Crackle’s “Playing It Forward” Exclusive Window for PlayStation

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Crackle’s “Playing It Forward” Exclusive Window for PlayStation

Crackle’s “Playing It Forward” Exclusive Window for PlayStation

Our friends over at Crackle recently recorded the latest in their “Playing it Forward” series in Las Vegas and captured the superb “Imagine Dragons” performing in front of the Bellagio hotel. The show was originally created in association with the actor Robert Downey Jr. and features surprise street performances by some of the world’s biggest artists in unplanned, unexpected environments across the country benefiting music education and charities of the artists’ choice.

Crackle’s “Playing It Forward” Exclusive Window for PlayStationCrackle’s “Playing It Forward” Exclusive Window for PlayStation

This short film takes a behind the scenes revealing look at the artists lives, their performances and their personal relationship with music and features three tracks from the band including their hit “Radioactive”. The best news of all? PlayStation owners can watch this exclusively before anyone else starting today – so well worth checking it out!

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  • Cool. I always liked Crackle. I hope PlayStation can continue to develop and grow the Sony ecosystem, and in turn provide perks for Sony fans. I really hope some new entertainment apps are coming soon! Some Internet radio, would be great! I subscribe to Music Unlimited–and enjoy it, but it really isn’t a curation style service like Pandora or

    It would be great if PlayStation could exclusively bring Google’s services to it’s console (Google Music, Movies, TV, Photos/Picasa).

    Another thought–if you pay the 5 dollar plan for Music Unlimited–you should be able to listen on the Vita. I recently bought one and was dissapointed that I couldn’t listen on the Vita–after I already pay for the service. I understand requiring the Premium for phones, and tablets–but the Vita is a Sony gaming device, and the ecosystem (Free PS Plus Games) helped shape my decision to buy a Vita.

  • Spork you can listen to Music Unlimited on Vita, I do it all the time.

  • Awesome! Jerry’s “Comedian in Cars Getting Coffee” is what got me hooked on Crackle in the first place and shows like this make me keep using it.

  • How about a link or a mention of the app so I can check this short film out?

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