out before launch. Personally… I’m done with Ubisoft.

  • Anne Marie Lewis on Nov 18, 2014 // ****NO*** Communications Specialist, Ubisoft

  • I feel bad for the people who pre ordered thinking they could play with their friends who didn’t have copies. They made it sound like that’s how it worked, not just 10 keys you share with friends, that only have 2 hours of gameplay each. And watch dogs, its been out how long? Still buggy and lots of screen tearing on PS3.

  • Can’t wait to receive mine…its been a while since I’m dying to play this.Also those Yetis…I’m more excited to that than the game itself lol…its a shame you had to lock that in a season pass ubi but that doesn’t make the game any less awesome.I started Farcry 3 one month ago and the amount of fun I had with it,is insane…I’m sure Farcry 4 will deliver the same epicness.

    @ 2 BlueBl1zzard – I agree about that Share button lol.

  • opikal they announced how the Keys would work months before release. Anyone acting like they didn’t know is either flatout ignorant or they’re blind.

    The Playstation 3 is an outdated console. You should upgrade before it becomes entirely obsolete…not to mention Watch Dogs was a letdown as a game, nevermind the downgraded graphics…

  • Keys to Kyrat:

    First come first serve. If it isn’t working, someone claimed it already.

  • PS3 has a lot of life left in it, and many great games run with incredible graphics and no screen tearing. As for the keys I did not know, neither did friends of mine.

  • Then that is your fault. The information was made widely available. Posted on the Blog, Ubisoft’s website, Facebook, and I think even Twitter had a statement about it. Unless you wanted Ubisoft to kick in your front door and shove the article in your face, you can’t really blame them for you not knowing.

    As for the PS3 having “life” left in it. That system has no life in it. Compare it to a single game made for both PS3 and PS4 and you’ll see it is already being made obsolete…nevermind the games released only on the current gen platforms. Quit being cheap and then blaming the company for the system not being able to handle it. They aren’t going to support the system for much longer…

  • “The Playstation 3 is an outdated console. You should upgrade before it becomes entirely obsolete…not to mention Watch Dogs was a letdown as a game, nevermind the downgraded graphics…”

    That’s a dumb comment. The PS3 is still a great console. The PS4 is having plenty of problems so it’s not like it’s way past the PS3 and I have so many PS3 games I still haven’t played. One day I’ll buy a PS4 but for now the PS3 is good enough.

  • Love FarCry but not without a MULTIplayer map editor.

    Patch / add back in what was THE best part about the FarCry series’ online and people like me will buy it. Listen to your fans Ubisoft, how could you not realize that one of the main reasons people love FarCry so much is because of the VERSUS map creator that it had in the previous games… why take that out? Yes the one player is fun and the coop is ok, but the multiplayer map creator is what kept people playing.

    Not buying this game anytime soon because of that. Developers need to start listening to their fans instead of cutting things out without discussion and at will. Yes, it saved you development time I’m sure, but it costs you fans.

  • Too bad FC is not cross-buy… Even Activision with their bags of $ had put a cross buy deal on Destiny and CoD. Why couldn’t Ubisoft do the same ;(? Shame to be such company with broken game releases and stupid drm service. Not to mention embargos.

    Used to love this company. They killed PoP and now AC with FC to follow. I guess Rayman is last good franchise. Lets see what you can bring from Tom Clancy’s Universe.

    Even Michel Ancel leaved you and assembled his own team, yet he’s somehow involved with different titles as advisor.

    Beyond G&E had so much potential ;(

  • Why am i not able to play this on my ps4. It keeps saying buy full game or ask a friend for a key WTF this is retarded. What’s the whole point in giving us a trial if we cant play it, sony sure does know how to ruin a good day.

  • “now you can experience it for yourself on PS4 and PS3.” No we can’t. Still not working on PS3 at all. This article is a lie.

  • Does all these games really mean anything when the network doesn’t work properly.

  • Just brought home Far Cry 4 for my PS4 from Game Stop installed it and down load season pass and GS exclusive redeem codes. Try to play and keep greeting blue screen with data is corrupted remove disc and delete try again. Is anyone else having this issue and can I get some advice on how to go about fixing or replacing it? I didn’t waste over $90 on a problem that would be excepted on a first day “system” launch. Not a game that has been In the works for over a year.

  • I am just logging-in. I cannot find my codes anywhere to get my “keys to Kryat”. Anyone have some advice?

  • **^^^ @#21 I got it all figured out ^^^**

  • I pre-order my digital copy 2 weeks ago. .. I start playing at midnight off line with no problems … I got my keys downloaded … I play for a couple hours this afternoon and I stop . and tonight I was ready to send keys and play with some friends and I can’t play anymore! !! WTF…

  • So over a day has passed and still nobody who bought Far Cry 4 for PS3 in PSN can play it. With no info on when its fixed. Sony needs to get SHUT DOWN for consumer Fraud by the FCC.

  • *FTC

  • I got a good look at the box art for this game and I ask myself why is pee-wee Herman on the cover. It look like his long lost brother from another mother. :) game looks good if it works!!! Assassins Creed (EVERY YEAR) had problems if I remember aslo so your shocked this game doesn’t work?

  • When will this issue be resolved?? Cause if it cant be resolved I want my money back.

  • I am ticked!!!! Went to midnight launch for Far cry 4 game did not want to play disk error and tried to install like four times I called them like 6 or 7 times!!!! Not trying to sound like an a hole & I’m a big far cry 3 fan played blood dragon 4 times loved it!!! I just want to play it!!! Ubisoft says it’s a downloading issue. But Destiny down loaded new update plays fine. W T F !!!! So why doesn’t this Game Work!!!! And I have ps4 only six months old !!!! Does any one have any real suggestions??? There being Jerks!!!!!

  • I just got my PS4 so I haven’t been able to play anything with all my friends from PS3. I also let random players join my game on FC4 but I cannot hear anyone talking??? Can you only hear co-op players if they are your friends?? I need some PS4 friends to play all the new multiplayer games I recently purchased. Anybody up for some co-op, look me up…Ash_2_Dust83. :)

  • Im not supporting far cry games since the writer is a Social Justice warrior. consider my 60 bucks bye bye better get LBP3 than this.

  • I bought disc on ps3 some little loading probs but the real thing that I mad at is I cant play coop with a friend, I can play with random people but not my friends which is a huge part of the enjoyment for me but the game is great fun and beautiful even on the old ps3.

  • Is anyine having an issue on playing the prologue and ending up at 99% install? Im having that issue and dont know what to do its annoying and Dont know if i should return the game or just wait for another patch?

  • I have that problem as well exept mines stays on installing 76% for to days i dnt know wtf is going on i pre-order mine im going to return it for a new and hope for the best ,****ing new gen. SMH

  • This game is 5 star ***** i’m loving it better than destiny. You gotta try this game I highly recommend it!!

  • Anyone with a key of kyrat to assist me with it?

  • Downloaded the trial…didn’t realize I can’t even play without a “Key”. Can someone please send me one? THANKS!

  • Can someone help and send me a key I’ve just downloaded the trial and can’t play, help!

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