Far Cry 4: Keys to Kyrat & Share Play Differences Explained

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Far Cry 4: Keys to Kyrat & Share Play Differences Explained

Since the announcement of PlayStation 4 in 2013, one of the key pillars of the system has been its unique social features. Of course, social interaction was built into the very foundation of the system, with features including DualShock 4’s Share button to easily share gameplay images and videos on social networks, the ability to live broadcast to Twitch or Ustream, and more recently Share Play (check out our walkthrough here in case you’re not up to speed).

Far Cry 4

We’re always looking for ways to expand PS4’s social features, which is why I’m so excited about our partnership with Ubisoft on Far Cry 4. As I discussed during our E3 2014 press conference, Far Cry 4 on PlayStation has an exclusive mode called Keys to Kyrat. Anyone who buys Far Cry 4 on PS4 or PS3 will receive 10 keys to send to your PSN friends, letting them join you in Kyrat for a free two-hour trial period, even if they don’t own a copy of the game. As an added bonus, your friends will get a currency boost for playing the trial if they end up purchasing the full game!

You might be thinking, “This sounds a lot like Share Play. How is it different?” Well, we thought you might ask that:

Keys to Kyrat Share Play
Download vs Stream Each key allows one of your PSN friends to download Far Cry 4 and play a trial of online co-op without needing to purchase the game. Stream a game to a friend’s PS4 so they can watch you play, take over your controller, or play as the second player in games that feature local multiplayer* even when they don’t own a copy of it.
Time Limit They can play a free two-hour trial of online co-op in Far Cry 4. Spectate or play most PS4 games for up to one hour at a time.

*Far Cry 4 does not support local multiplayer.

The initial concept for the Keys to Kyrat was born out of a brainstorming session between our team and the Far Cry 4 development team. We wanted to give fans a way to introduce their friends to the world of Far Cry 4 even if they didn’t own a copy of the game. Our talented friends over at Ubisoft ran with this idea and worked tirelessly to develop this feature, so we hope you enjoy it.

Far Cry 4 comes out tomorrow — who will you share your keys with?

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  • Is the co-op 2 player only? Could I give out 3 keys and play 4 player with my friends?

  • Also, does the digital copy of the game come with keys as well? Or is it just the physical copy?

  • Why would anyone still buy a Ubisoft game after they showed us how much regard they have for consumers with the release of the beta Assassins Creed Unity into stores. If you want an open world first person shooter, grab Grand Theft Auto 5 at midnight.


  • Well, if you have been paying attention you would know that a different team did Far Cry 4 and the reviews are great. Digital Foundary did a performance review and it is rock solid with no glitches or bugs. One studios folly does not mean the company is out to get you.

  • lol #3 you tell us to not buy ubisoft cuz of how they treat their custies, than you tell us to buy gta5, which rockstar has also treated their custies with extreme disdain, or do i now have the ability to do heists on my ps3 as promised from day one?!? and now if i want to play it on the ps4, i need to shell out another 70 bucks, no upgrade feature like bf4 or call of duty during launch. Sure, rockstar has to pay their programmers, but i’m just not willing to plop down so much money for the same game merely because they ported it to the next console.
    but sure, let’s make arbitrary statements about games that aren’t even released yet and say we won’t buy till they fix our perceived problems, even if the game about to be released DOES fix those perceived problems, let’s not buy it anyways, because; logic!

  • utterer…are you high? Grand Theft Auto 5 online didn’t work for quite a few days (if I remember correctly WEEKS) after release. Grand Theft Auto 5 STILL doesn’t have Heists that were promised within the first couple of weeks of release (granted they’re releasing them “supposedly” alongside the PS4 version of the game now).

    Don’t be a hypocrite. Or if you choose to be, at least have a decent way of hiding it.

  • Cool, getting my copy tomorrow. Who wants some Kyrat keys?

  • Most every HUGE game has problems at launch, but great developers sort through these problems within a few weeks. Rockstar did that.

    EA / Dice on the other hand STILL have a BROKEN battlefield 4 (defuse mode is broken and the 1 player game still deletes my game save so I cannot complete the 1 player story either…).

    Driveclub is working on their problems and Evolution is showing fans respect / care by keeping them up to date and giving them EXTRA free DLC on top of the tons of free DLC they already had planned.

    We’ll see how good ubisoft is at fixing their VERY buggy Assassin’s Creed game, but something as simple and OBVIOUS as framerate should definitely have been fixed before launch.

  • Also, GTA V’s heists were promised but they were never promised “day 1”. Rockstar delayed the heists to make them better, and in the meantime they have given GTA online players TONS of FREE DLC packs to keep fans very busy. There’s so much value in GTA that most fans who like the core of the online dont mind waiting for heists to come out in polished form (as Rockstar is known for – QUALITY over rushing things like other devs do). In the meantime, we’ve been having fun playing the MILLIONS of user created races / stunts / dm’s / team last man standing mode maps, etc…

    As for FarCry4, love it but not paying $60 on the PRINCIPLE that Ubisoft has taken THE best thing out of their online mode – the thing all online fans of FarCry RAVE about – the MULTIplayer Map Creator. Yes, far cry used to have an ONLINE map creator just like GTA does..so you could have TONS of online maps to play VS friends, FREE. I guess Ubisoft thought it was “smart” to nerf this AMAZING feature out of their game and to just keep it as a “1p challenge map” creator, instead forcing fans to buy DLC if they want more maps.

    Ubisoft – You’re LOSING $ by doing this kind of business rather than GAINING more $ w/your DLC + microtransactions.

  • IIBlackoutII I am getting it for christmas, I would love a key so that i could try it before getting it!

  • so for second player share play does it split the screen or do they have their own screen

  • #9- FarCry4 does have an online map editor. There’s even a video online showing it off.

  • oo7PorscheMGS, you might want to restrain your support a little bit. You come off as a Rockstar employee when you blindly support them so much…

    Heists taking over a year to get into the game is a ridiculous and pathetic choice on their part. If they weren’t anywhere close to being done with Heists they shouldn’t have even mentioned it. It not being ready near launch and needing over a year’s worth of work IS something they would have known well before launch.

    The amount of time and work they put into the Online and the length of time it took them to get something so simple to function appropriately is simply inexcusable.

    As for your “Rockstar gave DLC!!!”. Oh my Odin…DLC is the simplest form of satisfying people these days. You take a few minutes out of your day and reskin a few things. Woohoo. The mods made on PC vastly surpass the work Rockstar did on GTA through their ENTIRE time with the series. Token gifts do not make up for giving people the shaft for so long.

  • rwlove if you’re using Shareplay it will probably work the same way as it does with other games. They’ll essentially be in your “room” while not physically being there. You’ll each see the same screen that is split in half. Really quite annoying honestly, but eh.

  • ^^^Do your research guys, that is NOT a MULTIplayer map editor which far cry has been known and loved for by its online players, it is a map editor for 1 player challenge missions.

    Its very cool, but its nothing compared to being able to build competitive online maps like we used to, and play infinite online maps with and against others… PvP.

  • I need a key ! Payday comes on Friday and I know fully realize the folly of not preordering !!

  • @Utterer, people need tot speak with their wallets and not buy AC. Far Cry 4 will be awesome though. If you played FC 2 or 3, you wouldn’t doubt this one. I generally take issue with Ubisoft too, for their shameless cash-grabs, refusal to fix broken games (Prince of Persia: TSoT HD), ridiculous pricing tactics (Rocksmith 2014 PS4) and just the AC series in general. Ubisoft studios are the epitome of mediocrity, but their Far Cry games are incredible. I wish that Far Cry 2 had all the improvements of FC3 because I think 2 was the best in the series, by far, in terms of story, immersion, tension and environment.

  • Instead of this complicated way of lettingothers play wwithout buyin, how about aa simple demo? Doi!

  • 19.. or you can just do regular share play with a friend and try it that way. got my copy of Dragon Age coming through Gamefly so that will be played before my friend buys his PS4 soon and we play far cry great month for games

  • Oh, except for the internet requirements. Not everyone can even use shareplay.

  • My keys to kyrat code is not working!!! What do I do

  • gotta chime in here. i’m getting far cry 4 tomorrow afternoon. gtav is out foday as well and is getting a 97 so far at metacritic, compared to the 86 fc4 is getting. i don’t care. i wouldn’t spend $60 to play the same gtav game i already played on the ps3. i traded my copy in because online play was fun when it worked, but way too infuriating when it didn’t. i literally would go 2 weeks straight of having my care race on invisible roads. don’t get me wrong… the single player experience was stellar, but the replay value of the online component was just trash. and i could no longer take the repeated delays of heist missions that 400+ days later are still being promised to be coming “soon”… no thanks. and if they try to sell me an updated version of red dead redemption, i’ll pass on that as well. get a little creative, already.

  • Thank you for not blocking Share Play like Activision did.

  • For some reason i cant seem to be aboul to play far cry 4 its saying that i need to delete far cry3 game data but i dont even have it and i dont know wat to do can someone help please

  • I pre-order FAR CRY 4 then downloaded i start a game and i see its showing me its just the trail WTF?!

  • Does anyone have a key to far cry 4? i just want to try out the game and then decide if i wanna pay for the full game :)

  • If anyone has a kyrat key they could spare id be very grateful. Thanks

  • Well i wont buy since someone has to pay so i can try the demo WTF demo’s should be free not this key s**t were you or your friend has to shell out 60 before you can even try the game so since i cant try it ill never buy it thx UBI

  • NO local multiplayer?! Splitscreen was awesome in FC3!

  • I downloaded the demo, but it won’t let me play. Do you guys understand what a demo is? Too many good games to worry about this one….

  • How do you give out keys to kyrat? I got them from the PS store but when I try to give one to my friend, it says I have no keys??? Wtf is this?

  • Hey I want to try out the game on ps4. I’ve been waiting for this, so if anybody can give a key will help a lot :)

  • can I get a key? someone? come on. you know you want to. lol

  • Are u all serious I wait for far cry demo too download and now I need a key from a friend wow that’s dumb I was gonna buy this game I thought hey ill try demo its on pan but after that waisted time ill wait for a sale wow don’t put a demo n the psn store if u can’t try the Dam game

  • Psn

  • bit miffed to download far cry 4 demo for hour and half to find out you need a key to play it wtf dumb man

  • @oo7PorscheMGS You realize GTA Online didn’t work the first MONTH it was released right? Also the heists WERE promised on YEAR ONE not DAY ONE, and are still no where to be seen. Do some research before making a fool out of yourself please.

  • @blackout – add me on PSN – would love to give the co-op a shot with one of your keys. I’ve never played any games in the far cry series yet.

  • Plaguehiphop . I would love to play if any on can send me a key

  • IIIBlackoutIII can you give me a key to play the far cry demo?

  • @38 Delays happen – and they delayed them to make them better obviously.. wait until they’re released, I’m sure you won’t be complaining. Rockstar is about quality, not releasing things unfinished. They’ve given tons of free DLC in the meantime, so it’s not like they’ve been neglecting their product.

    And yes, GTA online has issues when it first came out (but online issues are VERY common for a huge release these days), but the important thing is that they worked hard and fixed those things. Can’t say the same about BF4, and probably can’t say the same thing about AC Unity (which has issues that were CLEARLY known about before launch like the framerate / bugs). GTA’s online problems were unforseen – there’s a difference. Don’t worry, I do my research and I can tell when a company releases broken stuff on purpose (EA, DICE, Ubisoft), and when a company just runs into unforseeable issues at launch (Rockstar, Evolution Studios).

  • ubisoft has found new ways to suck, download a 10gb demo can’t play. Can someone give me a keys kyrat. I have no friends…

  • I really want a key! does any one have one? really wanna test it out! thank you :)

  • yeah this does suck waited forever for my dumb ps3 to download lol and come to find i need a key for the free trial… lol insanity!

  • I downloaded the DEMO…….. why won’t it work?

  • Wow, I just read thread……… I thought demos where free!!!!

    Ubisoft is lacking respect for its fans

  • i need a key someone help me out please

  • I just got my PS4 so I don’t have many friends that are next gen compatible so if anyone wants to play COD-AW, Assassins Creed Unity or FC4 co-op multiplayer or would like a key then hit me up!! If you have a mic then that’s even better!! FC4 multiplayer is a lot of fun and the game is definitely worth buying.

  • So yeah, thanks for letting me download a 24GB “demo” of Far Cry 4 with no mention anywhere on the store description that is requires the “keys to kyrat” from someone else. That’s not a demo, and shouldn’t be labeled as such. Rather disappointed.

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