The Naughty Dog Shop: Clicker Bust Now Available

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The Naughty Dog Shop: Clicker Bust Now Available

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We recently launched the official Naughty Dog Shop and highlighted two of the cooler items we’ve developed so far. The next product design we’re really proud to show off is the The Last of Us Clicker Bust from PlayStation Collectibles.

She’s a beauty, right? Hand sculpted by Emmy Award nominated Hollywood VFX artist, Vincent Van Dyke, there was a lot of care that went into the design of this collectible. It’s limited to only 1,500 units. The bust is available for pre-sale now on the shop for $150. We currently ship to North America and Canada and are working on other regions.

Naughty Dog Shop: Ellie SweaterNaughty Dog Shop: Clicker Bust

More products and product highlights will be shown on the Naughty Dog blog and around our various social channels over the next few weeks. Look for new merch and special discounts online soon. If you find something you love share it with use by using #NDShop. Visit the official Naughty Dog Shop often for the latest. Reminder: the holidays are approaching fast!

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  • I guess some folks need an expensive paperweight of a kind of zombie that barely even looks like a zombie anymore.

  • @1
    Probably because it isn’t a zombie.

  • My dog is naughty, and he sometimes gets cold. How about a Naughty Dog dog sweater?

  • To bad the store only ships to US and Canada.

  • The hoodie looks like Neapolitan ice cream.

  • Lots of cool products on ND Shop, it’s a shame I can’t get any (live outside US and CA) .

    Btw Erik, can we expect some news about the TLOU multiplayer at the PlayStation Experience panel? A new DLC would be great! :3

    • We’re working on the shipping. Yes, we’ll have some cool TLOU MP news at the PlayStation Experience, will you be there?

  • i think this is awesome. If i weren’t a worthless cripple i’d totally buy it, but then, i wouldn’t have any money to buy my game for the month.

  • Sadly, no. But I will try to watch it via streaming (if there’s one) or follow a live blog. :)

  • That statue is really gross. I’m sure it will find its way into a nerd trophy case all the same.

    That ice cream hoodie is cool.

  • Just bought the CSU hoody and cup for the winter. Looking forward to confusing some colorado peeps.

  • Any word on a new patch for The Last Of Us?

  • Are you guys selling the Joel and Ellie statue again?

  • It kind of saddens me to see the clicker bust for sale now. Naughty Dog was gracious enough to grant me one through On.PlayStation. I was one of 10, lol. But that thing is awesome, and highly detailed. And heavy.

  • Vegas baby Vegas. See yous guys there.

  • Hey Eric,

    I think this is awesome you guys are doing this so the fans can show off their love for all things Naughty Dog.

    I wanted to ask if you guys would consider on making “Dynamic Themes” and “Avatar Pictures” for the PS4. Your game would look cool displayed on everyone’s PS4.


    Rob aka Graf

  • SONY, give us a SOCOM.

  • Are you guys that broke that you have to sell zombie figurines on the PS Blog?

  • It’s not that they are broke, it’s cause people like me will happily buy them.

  • Ps do you guys all use the same photographer and model? I was checking the bioware store and they had the same girl posing in the Ellie hoody, at the same barn wearing a Dragon Age shirt… Hoodie thing.

  • Is there gonna be a future patch to fix some of the bugs? For instance the pop-in and shadows? The shadows look amazing but when playing at 60 FPS it is very noticeable when you are approaching shadows and the quality pops in.

  • These are some nice accessories I will have to check into this more on the website.

  • I hope you manage to overcome those barriers and offer these items on a more global scale =) Other companies managed to set up european/asian stores, or shipping to more countries, so I am sure you can do it.

    I REALLY wanted to get that art book.

  • He said, “beautiful.”

  • All of you should know that the director of Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us, Neil Druckmann supports feminist Anita Sarkeesian, and she is accusing games like God of War as sexist and prejudiced against women. He will not get my support.

  • Mmmm popcorn!

  • I just got word that my Ice Cream hoodie is on it’s way! I can’t wait.
    I’d like to offer a suggestion. I would love that Firefly Logo hoodie but as I rarely zip mine up, the logo would never show. Plus the back looks empty. What about a version with a big logo on the lower back (so the hood doesn’t cover and Game title/sm logo on the front? Same zippered hoodie though.
    Thanks for opening the store. Fans like me will love it. I love that I can get official stuff and no more looking for it all over the web. Placed my first order day one!
    I have two questiions: Can you tell me the difference between the original 200 Clicker Busts and this newer one, please?
    And can you please make a print version of the Poker Playing art that was in the upstairs part of Gallery Nucleus, just left of the window looking down? I need that in my ND collection!

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