Hands on with Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- on PS4

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Hands on with Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- on PS4

Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- for PS4 feels like high school. And that, surprisingly, is high praise. I obsessed over Guilty Gear X when it launched on PS2. My friends and I picked apart every fighter on the roster, experimented with particular match-ups, rocked out to the soundtrack for hours, and even developed inside jokes based on the fighter intro quips.

Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-

And with Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-, the team at ARC System Works is plugging a high-voltage generator into the series and flipping the switch with a smirk. The latest Guilty Gear, which hits PS4 and PS3 on December 16th, embraces everything about the series’ roots while reworking every visual component on screen. Even after spending time with an early build of the PS4 version, Xrd -Sign- is a flood of great memories.

If you’re new to the series, Guilty Gear is a highly stylized 2D fighter with one of the most eccentric rosters to ever grace a fighting game. Do you want a charming vampire boxer? How about a pirate girl with dolphins for weapons? Or perhaps a tall, repenting surgeon with a bag over his head and a giant scalpel in hand? Yes, series favorites like Slayer, May and Faust return in Xrd -Sign- — many sporting a new look.

Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-

ARC System Works has fused 2D and 3D art styles together, allowing for a jaw-dropping switch between each perspective at key moments. Intros and outros use stunning 3D models, but when the duel begins the models appear as high-resolution, 2D sprites. It’s a marriage of two drastically different visual styles, and it looks excellent. And fortunately for fighting enthusiasts, it plays well, too.

Xrd -Sign- is as fast and frantic as you would expect from ARC System Works, with heart-pounding battles that litter the screen with effects, fire blasts, and the occasional bullet shell. True to Guilty Gear’s legacy, each fighter has a punch, kick, slash, and heavy slash, as well as a bevy of special moves that can close gaps, push/pull opponents, and generally control the spaces around the fighters.

Even with my antiquated knowledge of Guilty Gear, Sol’s and Ky’s movesets came rushing back to me without a hitch — the fighters even have a few new tricks up their tightly-buckled sleeves. If you want to familiarize yourself with the basics, Xrd -Sign- comes packed with dozens of tutorials and training options to help you get a feel for the basics, and also push your knowledge of each fighter further.

Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-

Besides its basic versus modes, Xrd -Sign- features an arcade mode, story mode, and loads of other challenges and unlockables (Including a gallery!). ARC System Works is filling out Xrd -Sign- with lots to do outside of traditional fights.

Even without the full roster unlocked, I spent a long while just getting reacquainted with the fighting systems that Guilty Gear has used for so many years, from Faultless Defense to Roman Cancels. These systems encourage players to stay aggressive and flow between offense and defense with almost staggering quickness.

Xrd -Sign- is aimed squarely at those long-time fans that have followed Guilty Gear for years. It’s a fiery, rock ‘n’ roll reboot for the series, and a screaming reminder that Sol Badguy is still a total badass.

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  • This and Kamen Rider Summon Ride! will be the best new retail releases for December..

  • My Hori Fightstick shipped yesterday. Bought it just for this game. So excited for PS3 / PS4 cross play.

  • Ill be importing this to the UK since theres no release. Excited either way!!

    Heaven or Hell?
    Let’s Rock!

  • The game doesn’t switch between 2d and 3d, it is all in 3d. You can see this best when you use a dust attack or when a round ends.

  • Had a few questions that will hopefully be answered in a future blog post. Any word on how witch characters in the console version are DLC or unlockable? How the 64 man lobbies will work? How PS3 players vs PS4 players will work? Will the GGXrd arcade stick be available for PS4 at launch? if the smart phone app will make it to the US?
    Thank you :)

  • It’s 2014 almost 2015 and we still can’t gift games and DLC etc. to our friends on the psn.

  • So “BEYOND” hyped for this ! Been a GG Fan since the first game on ps1. Any chance we will get the demo japan got? thx.

    on a side note, sony should sponsor Evo this year and stream it to ps4 so we can watch and party chat with friends at the same time. just sayin (wink wink)

  • im still dissapointed in some missing characters. I will still be picking it up though.

  • @JumpMan33 I can already answer at least one of those questions for you. MarkMan from Mad Catz confirmed that the Mad Catz GGXRD stick will be shipping the same week the game releases in the US. So I imagine that is the week of december 16th. As far as the rest of the questions go I would like to see them answered as well.

  • Well im certainly excited. Been a GG fan since the beginning and the new one certainly is fun(played the demo). Its the most beautiful fighting game ever too. I don’t say that lightly it certainly is. These videos simply do not do it justice. Overall, this is the only $60 game this fall/winter on my list besides Dragon Age and GTAV. Im still surprised that this isn’t being pushed harder by Sony considering the Playstation platform is the only one that this is available for and theirs not any fighting games out yet on the PS4. That coupled with the like of AAA exclusives this fall/winter for the PS4. Still, im excited and its only weeks away now.

  • Will this game have english dub?

  • So excited for this one. Wish my main girl Jam was in there though.

  • @Jotamide

    Me too. She was my main also. Elphelt, she look like fun so i’ll definitely try her out. Millia, Chipp, Sol were my subs from past games so im good in the end still.

  • So, guys…

    Crazy idea…

    How about Europe? Hunh?!

  • Pre-ordered limited edition, since it probably come to Europe, and I’m starving for GG since years.
    I can’t afford to miss it since BlazBlue didn’t convinced me.

  • won’t* come to Europe (missing the most important word, duh <_<")

  • Any word on whether or not the 3 existing sticks I own for the PS3 will work for the PS4 version of this game (Mad Catz TE, Mad Catz SE, Hori FS3)?

    Here’s hoping ARC System Works implemented that driver that Naughty Dog + Lab Zero co-wrote!

  • import. no region locks. not the same but……..

  • Although everyone who has kept up with game knows about the console exclusive characters Sin Kiske, Elphelt, and Leo Whitening; I hope there are 3 more characters added because technically there is room for 3 on the character select screen. Fingers crossed for Jam Kuradoberi, Dizzy, and Baiken.

  • For those wondering on some questions…

    Yes, it will have an English dub, next up, Cross-Play on PS3 and PS4 version will work for those who would want to fight them online. The fight sticks I’ve read over, I think, SRK, mentions they’ll be up in JP and US on their release dates, but I dunno if its too sure yet.

    On the Subject of DLC characters and Unlockables, Sin Kiske is an In-game Unlock as well as some music tracks, Elphelt Valentine is DLC, but is free for a limited time over PSN, how long though is unknown, Leo Whitefang though is a mystery and not much from him, other than his Bio is only mentioned, they will probably show gameplay of him whenever possible, but dunno if he’ll either be free too, or paid, and hopefully at a decent price.

    Also, for those in EU/PAL, don’t worry about it, ASW has plans to bring that over there too, and hopefully not long, besides, other ASW titles are also coming out soon (thank NISA/Atlus/SEGA for that for them to bring out AH3:LM and P4AU)

    Other than that, I hope this is enough for those that needed there questions answered. Though after this post, there might be more questions too, lol. X3

  • Will this game be English dubbed, because so far I’ve hear nothing about the potential voice cast? I’m hoping Troy Baker will return to VA Sol like he did in GG2!

  • Op, just saw the comment above mine. lol, sweet!

  • haven’t played guilty gear since the last one on psp…looking forward to a ps4 version, also my 2nd fighter for the console until….MKX *o*

  • Baiken, preese! Come to the game! I’ll pay! They can take my DLC money!
    Oh well, Faust will sate me with his crazy.

  • Have a long history with Guilty Gear. Used to play with my brother and his friends all the time back in the PS2-era. Can’t wait to kick some more butt with Sol when this releases in December.

  • Now all I have to do is remember where I put my bionic thumbs!

  • PS3 FIGHT STICK SUPPORT SONY! PLAYSTATION DEPARTMENT! WHOEVER XRD, Tekken 7, Skull girls, MKX fighting games on PS now…. injust we need that stick love 150-300$ fight sticks for PS3 don’t work! A new PS4 compatible one runs 180+ – 200+, don’t want to buy / use adapters or buy a stick that cost half of what a new console cost please add this to an update…. [ cry ]

  • Can we please get PS3 Arcade stick support for this game or any fighting game in the near future? Or is there a PS4 stick in the works??

  • @12
    Im right in the same boat with you. Jam stood out as one of the very few people who fought hand to hand.

  • You guys are dropping the ball hard with the advertising on this game and letting people know it’s actually going to be on PlayStation systems next month. That being said, mine is paid off. Now about that PS4 arcade stick support. ..

  • Cool – I’m just worried about those crazy zato set ups and traps … it was ridiculous before and I don’t think there’s much you can do about them now … sometimes one character can just kill a game : /

  • That’s awesome…but when is the PS4 getting an arcade fightstick? I can’t seem to find one

  • As soon as I saw that Sin Kiske was a playable character, I flipped. I have a good group of friends who are Guilty Gear Fans and are eagerly waiting for this to be released. Sin Kiske is going to be my main character, no doubt. If they ever bring back that slick swordsman, Johnny, then I’m having 2 mains.

  • Also to the person saying there is going to be an english dubbing for the US release, source please? Because I have not seen anything on it.

  • Nevermind, did some digging around and found out that Aksys tweeted about it a while ago. This kind of worries me, I hope the english VA will not be bad. Worse case scenario I’ll just change the Voices to japanese.

  • @32 U need to look at a MadCatz website they already have done the new TE2 Arcade Fightsticks that work on Both PS3/PS4 like the Ultra SFIV TE2 arcade fightstick…. Or even the TE2 Persona 4 Ultimax one also for PS3/PS4

    And yes they are the NEW TE2 fightsticks but in this case they work on both PS3 and PS4 so what more could u ask for???


  • I don’t know if i should get for ps3 or ps4. Cant wait till it comes out, most likely in ps4 once its fix its problems

  • Me and The Voltron Crew have been waiting for this game for some time.

  • When it will be avaliable to PS3 Digital Release?

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