Dragon Age: Inquisition Out Today on PS4, PS3

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Out Today on PS4, PS3

Dragon Age: Inquisition is finally here! *Deep breath* After working with this team for the last two-and-a-half years, I’ve been looking forward to this day as much as you have. I saw the game for the first time back in November of 2012, and I remember how impressive it looked. I thought to myself, “If it looks this good now, what’s it going to look like when it launches?” Well, that time has arrived, and I couldn’t be more proud of what this team has accomplished.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Out Today on PS4, PS3

Enough about me, let’s talk about you! Inquisition is a game completely shaped by the decisions you make. The world of Thedas has been plunged into darkness, and as leader of the Inquisition, putting an end to the chaos rests on your shoulders. Sounds like a heap of responsibility, right? Don’t worry, there is no “wrong” way to deal with the threat. However, your choices will have an impact on your path to restore order, so just a little something to keep in mind.

At the heart of Inquisition is a rich story, and along the way you’ll meet a cast of memorable characters. Will you choose to recruit all of them? Spend some quality time with your followers on the battlefield, and you’ll see how skilled they are in combat. Try different combinations of your followers to find a party that fits your play style.

TIP: If you love classic BioWare party banter, putting Sera and Vivienne together can often produce hilarious results. Just saying.

Dragon Age: InquisitionDragon Age: Inquisition

The world of Thedas is massive, which I can’t emphasize enough. Pause for a moment to admire that stunning view overlooking the Storm Coast, and something in the distance is bound to catch your eye. That’s the beauty of the game, really. There’s no shortage of areas to explore, and quests to complete.

TIP: Thedas can be a dangerous place, and you’re not alone out there. If you happen to see nugs fleeing from the mouth of a cave, there’s a strong chance something big and ugly is the reason why.

Enjoy, and see you in Thedas, Inquisitors.

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  • Looks amazing. Can’t wait to play

  • Picked up my Deluxe Edition on my way to work. Can’t wait to get home and immerse myself in the world of Thedas once again.
    Thanks BioWare!!

  • love this series…can’t wait to play your new masterpiece….thanks Bioware & EA

  • cant wait to get in it in a few hours! please someone tell me the name of the song in the video is awesome!!

  • Are there any significant differences between PS3 and PS4 versions, besides improved graphics on PS4?

    I’m seeing more and more that last-gen versions of cross-gen games are getting certain features nerfed or removed. I won’t pay the same price for a nerfed game. I already made that mistake once with Madden 15.

  • @Luiscdp
    It’s a remix of ‘What a Wonderful World” by Joseph William Morgan and features Shadow Royale

  • I have DA 1&2 (sales) and have yet to play them, but I really want to start with this game today. Is there any reason not too considering the main protagonist changes from game to game? Will I get that feeling I got from playing each Mass Effect game if I do start with DA1?

  • @kazeEternal thank you so much im a explode my ears hearing at it while i play hahaha!

  • Dragon Age
    Simply is the best game to come out in along time, im amazed what Bioware has achieved.
    Its worth every dollar i spent.

  • Congrats guys! Picking this us with my PS4 next week! :D

  • Just have to say this game is awesome so far ! got to play my copy early last night at 9pm since I live on the west coast. This game is massive and so much to do as well and to customize / tweak in your own way ! looking forward to play more tonight :)

  • Thanks Sony for making Day 1 Digital games available at 11pm CT!!!!! I was able to play for a couple of hours last night and it’s very, very good. DA fans are going to love this game.

  • The DLC Pre orders is tied to the user account that purchased the game or is it for all users ?
    I bought the game on pre -order at a secondary account and dlc not on my main account.
    Anyway the game is amazing .

  • I happened to finish DA 2 for the first time at like 9 pm last night so I rolled right into DA:I when it unlocked at midnight my time. Sadly couldn’t stay up too late but got my character created and started moving through the intro. I can’t wait for the upcoming holiday so I can dump tons of hours into this game!

  • Just about to get my copy for the PS4 and say goodbye to the real world and hello to Thedas ;-)

  • meh why do we have to wait 3 more days seriously…
    let the ppl who pre order the game digital in europe play same day like the rest of the world

  • Awesome trailer, gonna get mine on Friday!

  • Oh, but I have been waiting very impatiently for such a long time. It’s finally here, except my CE is being mailed to me by Gamestop so I won’t get it for a few days.

    I will devote the 100 plus hours to do justice to this game, just as I did for the first 2. Yay!

  • Picking up my Deluxe Edition later today, hopefully. Wish I had proper time to play it soon, though.

  • To people wondering what differences might exist between the PS3 and PS4 versions, the PS4 just has higher resolution texures and a further draw distance too. Content wise, the games are identical in terms of amount of quests and the such based on interviews with the developers that I’ve read prior to the game’s release. They said they made sure that the PS3 and 360 versions weren’t “inferior” versions of the game. I picked it up on PS3 as I don’t have the money yet to make the PS4 jump.

  • Bought my PS4 just for this :) Now that I got my Keep all ready to go and the Prima Guide DLC debacle cleared up, I cannot wait to play.

  • Great to see the franchise back on track. Wasn’t crazy about DA2. Looking forward to getting a copy of Inquisition.

  • Makes me sad to see the team overreact to the outcry over DA2… just because it was rushed doesn’t mean it didn’t have a lot of good ideas and a lot of good elements… but they kinda just abandoned all the parts of it that were good.

    It makes me sad, but I guess that’s how it goes.

    So far this game has not impressed me much.

  • Combat is slightly underwhelming to me so far…why do all of the enemies have so much health?! It’s like every encounter is a miniature boss fight. I don’t enjoy that. Otherwise, I am LOVING how my plot is unfolding. :D

  • I bought the PS3 version and loving it. There’s some ugly clipping in the opening cutscene but the rest has been smooth. Only issue I may have is that the game frames dip after several hours of play. By exiting the game and going back in, it will fix the the problem. Its probably some ram thing AKA skyrim freezes.

  • I am so very disappointed in this game for the Playstation 3. I bought it at Best Buy and unfortunately can’t return it. The graphics are ridiculous and has already frozen within the first 10 minutes of playing. There is grass growing inside the houses. REALLY. They can do better than this.. Especially for 60$ a pop. What a friggin ripoff.

  • I love playing this game

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