This Week in PlayStation: Happy Birthday!

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This Week in PlayStation: Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, PS4! ?

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Happy birthday PS4! :D It’s been a heck of a year… and we’re just getting started. If you didn’t catch it yesterday, read a special birthday note from SCEA President & CEO Shawn Layden.

But yeah, we announced over a dozen new games this week. Lots of them will be playable at PlayStation Experience, too! I hope we’ll see you there ~

We just announced two $399.99 Black Friday PS4 bundles — get a PS4 with GTA V and The Last of Us Remastered, or get one with LittleBigPlanet 3 and LEGO Batman 3. Not a bad deal if you’re still looking for one, or know someone who is!

A few more highlights from this week: Mass Effect 2, Mirror’s Edge and more are coming to PS Now, Bloodborne launches in March, Ryan went hands-on with Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- (which I can’t wait to get my own mitts on), Geometry Wars 3 is out on November 25th, Spelunky got some fancy new updates on PS4, PS3 and Vita, Retro City Rampage DX is out now, and lots more!

Of course, Tuesday sees the release of some of the year’s biggest titles: Grand Theft Auto V, LittleBigPlanet 3, Far Cry 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition… not to mention a couple I’m personally looking forward to: Never Alone and Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd. What are you grabbing Tuesday, and as always: what are you playing this weekend?

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PlayStation Blogcast 142

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  • Hoping for good sale this coming week for the 1 year anniversary of ps4!!!

  • Happy 1st Anniversary dear Mr. PS4, may you bring true gaming to us gamers and fill us with happiness. The boat ride might be hard but we’ll stick close to help you out along the way with wisdom and lend hand when needed. Others might try to trick you but good heart of community from PS Fans will light the path for you.

    What am i talking about i don’t know myself, i just felt saying it this way because PS4 is truly gaming system that allows great things to happen and bring joy to all. :) Hope that PS4 will do things we couldn’t dream of yet and may i leave you with this last bit of thing.

    (: Peace Out :)

  • I celebrated my PS4’s birthday a few weeks early by going out and getting a 4-year extended warranty at The Sony Store…I plan on playing on this console for several years to come. Congrats to all of you at Playstation and ditto on Osh’s request…a 1-year anniversary deserves a super sale!

  • I’m playing: AC Unity
    I’m watching: South Park
    I’m listening to: AC/DC

  • PSNation!

  • how about we have a Socom Remastered!!!

    Socom 1+ Socom 2+ Socom 3 + Socom combined assault!! would be great

    I’m playing: Fifa 15, Diablo3, Destiny
    I’m watching: Walking Dead, Gotham, Arrow, trying to start Flash
    I’m waiting on: Gta5, Pokemon Omega Red

  • Happy Birthday PS4, I’m so exited to get Far Cry 4 on the PS4 on my birthday November 20. :)

  • Happy Bday PS4. Had some hiccups lately but i dont regret my purchase.

  • I’m playing alien isolation and DC universe online
    I’m watching the wisconsin badgers beat the crap out of Nebraska
    I’m listening to 80s classic rock yes and the moody blues.

  • Just getting started? After a year? Yup id have to agree.
    A dozen games announced, and they’re all indies and far off.
    Still so many things missing from ps4, many basic and some that were promised TWO YEARS AGO.
    Communication from Sony on problems is atrocious, but plenty of blog post and responses to postive feed back.
    Ps4 may be only one year old, but PlayStation is 20. I expect way better by now.

  • Playing: Tales of Hearts R, and Mud on the Vita and Dead Nation on PS3
    Watching: Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead, and Nashville Predators Hockey
    Listening to: Playstation Blogcast, PS Nation Podcast, Player One Podcast, and Podcast Beyond. (Beyond!)

  • Great console. Here’s hoping to a better year ahead of gaming! Happy birthday PS4! =D

  • I love Playstation since PS2. I’m not going to lie I preffered N64 during those dsys but everything after that I stayed loyal haha. I love the Variety of games I get here with stuff like inFAMOUS and Killzone to stuff like Little Big Planet and Jak and Daxter to others like Persona, Danganronpa, and I LOVE Project Diva F. I imported F2nd from Japan for my Vita but gave it too my Japanese speaking friend cause I’ma go to the midnight release on 11/18 when both LBP3 (PS4) and Project Diva F2nd launches in US. I’m so happy my friend convinced me to get a PS3 first thing. Love you guys! Only thing I ask for is a new Jak and Daxter game after Naughty Dog works on Uncharted 4. I would also request Crash Bandicoot but I heard they don’t own the rights to that anymore. But yeah, I’m excited for the years to come with The Order, Bloodborne, Persona 5, Until Dawn, and Deep Down! With many more to come :)

  • Happy 1st Birthday PS4. I am extremely pleased to have joined Sony this time around even with the minor speed bumps (for me update 2.00 and Driveclub servers). Can’t wait to see what other greatness you will bring to us not just this holiday but for this gen’s lifetime!

    I’m Playing: Waiting game for Dragon Age: Inquisition and Far Cry 4 (Currently on D3:RoS)
    I’m Watching: Reviews and videos on DA:I
    I’m Listening To: Three Days Grace

  • How about something for the people who supported ps4 on day one instead of rewarding the others for waiting

  • Loving my PS4 and Cant wait for The Order/ Resident Evil Remake/ Rime!

    Im playing: Velocity 2X, The Unfinsihed Swan ( all 3 Platforms)

    Im Watchng: Gundam Wing, GiTS S.A.C. 2nd Gig

    Im Listening To: Reverie Sound Revue and A Flock of Seagulls

  • Happy Birthday PS4. Hopefully I’ll have my own soon.

  • Happy birthday PS4 hopefully I can afford to buy you soon enough

  • Muahs. /rv

  • Happy Birthday PS4!

    I’m having fun and enjoying the most powerful console this generation with the most diverse and biggest library to chose from!

    Will be picking up Next week Dragon Age: inquisition Collectors ed, Monopoly, LBP 3, GTV and Far Cry 4* Collectors edition *(unless ubisoft purposely gimp it, Got No problem dismissing “unfinished” games from Lazy devs who expect $59.99 to Beta test their games) *.

    I’ll Add my voice for a Socom HD/Remaster Collection!

  • I’m playing Steamworld Dig (PS4), Tomb Raider (PS3), Sonic Rivals (PS Vita)
    I’m watching Toy Story 3
    I’m listening to Ramones

  • Still waiting for good games to come to PS4.

    Still waiting for MP3 support.

    Still waiting for video support.

    After that, not sure I will ever get one. Wanted a PS4 for Bloodborne and stuff like Diablo III UE, but then I realized that my PS4 would be taken hostage and I would only be really renting it since I’d be forced to buy PS+ to play them online.

    So, not sure if PS4 will ever sell me on it.

  • This weekend i was hoping for some kind of Anniversary Flash sale and i’m a little disappointed there wasn’t anything like that for such a notable occasion. Right now I’m play Tales Of Hearts R and am loving it and praying for a Tales of Innocence R localization.

  • I’m grabbing: Far Cry 4 and Grand Theft Auto V
    I’m playing: Battlefield 4
    I’m watching: The Walking Dead
    I’m listening to: Five Finger Death Punch

  • O buddy can’t wait

  • I’m enjoying my PS4 but I wish their was more to play besides sequels,remastered games and indies.

  • Make online play free again and you have a deal, until then I guess I’m waiting for the next best thing or sticking to pc gaming.

  • I’m playing: Call of duty: advanced warfare, Digimon all-star rumble, Lords of the Fallen
    Listening to: Bring Me the Horizon

  • I didn’t think I’d ever say this.. especially not to Sony but seriously guys, that cupcake doesn’t even look that tasty.

  • a EPIC PS4 only SALE for 1st Anniversary would be appreciated in the new week to come! n

  • excuse me but ive been looking everywhere for a solution to my problem see i cant login to psn on my brand new ps4 so i was wondering if anyone has a solution to this problem please and thank you!

  • Happy Birthday PS4! Thank you PlayStation team for all the hard work and many years of enjoyment. Looking forward to another great year ahead with the PS4/PS3/PS Vita and many more to come. Congrats on all the success…you deserve it and so much more.

    What I’m most looking forward to is Dragon Age Inquisition on PS4.

    Currently playing Get Off My Lawn on Vita and just finished Shadow of The Collosus for the 6th time…love that game :-)
    Watching – The Walking Dead tonight
    Listing to – Arch Enemy

  • It has been a very good first year for the PS4. That’s what makes the mishandling of DriveClub such a sore spot for me. It’s like selling people half a pizza for the price of the whole thing, and asking them to wait indefinitely for the other half. Then just this past Friday Sony, and Evolution were kind enough to offer up some extra dipping sauce to go with the half a pizza as a peace offering to the people who paid full pop for their broken game! Isn’t that swell? The extra cars, and extra tracks don’t mean squat when half the features (maybe more) aren’t functional!

  • We should have gta 5 on psvita there no good walking around and shooting games on psvita I love to steal cars just bring gta 5 to portables u people skip over psvita

  • Can’t believe PS4 is already hitting one year old. Time sure flies by, that’s for sure.

    I’m playing: Assassins Creed Unity, Destiny and Diablo III: Reaper of Souls
    I’m watching: The Excellent Adventures of Gootecks and Mike Ross
    I’m listening to: Pegboard Nerds, Childish Gambino and the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Soundtrack

  • Rocky first year is all I can say, what has happened to the great messaging system ? It has gone to crap with it hanging on 9ú% sometimes going through other times working fine same goes with companion app but its even worse. Rocky releases with a few games. Driveclub lol what a mess that game has been. Still not working after a 1 year delay. I hope the 2nd year far outweighs the first cause as of now it hasn’t been the best no matter how Sony tries to spin it.

  • I’m playing: Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II (Gearing up for Dragon Age: Inquisition)
    I’m watching: Eureka Seven

    Can’t wait to get my Inquisitors Edition on Tuesday!

  • My brithday is a day before PS4’s brithday, LOL.
    Seems like i’m older than you, PS4! >:)
    OMG though! I’m going to buy LBP3 for PS3, and Hatsune Miku Project Diva F2! Excitement Overload!

  • Oopps, wrong date! xD Mine is 2 days after PS4’s!

  • I’m playing: Freedom Wars, Destiny of Spirits, Far Cry 3
    I’ll be grabbing: Hatsune Miku project diva f 2nd, Far Cry 4, (maybe GTAV)
    I’m watching: Naruto, Too Many Cooks (Youtube it out if you haven’t seen it yet)
    I’m listening to: Songs from Hatsune Miku project diva f, Daft Punk

  • Still waiting for the Playstation 4 to become the multimedia hub that the PS3 has been for years! Until then, I’ll have to stick to my PS3, or perhaps think about switching brands if Sony decides these features aren’t important enough :(

  • I’m playing: NBA 2K15, Wolf Among Us, PvZ Garden Warfare (PS4), GOW Collection (Vita), South Park Stick of Truth (PS3)
    I’m watching: The Walking Dead, Netflix documentaries
    I’m listening to: Talking Heads, Staind, P.O.D., Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Tears For Fears
    I’m waiting forever for: Driveclub + Edition

  • Happy Birthday PS4! <3
    Happy PS Day to us all! =)

  • Dear SCEA! Please make your PS4 birthday even more better! PLEASE ADD A MEDIA PLAYER!

  • Ha yup nice,Happy Birthday to PS4…I bought mine right in the 13th….planned that.Had some issues to sign-in but now its all good…been playing like a crazy since friday.

    I’m playing:KZ Shadow Fall and Resogun.

    A-MA-ZING.Having a really good time with my PS4 and now I’m all set up for The Order on february.

  • A lot of people would love to change their PSN account ID, here’s a way to do it without messing around with their purchases.
    You keep the same ID for the account is.
    Then you create a pseudo ID name and that one will be used for every other games. It can be changed once per 4 months.
    That pseudo ID will be linked to your PSN account without changing the actual account’s name.
    You could also charge money to change name, around 10$ to 25$ and the first name change is free for PS+ members.
    We can already change “names” in games like Destiny of Spirits and other games individually, so why not have that option?.

  • Happy belated birthday!

  • Would love to see features such as, changing your PSN ID, Custom avatar without the need of allowing friends to see your “real name”, ability to download and use previously purchased avatars from the PS3, custom background on home screen, rearrange home screen icons, also which I’m confused as to why it’s not included by default, but notifications as to when friends sign on and off. This was included on the PS3, wonder why not on the PS4, small things they might be, but very useful and welcomed by the users.

    You should charge for the PSN ID change, except the first time for PS+ members, and have it to where members can only change their names within a time frame, such as once every 3 months or so. I know I am not the only one who wants these features added, the PS4 is a great gaming system already, but these and other features that I can’t think of right now would make the system even greater.

    I know this is not a ” Rant about needed PS4 features ” post, so sorry for that. Happy Birthday PlayStation 4!!!!!??

  • Hope to see more posts like this one make use of that neat embedding here on PSBlog, nice job, Justin :)

  • does anyone else know when is the ps3 birthday is and ps4 is still going to beat the sales on black friday and does anyone know how much is gta v on ps4 going to cost on black friday cause all i have is $60 and playstation players to victory

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