Aqua Kitty — Milk Mine Defender DX Coming to PS4, Vita

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Aqua Kitty — Milk Mine Defender DX Coming to PS4, Vita

Aqua Kitty -- Milk Mine Defender DX

Hi there! My name is Dugan — founder of Tikipod Ltd, a super small video game developer based in the UK. I’m very excited to introduce our crazy, action-packed, cat-based, underwater shoot ’em up, Aqua Kitty — Milk Mine Defender DX (Aqua Kitty DX for short)!

Originally an award-winning PSM launch title, we have been working super hard to overhaul and enhance the game for a brand new launch on PS4 and PS Vita at the end of November.

Never heard of Aqua Kitty before? Well, let me explain the unusual story a little.

Aqua Kitty -- Milk Mine Defender DX

Due to a sudden shortage of milk, cats around the world are forced to seek out new sources to get their fix. You and your team of milk mining kittens have overcome a fear of water to drill down under the ocean seabed and begin extracting vast reserves of what seems to be naturally forming, full-fat milk. You have to blast your way through hordes of mechanical sea monsters in your powerful kitty submarine and defend the deep sea milk mining kittens!

The core to your survival is managing the submarines secondary turbo-fire. It has limited energy but recharges itself between uses and gets upgraded as you progress through the game.

There are various pickups to collect to help you out, dropped by special speedy gold and silver fish which you must chase down. The type of pickup dropped depends on the sea depth they are at, so keep an eye on the color of the indicator eye of those particular fish when shot.

Aqua Kitty -- Milk Mine Defender DXAqua Kitty -- Milk Mine Defender DX

We have added a ton of “mew” additions to the game, and I will list just a few key ones here:

  • Extra directional fire options are really helpful, as they allow you to shoot down any aerial robo jellyfish attempting to abduct mining kittens.
  • Large mechanical Bosses guard the end of each area, and must be dispatched of course to progress onward.
  • Perhaps you feel the normal game mode is too hard for you? No problem, there is now an optional easy mode campaign.
  • Arcade mode adds a fantastic, all-new twist to the core gameplay. Imagine it like a blend of arcade classics Gradius and Defender. You collect special gems which can be used to purchase your power-up upgrades.

Developing on PlayStation has been a great experience, and we have added all sorts of visual upgrades like glows, extra particles, distortion effects, and large multi-layered parallax skies.

Aqua Kitty -- Milk Mine Defender DX

The PS4 version renders at full HD 1080p and has optional two-player local cooperative support.

Aqua Kitty DX is coming to PlayStation Store at the end of November with cross buy, giving you both versions for 1 price! If you have any questions, please ask in the comments section below.


Aqua Kitty -- Milk Mine Defender DX

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6 Author Replies

  • Not quite sure if we needed a DX version of this…

  • This makes me really happy, Aqua Kitty was one of the best PSM games, I’m glad to see it’ll now get some more attention. :)

    • Thank you, this version is a mass of new additions compared to the old PSM version (and in case anyone is wondering, no it is not a `mobile` game :)

  • Excellent! Looking forward to this. Will it have full trophy support?

  • Hello Dugan,

    This game looks really cute!!! I will be checking this out when it comes out later this month.

    I wanted to ask if you guys would consider on making “Dynamic Themes” and “Avatar Pictures” for the PS4. Your game would look cool displayed on everyone’s PS4.


    Rob aka Graf

    • Hi, yes we will definately do some free avatars. They may not be available until early January though.
      A theme would be cool too, but I`ll have to look into it! I have done a few on PS3 before (A is for Astronaut, Gravity Crash and Oddworld Strangers Wrath).

  • Great news that more people will get exposed to this game–it was doomed to failure as a PlayStation Mobile-only game.

    Fun game, will be double-dipping.

    • Thank you, I`m sure you will be pleased with this new version for PS4/Vita – it’s far superior to the original!

  • Is this cross buy with the PlayStation mobile version?

    • Hi – sorry no, the old version is not compatible with cross buy. But with this enhanced version you get the PS4 and PSVita game versions for 1 price!

  • Looks awesome, Dugan! And the humour looks spot-on, reminds me very much of the kinds of games I loved in the early 90s on Amiga. Besides, Aqua Kitty has got to be better than “futuristic cyberpunk volleyball”, amirite? :)

    • Cheers – yes its all much inspired by the 16 bit era classics from hardware like the Amiga / Super Nintendo / Turbo Grafx.

  • Looks interesting. Will there be a demo?

  • What is the PSM price? And how much will this version be?

  • Let me guess..$14.99 and yes this is a mobile game.

  • As someone who just doesn’t have the reflexes/coordination to ever complete the campaign in the original, I’m looking forward to Easy Mode (and I’m now old enough to admit that fact with pride… gotta love hitting your 30’s……….. right?).

  • You had me at local co-op. I enjoyed the PSM version quite a bit, as it reminded me of the old Jaws game on the original NES. I kept thinking how much better it would be with co-op.

    Thanks for reading my mind! :)

    Any chance it will be coming to PS3 as well?

  • Looks like a mobile game, not really even meant for Vita.

    I do not hate it, just think it needs more.

  • FYI: Clicking on any photo leads to a flickr 404 page.

  • Looks interesting =)

  • “Looks like a mobile game”

    Well, the Vita is a mobile device.

    I guess that settles that.

    Moving on…

  • Looks absolutely lovely! Will definitely be grabbing this upon release!

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