Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Launches on PS4, PS3 11/25

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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Launches on PS4, PS3 11/25

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is a return to an exciting series that some of us at Lucid Games last worked on nearly half a decade ago whilst at Bizarre Creations. This new installment takes the core twin-stick shooter fundamentals developed in Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved and its sequel, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2, and boldly takes them further with the addition of 50 new challenges in a single-player campaign, three-dimensional arenas, new game modes, boss battles, intense power-ups and much more, providing you loads of variety as you battle to top your friends in the leaderboards.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is not only about beating your friend’s scores; you can also play together in 8 player competitive online and 4 player local co-operative multiplayer with friends and rivals.

It’s also the first time PlayStation console owners can dive into this franchise with over ten years of arcade-fueled history and enthusiasm behind it.

If this is your introduction to the series, then let me sum it up like this – Geometry Wars is electrifying. Screen-melting visuals, fast-paced, bright, and boisterous gameplay, astronomical high scores, bass-thumping, heart-pumping music, and a vibrant energy that can transcend you to pure Zen-like state as you feel totally absorbed into the game. This latest entry in the franchise may look different from its predecessors, but those defining characteristics are still infused into every moment of Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

We’ve designed two special stages for Dimensions that will be available on PlayStation. The first – “Symbolic” – is exclusive to PlayStation and features enemies that spawn in clusters shaped like the face buttons of the DualShock controller. “Symbolic” will be playable for any PlayStation user who buys the game at any time.

But if you pre-order the game before release, you can also pick up our second challenge, “Secret Eye,” which features a distinctive triangle-shaped grid and an evolving inner core that forces you to make split second decisions to camp in one of the three corners and confront the enemies, or to skillfully navigate past to escape the onslaught.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

We know from personal experience as PlayStation players that the PS community is one that just gets the twin-stick shooter genre – it gives us a lot to live up to, and we’re excited to finally have something of our own to share with all of you.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions makes its PlayStation debut on November 25th for both PS4 and PS3, and you can pre-order on PSN here.

Questions? Comments? Pontifications? We’ll be keeping an eye on the space below with some answers wherever we can provide them. And you’ll definitely be hearing more from us within the next few weeks. Thanks!

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  • YES!!!!!!!

  • Hey Craig,

    You guys do such an amazing job with your games. I’m looking forward to checking this out.

    I wanted to ask if you guys would consider on making “Dynamic Themes” and “Avatar Pictures” for the PS4. Your game would look cool displayed on everyone’s PS4.


    Rob aka Graf

    • Hi Rob,

      Thanks for the comments, we are really excited about the game and cant wait for people to play it. As to the Dynamic Themes, it is an interesting idea, we will investigate looking at making one and see if we can fit it in our schedule.


  • No lie I was just making a list of local co-op/multiplayer games I was looking forward to playing with friends on PS3 and PS4. Happy to say there’s a lot more than I thought. Looks like you just landed a top slot! :-)

  • this game looks amazing and I will definetly try my absolute best to check this out by the end of the month! thanks so much for giving us this info for the release date and some cool pre-order bonuses!

  • Always on the lookout for a good twin-stick shooter ever since Housemarque got me hooked on their games. While I never had a X360 I’ve always heard great things about your games from friends of mine. This one looks like a lot of fun so i look forward to trying it out.

    When it comes to online co-op does it use matchmaking? Or can I just sit back and play with 1 or 2 friends?

    • Hi Boxter17

      The co-op is just local console only. However if you want to still play with friends, the online side of the game is team based (Up to 8 players online with two teams of four players) so you will benefit from working as a team if you want to defeat your opponents.


  • Will this game support cross-buy (buy PS3, get PS4 free or vice versa)?

  • No Vita love?

    • At the moment we can only confirm the platforms that are currently announced. Future plans are a publisher decision, not one for the developers so I hope you understand I cannot comment on these.

  • “Questions?”

    Will you make a Vita version?


    I hope you make a Vita version.


    If you make a Vita version you will be my new God.

  • Great, now add Vita and Crossbuy.

  • 1080p @ 60fps? stereo 3D? use of dualshock 4 features?

    • On the PS4 it is 1080p and 60fps, its 720p 60fps on the PS3. No Stereo 3D at this stage, we are considering it as something we could support in the future.

  • Looks great, but what I’m really interested in is Jacob Jones Episode 2 ;).

  • @11 yes!!! I played the first episode on Vita, bought it on the first day. Was really disappointed when the second episode was released on iOS with no Vita announcement :( Vita definitely needs more games like Jacob Jones and Puzzle Agent.

  • Totally love Geometry Wars. I NEED to pick this up.

    • We are really proud of this game and have put a lot of effort into the game, I am sure you will enjoy it if you loved the others.


  • this would be great on vita

  • How big is the download size?

  • Is this Sierra’s first comeback game? Because if it is, tell them to resurrect Aces of the Galaxy!

    • Yep this is the first one to be under the new Sierra brand. We are just an Independent developer, so are not aware of future releases by Sierra.

      As to Aces of the Galaxy, I had great fun playing that when it was originally released.


  • Pre-ordered!

    I was going to do a gameshare, but this one is worth fully supporting on my own.

  • please make a vita version!!! i love all geometry wars games. but i only have a vita right now. i want this so bad, when i get a ps3 or ps4 i will get this immediatly. but i want to play it asap, so please make it for vita.

  • I like the twin stick shooting games this ill be one that I will buy for sure!!!!!!!

  • Any chance Geometry Wars 1 and 2 will come to PSN? I’d gladly buy them again in a heartbeat.

    • Hi

      You will be glad to know that Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions has a special classic mode containing the Evolved, King, Waves, Deadline and Pacifism modes :)


  • You know what … THANK YOU FOR RELEASING THIS ON PS3/4 … I will pick this up to

    1. Culminate the purchase of my new ps4 (finally!)
    2. Just plain old happy that we got this game on ps – I have always been jealous of a friend of mind that had this on Xbox years ago … took you guys long enough


  • As a purchaser of the first two games on xbox, i can’t resist buying it a third time.;) Love this series. Kinda wise we could have access to the music from the first game as

  • EU release? I bet 4 or 6 weeks later.
    2nd Class humans.
    To game: player it Evers day in 360 , so long i See 3 360 ring ob death ;) then cames ps3 and i say goodbeye^^

    • Hi Netrot

      We are releasing at the same time worldwide (25th Nov). The EU store should have the pre-order link available any time now.


  • Loved the game on Wii and it eventually got me re-interested in the genre on PS3. Great aesthetic and pace of gameplay.

    I guess is may be reaching, but since the name of the game is Geometry Wars *3: Dimensions*, will there be a 3D option? Sounds like it isn’t that much of a hassle to implement (at least from what I’ve seen elsewhere), and then you could tell people: “It’s Geometry Wars, 3 Dimensions!” and not have to rely on the colon so much anymore!

  • Yay, ignore all the people asking about Vita day is here! Oh wait, that’s an all-year-round thing. =/

  • This should be on the Vita too!!

  • Day 1 for me! I will definitely play this while I wait for Thanksgiving dinner to be done that week. Also I get a nice new game to review! Thanks for bringing this over to PS, I loved the first one!

  • As a player of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 I cannot wait…

    I haven’t played it since my days on Xbox 360 because that was the only way to play GW until now..

    I was in the top 200 on some of the leaderboards…

    I’ll be gunning for all of you… Waves is my ****… you won’t touch me.

    God I hope this game brings to the table what Retro Evolved 2 brought…

    You don’t understand how good I am at this game… I can’t use words to describe it.. People have no clue how I get the crazy high scores that I get.

  • I think you should investigate immediately, Craig.

    This is a serious issue. A game called 3D that is not actually 3D?



  • Please consider adding cross-buy support. I really want the game but will be upgrading from my PS3 to PS4 soon and would happily spend full price to get it on day one for PS3 than wait to buy it on sale when I get a PS4 down the road.

  • Hey Craig,

    you say that you will investigate making dynamic theme but you don’t even reply people about a Vita version? Given that this game is published by Activision, it is very unlikely to ever come to the vita. After that awful call of duty game the only thing Activision ever brought to the vita was angry birds (which was ported to everything anyway…)

  • all I can say is get ready to enjoy the view from behind me on the leaderboards…

    if you doubt me and still own Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 on Xbox 360 than look up the individual game modes… I bet I’m still up in the top 500 on waves….

  • it’s disappointing that Super Stardust HD supported stereo 3D on PS3 years ago, but this new game doesn’t even support it on PS4. Several other cross-gen titles (Zen Pinball, Trine 2, etc) have beautiful stereo 3D on PS4.

    The download size makes me think the audio assets must be really low bit-rate/quality, as well :/

    I’ll wait for a demo before I buy, as a result.

    • Hi,

      I can assure you that the game sounds great, it’s been pumping out on our sound system today. The size is down to the fact we do not need massive texture sheets or movies in this game as it has a look and style of its own.

      As to Stereo 3D, as mentioned before it is something that we would like to do and would consider in an update.


  • Cmon guy. All you have to say is “there are no plans at this stage for a vita console version” if for no other reason than so we can watch you change your mind after christmas minecraft/ vita sales get noticed. Oh and no 3d on playstation doesn’t wash. Maybe you guys haven’t put that much effort in after all.

    • When making a game we put a lot of late nights and weekends into it as it’s a labour of love, so hopefully you will appreciate where the effort has been spent in the game once it’s launched and you get to play it :)


  • So pumped for this game! I loved geometry wars 2 and can’t wait for the 25th. One question though, will this game work with share play??

  • The PR is strong in this one….

  • To everyone asking if this has online, remember Sony’s new feature “Share a controller” where we can give someone else online player 2!!

    This does support that, right?

  • Alright, I’m sold. Just preordered. :)

  • Yes!! I was deeply saddened when I made the ‘jump’ from 360 to PS3 that I would also be leaving behind Geometry Wars. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this new edition.

    However I have a dilemma. I really *really* want to pre-order this thing. But I only have a PS3 at the moment. I plan on getting a PS4 within a month if the right bundle comes along. If I pre-order on the PS3, can I transfer or redownload it on the PS4 down the road?

    I don’t mind paying a nominal x-fer fee, but don’t particularly want to buy the game twice. Is it possible to pre-order the PS4 edition online without owning a PS4? I’ll start investigating.

    Can’t wait to try all the new modes, particularly Passive (the only one I was remotely good at in Retro Evolved).

  • Great news. Geometry wars was my first game for Xbox360, bought it even on my pc, Geometry wars 2 on 360 again… now i will buy Geometry wars 3 on a Sony console, probably both Ps3 and 4 (when i will buy a 4).

    • That’s great! There is a lot of new things to try in this game, but we also have a lot of classic Geometry Wars action in there as well.

  • Wow, I cannot believe this is happening! I purchased my 360 just for GWRE2, and the Project Gothams. To this date, I play GW on my 360. I even have bunch of GW clones on my smartphone. To hear that there is a SEQUEL soon to be released in the PS family, is just wow! Thank you! This is great news! I’ve already pre-ordered, and even if there is no cross buy, I will probably get this for both my 3 and 4. Again, thank you!


  • Hey Craig. I was a massive fan of both Project Gotham and Geometry wars many years ago! I’m so glad you are releasing this game!


  • Loves Geometry Wars.
    Please make a PS Vita version
    So we can get others hooked while on the go.

  • Will this game work at launch or should I give it a few weeks for them to fix the bugs and online connectivity issues?

  • Well all of the late nights and hard work in by the team to get to 0 bugs should ensure that the game will be fine :)

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