Capsule Force Coming to PS4 Early Next Year

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Capsule Force Coming to PS4 Early Next Year

It is the year 1999. It is the future.

After years of intergalactic battles, technology gave birth to advanced, galaxy-capturing capsules — tools that Earth’s World Leaders readily supplied to their intergalactic forces. But many of these forces have gone rogue and are now fighting amongst themselves for these powerful orbs.

Greetings, Playstation.Blog readers! We are excited to announce our newest game, Capsule Force, a retro anime-inspired, multiplayer, arcade experience for PS4!

klobit’s core team is comprised of two main members from Austin, Texas — a sound designer/composer, and a tall man who designs, codes, and creates art. We were fortunate enough to have a talented artist help with character art and design.

As fans of retro Japanese games and anime, we really wanted to share our love of the days of cassette tapes and CRT televisions by pulling inspiration from both 80’s space anime aesthetics and the fast-paced nature of arcade games. From energy beams, levitating characters, environment design, and music, we wanted to capture that 80’s, retro feeling and adapt that essence in a way that could translate within a 16-bit arcade era (but with touches that were also unique to our vision!). Thus, Capsule Force was born!

Join the blue team and pink team to battle it out across 8 different arenas. The gameplay is simple enough — destroy your opponent, ride the tram to advance to the final screen, and grab that capsule! But watch out! The path to your enemy’s base is riddled with traps. Whether you battle 1v1 or join the chaos of a 2v2 match, there is bound to be plenty of yelling like school kids.

Capsule ForceCapsule Force

Dare to impress? Show off your skills or hone in on battle tactics with single-player mission mode. There are more than 30 missions to choose from! Blast through targets, dodge a variety of traps, and race against the clock to unlock levels and features.

Our team at klobit is incredibly excited to publish our first console game and to be able to join the PlayStation family. Thank you for all of your support, and keep an eye out for Capsule Force in early 2015.

Come join us and battle it out on December 6th and 7th at PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas!


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