Grave: New PS4 Horror Title Out in 2015

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Grave: New PS4 Horror Title Out in 2015

Why do we like being scared? What scares us? Why do the things that frighten us also enthrall us? Grave, a new surreal horror game from Broken Window Studio, will terrify your psyche as much as it will make you jump out of your seat.

Grave is a procedural open-world survival horror game, which features a fusion between modern horror and classic survival horror gameplay elements. What does this mean? It means that Grave will feature a modern psychological horror story, while keeping the classic survival horror gameplay found in games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill when it comes to PS4 in 2015.


Killed in a home invasion, you are cast into an alternate reality where the world morphs and changes around you. Strange creatures lurk in the night and threaten your safety. The only chance to escape is to pursue your killer — the man who sent you to The Wasteland. Light is the only tool for survival, your only protection from the unknown dangers that await.

Explore a dynamic, procedural desert inspired by the early wild west landscape of America as you explore Grave’s unusual narrative. Fusing reality with unreality, locations fluctuate in and out of existence while you play, and nightfall brings strange, threatening creatures that stalk you until dawn. Play Grave how you want to, setting up defensive fortifications to survive the night or arming yourself with offensive weapons to keep creatures at bay. With procedurally populated enemies, items and even worlds, Grave weaves an unpredictable tale that will keep you in its grasp.


Grave features surreal gameplay that challenges your perceptions with dynamically changing worlds, unnatural imagery and fantastical creations. It’s a unique day-night gameplay experience — “fear the night, hope for the day!”

The team at Broken Window Studios is really excited to showcase the progress that we have made on Grave. Development began shortly after our successful Kickstarter in April 2014 and has been an ongoing and rewarding experience. We feel the game’s direction and unique approach to survival horror are taking shape, and we are pleased that we can bring Grave to PS4 players.

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  • Looks interesting keep us up to date on the game…

  • I’ll bite. Do me, and the rest of the classic horror fans a favor and leave out jump scares. We’ve got enough of those to last us a life time. It’s time games start trying to incite real fear again.

    • We want Grave to be more about the feeling of fear generally, not just having jump scares! We want to take a leaf from the classics on how they made you feel scared and bring that element into the game in our own way. Thanks for the interest! :D

  • Agreed to a certain extent… jump scares can help build suspense. The P.T. “demo” was a perfect experience to me. Sad that an interactive game trailer was better than the last 5 years of “horror” games.

    • We’re hopefully going to keep the atmosphere and have the classic horror touches that people enjoy! :) We love horror ourselves, so we know what we like as fans. This is something we carry over into making our own horror experience.

  • Glad survival horror is making a return. Seems like the big companies can’t do it right anymore. Thanks for all the passionate individuals making indie games.

    • We are making sure we keep working at this until it’s got all the elements we intend, working together for the complete experience we want for players!

  • I don’t like horror games because I’m a scared cat. I’m definitely giving this a try though

    • It’s cool that you’re interested! We are working on making sure that different types of game play can be enjoyed. So if you’re more into keeping yourself protected, you can set up an area that’s ‘safe’, instead of having to run or stand off with the creatures in the world.

  • Seems interesting.

  • So what happens if you die? Do you start all over? Lose your items or whatever?
    Im not a fan of procedurally generated content. Id rather a great environment was crafted specifically for the game, instead of letting luck determine if i have a good game.
    I’ll keepy eyw on it, though. Just dont price it too high.

    • Hey! Thanks for the interest!

      We are taking a really specific approach to the procedural element to this game. We agree, we don’t want to frustrate players with just randomness! The segments will be area’s hand crafted in their own right, but the order and arrangement in which they appear around each other will be the procedural part! We want the areas to be recognizable by their landmarks and terrain etc, so the player can determine which areas have already been explored and whats new.

      With ‘dying’, we’re still experimenting with it, but trying to capture the ‘feel’ of the old school survival horror games. :)

  • Looks awesome! Definitely keeping an eye on this. One question though, will it have Morpheus support? Grave seems like an awesome candidate! Here’s to hoping.

    • VR is something we really consider important and it’s definitely been a great experience with the Oculus Rift. I can’t say for sure anything regarding the Morpheus, but we definitely feel the experience of Grave is hugely improved with as much immersion as possible!

  • This world and basic plot reminds me of Steven King’s Gun Slinger. I like it.

    • We love that story and we did get some of our base inspiration from it! We want Grave to have that sense of openness and ongoing pursuit. Good catch! :D

  • This looks very interesting, I’ll definitely keep an eye on this.

  • What about PS Vita/ PS TV? =(

    • Unfortunately the game would have to be squeezed down to the bare bones to run on the Vita. We have our hands full with the next gen consoles and a PC launch, so right now, we’re focusing on those. Sorry to disappoint! It just wouldn’t be the game we want to give people.

  • That day-night cycle particularly has me interested. I’ll keep a eye out for this one. Oh, and thanks for keeping the horror games coming!

    • Thank you!
      We want the day/night cycle to be a pivotal point to this game, really adding to the feel and for day and night to have their own ‘character’.

  • The love with horror games on PS4 is very sweet….nice to see horror games coming back.
    Looking forward to see more about Grave…it looks promising,want to see how will you guys keep the horror on an open-world environment.

    • We’re approaching the genre with the feelings people go through when afraid in mind, and what contributes to that. We want players to have a lot to see and look around, while still having tense encounters and uncertain/varying situations to work out.

      The team loves horror and we played the classics and more recent titles, so we want to leave our mark among them as a unique horror game. :) Thanks for the interest!

  • This will be interesting to checkout when it arrives this has potential as long as its done right.

    • We won’t be releasing it until we feel it really is exactly what we want players to experience. There has been a LOT of experimentation to make sure the elements all fit together.. Thanks for the interest!

  • So is ithere combat? At one point, you said “light is your only tool for survival”, but then you talked about arming yourself with offensive weapons. I like some survival, but I don’t ‘really enjoy the games that just have you running and hiding the entire time. I like to interact with the game more than that.

    • We don’t want to give the game a typical ‘combat’ approach, but agreed, we want the players to feel like they have some ability to fight back.

      We decided on the light based weapons because they enable different types of game play, so each individual can play how they want to. We want there to be areas that can be fully lit to give you fortification, so players who are less into direct encounters can feel more safe, but we also put in various types of hand held light sources; flash bangs, flares, matches and flashlight, so you can also go and engage! Each one has a different advantage and effect on the creatures you encounter.

  • second screenshot looks pretty good, but it’s hard to tell how much of the shadows are baked-in versus using a real GI system.

    the hand in the first screenshot looks last-gen, so hopefully they put in some sub-surface scattering and other current-gen lighting tech.

    maybe if we saw some videos of it running on PS4 it would be clearer.

    • We’re still finalizing our tech approach, and a lot of elements are subject to change before we ship. We’re still getting in touch with the PS4 hardware so we can say for sure exactly what it will look like on that platform soon.

      The game is using fully dynamic lighting which is required for our day-night cycle. We don’t have anything baked so all of what you see is real time, with a mixture of image based lighting and dynamic shadows. We’re integrating real-time GI soon which you will likely see in our next update.

  • “Grave is a procedural open-world survival horror game, which features a fusion between modern horror and classic survival horror gameplay elements.”

    Going once, going twice, SOLD.

  • If this has a good pricing point like Outlast and Daylight, I’m VERY likely to buy this. I absolutely LOVE horror games and the indie horror games coming to PS4 are really exciting to me! The only downside is that there isn’t enough of them yet as I’d like! Haha give me good quality horror games and I will buy buy BUY. Gimme more horror :)

    • Agreed! It’s cool to see so many different approaches to horror coming out! We’re definitely approaching horror in our own way and we’ll be happy to see people play the game!

  • Agreed! It’s cool to see so many different approaches to horror coming out! We’re definitely approaching horror in our own way and we’ll be happy to see people play the game!

  • The light-based weapons reminds me a lot of Alan Wake, but without the guns. Will the weapons be able to defeat enemies or are they all about keeping them at a safe distance? Do you have a gameplay video you can share with us? Your post is interesting, but I’m not entirely sure what to make of it without seeing Grave in action.

  • We got a bit of that comparison initially, but the gameplay is very different. Every enemy reacts differently; There are a few creatures that you encounter and the various light sources effect them differently; some it will drive them away, some it will attract them and some it will ‘kill’. Because the game is still in development, we have a few creatures, but only one implemented. We made a trailer for our Kickstarter backer demo which shows a segment of gameplay;
    There will be an update coming in the new year, so we should be able to show more up to date stuff then!

  • This actually sounds really cool. I agree with a lot some of the posts above…

    It has to have just enough interaction to feel right. I suppose pacing plays a big part.

    • We are keeping these things in mind, so it’s good to know that you guys are saying these things too! :) Thanks for the input!

  • I’m pretty pumped! I’ll definitely be keeping up-to-date!

  • i would def like to beta test this I have beta tested many games in the past for Bethesda and game corporations like that looking forward to this looks awesome!!!!!

    • I think you just emailed us! Keep in touch, we’ll let you know what our beta arrangements will be when we’re at that point. :)

  • Very nice video and I love the beautiful landscape. I read in the YT comments that Kickstarter backers are expecting a demo. I hope that the rest of us will have the privilege of playing a demo as well. :)

  • Thank you! It’s a segment of the overall game. We are trying to keep a lot of the more in depth features of the game under wraps until we’re further along, so we’re glad you like what you see so far!

    The Kickstarter backers were given the demo they have now as an exclusive reward for backing. We may look to making a short demo before release, but we’ll need to address it at the time.

  • i dont know if its possible in this game but i think the best course for death wud be that there is some sense of loss but without making it frustrating like e.g introducing permadeath.. i think it wud be best if the game had specific saving spots like in previous re and silent hill games.. though not being scattered so frequently but not so far apart at the same time.. and btw i think the game looks wonderful.. though im sure ur doing a wonderful job i want to suggest some games u cud get influence from.. like outlast, lone survivor and specially silence of the sleep for narrative.

    • That’s great to hear! We agree totally and some of those things we’ve already discussed as a team, so good to know that it’s something players would like! :D Thanks for your support!

  • Just seen the YouTube video looks great! Just 1 question and its vital to any game, is there a story and if so i hope its compelling. not just chase the killer, kill him then its over. hmm maybe include a before scene before hes murdered? story is more important to me :)

    • That was something we didn’t have with our very first version of Grave, so since then (about a year now!) we’ve focused on fleshing out the narrative and really giving the game more depth. And trust us, we’re being deliberately vague! :D There’s going to be a lot to get into.

  • This looks really cool. Thank you guys so much for bringing this to the PS4. A lot of good news for horror fans recently with the announcement of Silent Hills and the release of some other titles! :) Hope this turns out great!

    • Thank you so much! We agree, we are fans of horror titles and we’re looking forward to bringing our own take on the genre to the table. :D

  • I just hope to god that the procedural generation randomizes the game elements enough to where it doesn’t get too repetitive. That’s what happened to Daylight

    • We’re aiming for a large enough world with progression that means repetition isn’t a factor.
      We think of this with the game still in development; the team definitely understands the importance of reducing repetitive elements. :)

  • No disc release, no sale.

    • We’re sorry you feel this way.
      As a small, independent studio, the costs involved in publishing and releasing a physical copy just means it’s not an option for us.

  • This looks awesome. Can’t wait!

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