Show Us Your Victory Dance, Enter to Win a PS4 For You and A Friend

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Show Us Your Victory Dance, Enter to Win a PS4 For You and A Friend

Yes, a PS4 for you and a friend — just show us how you celebrate your victories! Keep reading for the details.

This season is in full swing and we know we’re going to see lots of incredible multiplayer experiences. Whether you’re playing with or against your friends, we’re sure they’re going to be epic and memorable. We know exactly how exciting that narrow victory feels… and we want to help you celebrate in style.

We worked with some of the world’s greatest dancers at the New York City Ballet to create a selection of new videos. Send them to your friends to remind them of that lead you stole, the last goal you made, the grenade that ended the match or the dunk you landed on their face. Don’t let them forget it.

See the rest of the videos at While you’re at it, share your victory dance on Instagram with the hashtag #PS4dancecontest. Each week, we’ll choose several winners to get a free PS4 for them and a friend. Click here for the full rules.

Let’s see what you’ve got!

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  • Interesting

  • I’m In!!

  • People who rate this post low are those who can’t dance.

  • Hmm. Not really sure what to think about this. I’m indifferent I guess, it isn’t really something for me.

  • Man, sony is really stretching it on this contest. I wonder how may entrants there will be?

  • You guys might as well just not even enter because I am going to win the PS4. Good Luck to all.

  • i was born to dance :D

  • Questions…please answer, thanks!

    1. How many entries is each person allowed to submit? Can each individual friend submit their own entry?

    2. Are we allowed to submit an entry for each subdivision? For each subdivision, are we allowed to submit the same entry or does it have to be a new photo/video for every subdivision?

  • You guys can’t afford servers for the Driveclub PS Plus Edition, but are spending money on this?

  • Rules also say that music will not be judged, does this include audio/dialogue? As in talking will be pointless in a video? Thanks

  • Yet another way for SOCOM fans to show SONY what a huge mistake they made when they changed socom and then gave up on it when the changed socoms didn’t do great.

    SOCOM fans voted on the PS3 “share” website and SHOWED sony that the ORIGINAL style of SOCOM (THE most popular online game in the ps2/xbox days) needs to come back by making it THE most voted for game on SONY’s share website.

    Now, SONY is asking us to do victory dances…and obviously the first thing that comes to mind is yet again, SOCOM. SOCOM was known for it’s VERY funny victory dances… so there’s 2 things that need to be said here:

    (continued in next comment)

  • (continued from above comment;)

    1) I urge SOCOM / ALL tactical shooter fans to send in videos to SONY clearly showing one of the many awesome / funny SOCOM taunts/victory dances that were in the SOCOM games. Make it clear, yet again, that SOCOM is missed. Maybe someday SONY will get a clue and bring back their most popular online game and maybe make some money in the process if they build it right (unlike Confrontation and Socom 4 which were too broken to even have the CHANCE to succeed like the amazing original SOCOM games did).

    2) It is sad that the MILLIONS of SOCOM fans have to show SONY in yet another way what a HUGE mistake they made by not paying attention to and throwing away the SOCOM franchise. Please SONY, bring back THE game that DEFINED the “victory dance” on consoles… or just watch (and please SUPPORT) a game called “H-HOUR”, which is doing it for you / in your absence……

  • To clarify (for those that do not know), the reasons that Socom Confrontation and Socom 4 failed (mostly critically but also sales wise) is because:

    1) Socom Confrontation on the PS3 would FREEZE online almost every night for the first 6 months after it released. It never had the chance to succeed, since Slant 6 was spending more time patching the game than creating DLC for the game, which was what the game was all about.

    2) Socom 4 – a decent game but a departure from the original socom games in many ways, and many tactical / socom fans did not buy it because of this. Many of the tactical modes that were in the PS2 socoms were NOT in this game.

    -It’s VERY simple – create a socom that is TRUE to the tactical nature of the PS2 socoms, and you have a HUGE hit on your hands (once again) SONY. Please start listening to your fans who are trying to help and know EXACTLY where the missteps were taken…

  • ^ RIP Zipper

  • SOCOM was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this blog post……………….

    *Sighs* I miss Confrontation.

  • ^Do you see yet SONY?

  • Anyway, until SONY gets the clue, SOCOM fans DO have hope in a game called “H-HOUR”. Look it up, it’s bringing back the SOCOM feel that SONY seems blind to. At the very least, if SONY isn’t willing to commit a smart dev team to a SOCOM project, SONY should promote this amazing game (H-HOUR) and give it the support it needs to bring back the best online team game EVER made.

    Socom fans, keep pestering SONY to bring back SOCOM, through this “victory dance” campaign and in other ways, and in the meantime, search google for H-HOUR. Socom ain’t gonna die… fans like me won’t let it. ;)

  • When will I receive my playstation masterpiece? I got the email and it said from 4 to 5 weeks, but it hasn’t arrive yet.

    I kinda want to enter this one since I don’t have a PS4 yet, but I can’t dance! XD

  • Could you guys please go vote for my brother’s entry?! He is an amazing breakdancer. He’s a good brother and it will mean the world to him if he could win one his instagram is os123car45 thank you xD

  • Aw, heck, I’ll SHOW you “my” victory dances…. ;) This is for SONY and for every SOCOM fan who came here thinking about SOCOM and DOESN’T know about H-HOUR… now you do. It’s the successor to SOCOM, and it’s coming to PC + PS4. Socom aint dead, socom DANCES on dead bodies ;) ~

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