A Video Guide to Dragon Age: Inquisition

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A Video Guide to Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a huge game with vast lands to explore and many things to do. In fact, on my personal completionist playthrough, I logged 20 hours of game time discovering the world of Thedas before even completing the first major quest in the game! Yes, Inquisition is indeed massive.

It is also a game about choice, where the decisions you make will shape the world. As the Inquisitor, you lead the most influential force in all of Thedas. People will place their hope in you and turn to you to do what’s best to stop the threat that is destroying the world.

Of course, perhaps the most important decision you’ll make is determining what type of Inquisitor you will create. Will you be male or female? Will you be human, elf, dwarf, or Qunari? Which class will you play as?

A Video Guide to Dragon Age: Inquisition

Once you’ve created your Inquisitor and are ready to begin the adventure, you’re going to encounter some nasty enemies. As a matter of fact, you’ll be facing off against your first demon in the opening moments of the game. This is another opportunity to showcase how choice shapes your experience with the game.

Inquisition offers two different modes of combat: real-time and tactical. If you’re the type of player who likes to get up close and personal with your enemies, real-time combat allows you to run in with swords a-blazin’ (literally, if you’re using the Flames of the Inquisition weapons pack!).

If you prefer to go the more strategic route and survey the battlefield before engaging, tactical mode is sure to be of interest. In this mode, you can pause the game and use the Tactical Camera view to scout your enemies and issue commands to your party. You can stop and start time at your leisure, so if one strategy didn’t work, you can regroup and try something else.

The Inquisition is nearly upon us. Lead them or fall.

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  • I am huge fan of the series and looking forward to next week. I have a question. When does Preloading for PSN purchases happen? It is a huge file size and I want to make sure I download it before Monday when the network goes down.

  • Thanks in advance if I don’t get to respond.

  • I cant wait for this game. Loved DA Origins! DA2 was a big let down. DAI looks like its going to great!

  • @freshrevenge
    Pre downloading usually starts one day prior release, this was at least my experience so far, should be enough time to be ready at noon ?

  • @broshizzle

    I remember seeing something when I preordered the Deluxe Edition about being about to download it on the 16th which is Sunday and start playing it about 8pm on Monday. But now when I look at my preorder, it just gives me the countdown clock.

    So I heard about the downtime on Monday so I am hoping it doesn’t affect my downloading the game. I think the file size is 44GB and that is pretty hefty for PSN servers.

  • alright guys, you did it, you sold me. I have been on the fence about this game for quite a bit but you guys have now sold me with these videos. Looks like a great combo of dragons dogma, skyrim, and kingdoms of amalur, all games i loved. Then again maybe im biased towards any game that lets me use a sword and is in 3rd person, but this looks amazing graphically and gameplay wise.

  • I am ready (kind of) getting this game with my PS4 around black friday! Major Dragon Age fan been waiting on this for months! (Come on bundle this with a PS4 and I’m set! :D )

  • @FreshRevenge

    All my titles are digital, I have started the pre loads on all of them on Sunday’s in the afternoon, so I am sure this will be the same.

  • @freshrevenge

    I per-oredered mine awhile ago and it said will start downloading Nov 16, 2014 at midnight, but when I look at my queue list on the PlayStation store it says Nov 17, 2014. I am not at home right now or I would look at the timer that is counting down till downloading starts.

  • Good video, but finding a class that fits my preferred gameplay style, don’t know i prefer a more tactical style of gameplay, being new to Dragon Age seems a bit confusing.

  • What happened to the class abilities video?

  • thanks for responding


    It would be nice to get an exact time. At the moment my countdown says 3d 08:55:12. I got the Deluxe Edition. When I look at the regular edition in the store it says Preloads start on 11/16.

    Can we get some official word on the preload times?

  • Count me in of course. This month is all about Dragon Age Inquisition, GTA V, LBP3 and Far Cry 4.

  • Simple noob question, regarding combat. Is the game hack and slash? Can i run up to bad guys and press square to slash and then triangle to special (ps4). And can you block and sidestep? is the game like Dragon dogma? I played the sequel DA2 and hated the combat. The game looks awesome, but buying is dependent on combat. Knowledge would be appreciated

  • For anyone wanting to know more about Dragon Age Inquisition, they have several videos on the Dragon age website. I do believe they have some on all aspects of combat and many other topics.

  • I don’t normally like these kind of games, normally I am an FPS guy, but lately I’ve had a taste for a little something new… I think this is it.

  • I’ve been trying to preload this, but I keep getting the 80025b07 error. Can anyone explain or help?

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