Far Cry 4: Keys to Kyrat & Share Play Differences Explained

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Far Cry 4: Keys to Kyrat & Share Play Differences Explained

Since the announcement of PlayStation 4 in 2013, one of the key pillars of the system has been its unique social features. Of course, social interaction was built into the very foundation of the system, with features including DualShock 4’s Share button to easily share gameplay images and videos on social networks, the ability to live broadcast to Twitch or Ustream, and more recently Share Play (check out our walkthrough here in case you’re not up to speed).

Far Cry 4

We’re always looking for ways to expand PS4’s social features, which is why I’m so excited about our partnership with Ubisoft on Far Cry 4. As I discussed during our E3 2014 press conference, Far Cry 4 on PlayStation has an exclusive mode called Keys to Kyrat. Anyone who buys Far Cry 4 on PS4 or PS3 will receive 10 keys to send to your PSN friends, letting them join you in Kyrat for a free two-hour trial period, even if they don’t own a copy of the game. As an added bonus, your friends will get a currency boost for playing the trial if they end up purchasing the full game!

You might be thinking, “This sounds a lot like Share Play. How is it different?” Well, we thought you might ask that:

Keys to Kyrat Share Play
Download vs Stream Each key allows one of your PSN friends to download Far Cry 4 and play a trial of online co-op without needing to purchase the game. Stream a game to a friend’s PS4 so they can watch you play, take over your controller, or play as the second player in games that feature local multiplayer* even when they don’t own a copy of it.
Time Limit They can play a free two-hour trial of online co-op in Far Cry 4. Spectate or play most PS4 games for up to one hour at a time.

*Far Cry 4 does not support local multiplayer.

The initial concept for the Keys to Kyrat was born out of a brainstorming session between our team and the Far Cry 4 development team. We wanted to give fans a way to introduce their friends to the world of Far Cry 4 even if they didn’t own a copy of the game. Our talented friends over at Ubisoft ran with this idea and worked tirelessly to develop this feature, so we hope you enjoy it.

Far Cry 4 comes out tomorrow — who will you share your keys with?

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