TowerFall Dark World Expansion Coming Early 2015

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TowerFall Dark World Expansion Coming Early 2015

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 8 months since TowerFall Ascension launched on PS4. I have to thank all of our wonderful fans on PlayStation — the community response has been fantastic.

Since launching TowerFall, we’ve had countless requests for new levels, characters, power-ups, and modes. A lot of your suggestions have been really valuable, and after I recovered from the game’s launch back in March, I began forming new ideas of my own. Slowly but surely, our plans for an expansion took shape. I’m excited to announce that the Dark World Expansion will hit PS4 in early 2015.

TowerFall Dark World

We want to call this an expansion rather than DLC, because it expands the game in every direction rather than providing small incremental additions. Approaching it this way allows us to tie all the new stuff together in a very cohesive manner. For you this means more playable archers, levels, modes, power-ups, variants, trials, and more.

TowerFall Dark World

Joining the roster we have the red archer, the Vainglorious Ghoul. As her appearance suggests, she captains an infamous ghost ship known as The Amaranth. The Amaranth, it turns out, is also one of four new level sets in the expansion. These new locations are spread across the Dark World, a twisted reality parallel to the TowerFall world you’re familiar with.

The final tower, Cataclysm, uses procedurally generated levels to make sure every match is unique and surprising.

And then we have the new power-ups, such as Trigger Arrows, which behave like remote mines. Stick them to walls or ceilings in clever positions, wait for the perfect moment, and detonate when your opponents least expect it.

Or the otherworldly Prism Arrows that lock your enemies in magical prisons so they have nowhere to hide. These are a few highlights from our work so far. If you want to keep up on development and read about everything we’ve added, check out the TowerFall blog where we’re posting regular updates on the expansion.

TowerFall Dark World

We’re already having a blast playtesting these additions — they open doors to countless new ways to trick your friends, and countless, more hilarious outcomes. With so much excellent community feedback, we have a great handle on what players love about TowerFall, and see this as the perfect opportunity to push the game to its limits. I’ll be at PlayStation Experience in Vegas next month, taking all challengers as we demo the Dark World Expansion for attendees.

See you there!

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  • Thank You :-D

  • Day one. Can’t wait. Towerfall for lyfe.

  • DAY ONE!!!!

  • I cannot wait for this! I bought 3 extra controllers to play Towerfall couch multiplayer when it launched on PS4. It’s still my go-to game when I have friends over.

  • please consider adding online multiplayer, wouldn’t need matchmaking, but I’d love to be able to join/invite my brother but he lives too far away for us to have regular games

  • Super excited to see this at PSX! I can’t wait!

  • No Vita love? =/

  • No thanks, the original game is basically unplayable.

  • I would love it if they gave the archers each a unique ability.

  • Hey Matt,

    The game is really cool and the expansion just makes it that much better. I hope you will add online multi-player because many of use have friends and family all over the country and the world and this would allow us to play together.

    I wanted to ask if you guys would consider making “Dynamic Themes” and “Avatar Pictures” for the PS4? It would be cool to have one showing the either overview map of Towerfall, a castle battle, or Darkworld.


    Rob aka Graf

  • Like I get what you guys want to do with the game and it is amazing. It just sucks that I can’t actually enjoy it because I don’t have anyone to play it with anywhere in my local vicinity. Towerfall sits on my PS4 unused and I won’t bother buying any expansion cause well, I can’t play it. Legit bumout. Please let us go online with it.

  • HYPED!

    Will it be free? Even if it’s not I would buy it. Towerfall is an amazing game! Day One!

  • I would love to see this game use the GGPO middleware that’s used in many fast paste online fighting games/action games and see network play added to the game.
    This game is just so much more fun with a friend! :)

  • To all the whiners ( and to the very nice complainers :) you can play online. Just use a vita for remote play. Or use share play. But really it isn’t the same thing as playing Ina. Room with someone. Go make some local friend! Playing TowerFall is good. Playing TowerFall with friends is amazing. Making friend is the best.

  • @8 I’m sorry for your dissapointment. This game is a blast to play.

  • I understand that you want people to bond with local multiplayer, but I would still love for there to be online play. I have a brothers and friends who enjoy this game but live far away, and I’d love to play this game with them. I’m sure it would help sales as well. Please consider it, but I’m a huge fan either way. Beat every level on hardcore mode :P

  • @madmanwithabox12
    Same thing for me. No love for PS3.

  • Supporting the game 8 months later?…..thats rare to see nowadays….very nice and good job showing respect to fans.

  • I bought your game at launch, and am still disappointed in my purchase.

    Then it was given away with plus, and I felt cheated.

    While I appreciate in the perfect scenario, 4 controllers with 3 other people that get what this game is trying to do that it can be fun. For the most part my option is to play single player, if you want to call it that (it’s mediocre) or with 2 controllers with someone that has no experience playing, so I have a huge edge even though I play infrequently at best.

    Shareplay and remoteplay are not really solutions, having played nidhogg over shareplay last night as guest, I can say that the lag that the guest experiences while the host experience none puts them at a huge advantage and thus kills that mode in any sort of competitive setting.

  • It’s one thing to both experience lag and it be more fair, it’s quite another to have input lag for one user and none for the other. Basically means that the guest has no chance against an equal skilled player or better. Really limits share play to co-op and even then it’s a flawed experience. the joys of a hyped streaming mode.

    So without a proper online and a fair price there is no way I would consider this expansion. Frankly I would like a refund it’s not like I’m going to let my plus lapse anytime soon now that I need it for ps4.

    good luck with it though. Another thing, why didn’t you patch the game and add free content, it’s not like those levels are hard to make, I guess with this expansion we know why, you will milk people at launch for $5-15 then give it away free on plus 3-5 months after launch.

    Thanks but no thanks. Towerfall is the reason I refuse to buy indie game on PS4 now, as they are just given away later.

  • This game looks like some serious fun, however the lack of online multiplayer is a complete deal breaker for me and many others I’m sure. I don’t care about the reasons it’s not there, but if it were, this game would be wildly popular. Just a missed opportunity from this developer IMO. I just can’t pay money or play it because my friends live in another state. It’s really aggravating that I can’t play with them.

  • No joke I bought a PS4 when towerfall came out and it’s one of my most beloved PS4 titles. I don’t care if this is free or costs a few bucks you have already sold me and I’m getting this masterpiece.

  • hell yes! For anyone who keeps whining about no online multiplayer…GET SOME FRIENDS FOR CHRIST SAKES!!!!
    Just got the trophy for 20,000 local versus matches. Now I’m working on Gold Skulls in Quest mode (so tough!) This game is soooo much fun. So glad it’s getting an expansion!! Thank-you Matt!

  • I didn’t why they have a character select screen when they are all alike .

  • Rezznak

    20 000 local matches, wow dude you need to add some variety to your life, play some other games. validating that absurd trophy is crazy.

    It just proves that everything in life is subjective. What one person considers an ultimate achievement, others consider an ultimate waste of time.

    It’s hard to take your opinion about people whining for multiplayer when you are so biased to complete that many local matches.

    If this had proper multiplayer it would be a relevant game, as such it is an OUYA party game.

  • Towerfall is a rad game. I played it online via Shareplay with a buddy. It was almost perfect. And that’s a hack streaming method. Meaning your reasoning for latency was erroneous. I think you should add Online Multi. But if you don’t, at least cop to the reason why. You just don’t want to, or can’t.

  • I played this with share play as a makeshift online and it worked nearly perfect. Lots of fun to play this with people for a change, online would be a nice addition. Either way, looking forward to this

  • Instabuy!!

  • Sweet Buddha! This is great! If you could somehow make the PS4 support 6 controllers through voodoo magic and than have your game support 6 player battles that would be great.

  • @ skeetlejuice. How is it crazy? I have fun with my friends we play it all the time. Sounds like you have none. I wasn’t trying to get that trophy for 20,000 matches I was just playing the game with my friends and it popped up. It’s actually pretty easy to get considering the games been out a while. You think anyone cares about your little temper tantrum posts about why this game is irrelevant without online? A lot of people play this game and love it. Speaking of waste of time, why waste yours complaining about a game you don’t play anymore, did you NOT read it didn’t have online when you initially purchased it? I mean really?

  • please add net play

  • @ rezznak

    There are a lot of people who don’t have the same situation as you. I’m in my late 20’s and have a career which made me recently relocate to another state, far away from my friends. Even if I were still near them, I really don’t think we’d get together and play video games on a couch because we have established lives. But I can definitely say we’d be willing to pop online and play every now and then as it’s far more convenient. I’m not really complaining. I just think the Dev missed out on a great opportunity by not including online multiplayer as it’s pretty much a standard in gaming today. He could make so much more money off of all the other people whining that it doesn’t have it.

  • Well this will be something that I will look forward to after all this time & still supporting the game kudos!!!!!!!!!

  • “Since launching TowerFall, we’ve had countless requests for new levels, characters, power-ups, and modes.”

    Well, your number one request is online mutiplayer but obviously that has not been addressed and most likely won’t be. oh well I guess.

  • You really need to include online with this expansion, Matt. It’s basically the only thing holding the game back from becoming popular as a multiplayer choice, and after the superb Ascension expansion (Including Quest mode), Dark World will need a crowning feature to signify how new it is.

    The levels and powerups, although great, were simply a bonus to the Quest mode as far as I was concerned. I could easily see this happening again.

    That said, what I’d personally be interested in is giving a variant to allow Archer Abilities, and then giving each Archer a special move on L2. Unless something like that’s added, I’ll just stick to using the Last of the Order skin (Also, how about adding some extra unlockable lore, so we can understand the characters a bit more?).

  • @Rezzak

    Wow I must have really got your dander up there to lash out at me like that.

    I paid money for the game on launch, because it looked fun for what it was, it was very hyped since e3. The games single player offering is weak, that is unanimous among the major reviewers, and it can shine with the right group of people playing multiplayer.

    I am married with a toddler son. At this stage in my life I don’t have frat parties at my house so pardon me for stating the obvious that the game is in dire need of proper online multiplayer to supplement the offline.

    I have no friends, I’m wasting my time and having tantrums on the blog. No I am voicing my frustrations on a game I bought with ZERO UPDATES on a page that the game creator is looking at the feedback. I spent my money I’m not some PS PLUS included with complainer.

  • He likely is not capable of making it online multiplayer with his skills and the people he has working with him, thus the constant dodging of the request. I can forgive the simplistic art style and the limited game options, but the offline only approach I have the right to say that I will not support his expansion and give my reasons.

    You Rezzak have the right to use your $400 ps4 to exclusively play Towerfall and you also can shove your weak attacks and attitude right up your @$$

    Go play some more towerfall… why are you even on the blog when you could be playing it with all your endless line of friends.

    Plenty of game made for the PS4, you should have bought an Ouya, would have saved yourself $300.

  • I pointed out that there has been ZERO updates, apparently there is a new 1.01 patch, I’m not sure what it does but at least it is something.

    I was reminded of my other major gripe with this game upon booting it up, in 2014 with our PS4 and hd tvs, why exactly is this game a cropped 4/3?

    Is there any reason that it couldn’t be a proper HD game like all the rest of the indies? My suspicion is that since this was a deluxe ouya port, he didn’t want to redo the maps. Hopefully for the sake of you all that are into this game the Expansion addresses that.

    Either way my $12 taught me the valuable lesson that Sony will give most higher profile indie games away on plus anyways. I will pretend I bought steamworld dig instead since I played that game to completion on my Vita and really enjoyed it. That is what plus is supposed to do not punish you for buying games.

  • Please add online multiplayer on expansion pack thank you

  • Oh man you didnt care to add online multiplayer to this by now? :/ I downloaded it but cant have any real fun with other people because there’s no multiplayer. Add it. Please.

  • Matt, i love your game, it’s one of my most played games on my PS4, sadly i got Towerfall via PS Plus and my membership expires on 12/2015 so i won’t be able to buy your game, however i will buy this expansion (I’d preorder if i could), you have done a wonderful job with this game. I can’t wait to see more of your works. i have a small request if you don’t mind, can you add more lore to the game, small info about each character and scenario and a brief resume of the plot (if there’s one). this is just my humble suggestion, but anyway your game is perfect as it is. Keep up the good work!

  • LOL poor baby sjkeetlejuice

    He lost a whopping 10 bucks or so. His life is over. Make 10 more posts about it though LOL cause everyone really cares about your situation.

    Un-freakin-believable. here’s hoping your kid doesn’t grow up to be as much of a crybaby as his dad

    rezznak made the ultimate point when me said that the lack of online was made clear before the game even came out. It’s true. I remember it myself. no one to blame but yourself skittlez LOL

  • Sjkeetlejuice Sjkeetlejice….Sjkee…. Don’t worry I won’t say it again or he will pop up and complain about the few dollars he spent.

  • I love this game. Sadly, I haven’t played more than a couple of times for the lack of multiplayer online. I’m a married man without time to go to a friends house to play. I you can´t make a dlc with online multiplayer, I would gladly pay another revision of the game with online multiplayer. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee……….

  • Guys, please consider adding online multiplayer. For some of us that do not get chance to play locally with friends, online is the second best thing. Personally my situation is that my friends and I live a little far away from each other. They work different shifts and we’ve got families so it’s next to impossible to ever get to sit with them and play games. I know I am not the only one with this challenge.

    Great game regardless, I just really wish I could play it online. I never understood what the reason was to make it local multiplayer only. #its2014

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