Telltale at PS Experience: Play Game of Thrones, Tales From the Borderlands

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Telltale at PS Experience: Play Game of Thrones, Tales From the Borderlands

Are you headed to Las Vegas for the PlayStation Experience Event in December? Telltale will be there too!

First up, there’s a special Telltale Games panel where we’ll be discussing the past, present, and future of Telltale and adventure games. Here’s the great thing about this panel though: since our games are all about making choices and then living with the consequences, YOU’LL get to choose the questions. Take this opportunity to grill our brave little band of panelists about the Telltale-y stuff you’ve always wanted to know!

Telltale at PS Experience: Play Game of Thrones, Tales From the Borderlands

It’s not all talk though – we’ll have games for you to play too. Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series will BOTH be playable on the show floor. You’ll find them in Sony’s booth, so be sure to check them out amongst all the other awesomeness!

Speaking of our upcoming releases, don’t miss the shiny new Tales from the Borderlands trailer we just released this morning! I think this is easily the most amusing video we’ve ever had the fun of producing. Seriously, get this into your eyeballs and… uh, earholes (yeah, that sentence got away from me a bit).

Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series has things going on this week as well. Saying too much right now might spoil the fun, but if you’re fairly well-traveled on gaming sites, keep an eye out for a few clues scattered around the internet…

Thanks for reading, and as ever, let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Hope to see you in Vegas!

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  • We need them to be playable to the public. The vagueness of the release date for Tales From the Borderlands is equal parts frustration and excitement. Wasn’t it supposed to have been released Q3?

  • Uh, did the Vita version get cancelled? Sony announced that this game would be coming to Vita at E3.

    Are they going to do that thing where they announce something that has already been announced but pretend that it wasn’t announced? Again?

  • Wasn’t this confirmed for Vita at E3? Yet there is no mention of Vita at the end of the trailer. Is it still coming?

  • I second visual_pollution’s question. Why not mention of Vita? It was mentioned before.

  • Yeah, same here. Please tell us about the Vita version.

  • Why does the trailer only say PS3 and PS4? What happened to the Vita version? =/

    PS4 Experience FTL

  • I really wish you guys would just work on one series at a time. Season 2 of Walking Dead suffered from various bugs and bad story telling compared to the first season. The only thing i can think of that contributed to that was you guys also working on Wolf Among Us at the same time. That wasn’t that great either.

    Please just choose either game of thrones of Borderlands and concentrate on one until all 5 episodes are released.

  • Dont worry, vita will still come, at full price four months after the other versions. Seriously, have you guys heard of cross buy? I wontbuy another telltale game bbecauseof the way you release the same game SIX times for full price each time. Plus, there are so many technical issues that they just arent fun to play.

  • @7 You are free to have an incorrect opinion, but Wolf Among Us was better than both seasons of Walking Dead.

  • Looking pretty good, I’ve always liked the look of the Borderlands games but it’s always felt like a mp game and I tend to play alone most of the time so I can’t ever really get through any of them. So I’m hoping I’ll finally be able to get through one with this one, just hope it isn’t too far off.

  • @8: Yeah, but if the Vita version is still a thing then I’m even more annoyed at the fact they actively choose NOT to advertise it.

    Seriously, what the hell?

  • So when is the Release Dates for both of the Games?

  • Where is the vita version?

  • Will Game of Thrones have same-sex relationships (or the option to choose them) like the books/show do?

    What steps have been taken to address to pauses and stuttering that have plagued TellTale’s games for the last few years? Numerous dramatic moments in Jurassic Park, Walking Dead, and Wolf Among Us were ruined by the engine’s under-performance :(

  • Will the game be available for PS4?…..

  • Can’t wait for none of the choices to matter like every other TellTale game. Hopefully Anthony Burch is working on this at least so I can play the salaryman as a progressive transhuman in an open relationship with his wife.

  • When is the PS Experience of Driveclub PS Plus Edition coming?

  • Can we finally get a release date for this game. I think we’ve been waiting long enought for that to happen.

  • I don’t play interactive point click adventures on a console big screen. I prefer it on the handheld.

  • Now this is something I have been looking forward to for awhile I like all Telltale games!!!!!!!!

  • I hope that this is still coming to Vita.

  • I’ve been sooooo excited for this game ever since the reveal trailer a year ago. So glad it’s nearly done! I love Borderlands and I love Telltale so I can’t wait to see your story driven take on the franchise!

  • I second to @Kishmabe . Seriously, they are not like FPS that I have to sit before a big TV screen and stare into it with high alert. I really prefer lying in bed and enjoying the emotional stories in comfort with handheld PSVita.

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