Speakeasy Brings 1920’s Brawling to PS4

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Speakeasy Brings 1920’s Brawling to PS4


Gun Media and SuperSoul are proud to announce their first title for PS4: Speakeasy, an engaging, local-multiplayer party game that blends rock-paper-scissors with the styles and sounds of 1920’s Roarin’ America! What makes Speakeasy so great is that it will bring you and up to 15 of your friends together in a party game that keeps you engaged from the moment you pick it up.

While it might look like a fighter on the outside, Speakeasy is an incredibly simple to learn, but difficult to master game that will require you to match wits with your opponent, who happens to be standing right next to you. Each player will take on the role of a fighter vying for the Fisticuffs League Champion crown! The rules are simple: land one punch to win, but be warned, you only get one punch, one block and one fake each round. And with each round lasting only 10 seconds, you must choose your moves wisely.

To liven things up, you will be able to choose from multiple fighters vying for the championship. From characters inspired by famous celebrities and personalities of the 1920s, each fighter will also come with multiple costumes, props, and unlockables that will personalize each fighter to every player’s desire. Duke it out as the Bare-Knuckle Brawler Richard Slugging or the High-Flying Amelia Airborne! Astound and amaze your opponents as the Electrifying Nikola Volt or chop your opponents asunder as the Temperate Carrie Hatchet. Play it smooth as the Jazz Legend Barrelhouse Jones, or relax a while as the Melancholy Charlie the Tramp.


Though the fight may seem simple from the get-go, the challenge gets a bit tougher when you switch up the game modes; Speakeasy will have 2’s and 3’s, which allows each player to use each move two or three times each match. Keep in mind though; it only takes one successful punch to win. Switching things up even more, Tag Team will pit teams of fighters against one another with a variety of settings that will keep things lively. King of the Hill will allow for up to four players to duke it out at the same time! You’ll have to be quick on your toes to remain King of the Hill though, as matches will continue on without interruption until the timer runs out.

Not content with just a few friends? Speakeasy will also feature tournament support, allowing up to 16 competitors in a variety of settings. Each and every player will also be able to customize each fighter with a slew of costumes, props, and gizmos to make each fighter their own.


Speakeasy isn’t all that it seems, though… Gameplay and trophies will lead to tons of unlockables for your bouts; crazy antics, tons of droppable items, and even gameplay altering effects will be yours to customize and explore to bring a whole new experience to the game.

Are you ready to find out who the Fisticuffs League Champion is among you and your friends? Find out soon on PS4.

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5 Author Replies

  • Looks amazo day 1 purchase.

  • Nice! Totally getting this! Would love to see a video though..

  • Hey Ben,

    I saw the video you guys released earlier at this game looks cool!

    I wanted to ask if you guys would make some cool “Dynamic Themes” and “Avatar Pictures” for the PS4. It would be cool to show off your game on PS4.


    Rob aka Graf

    • We’ve got some incredibly talented artists who’ve worked on this game, no doubt. You can be sure we’re going to put out some awesome artwork that showcases the style of this game. Very proud of the work that’s been done to bring this game to life!

  • Looks great. Love the art style in it… and it sounds like it’ll be a great local multiplayer game with some of my less “gamer” friends.

    • We look at it this way: call your friends, hand them a controller and spend a few hours getting widely annoyed at each other as you play Speakeasy. This concept, while easy to learn….is difficult to master. After you’ve played, especially with good friends….you’ll keep at it because you can’t let them be better than you.

      Trust me; our team here at Gun and SuperSoul continue to play and we’re still talking smack and playing each game to win. (Or test, lol)

  • Such a waste of an AMAZING art style.

    Remember thinking this was gonna be a real fighting game when i first saw it.

    Maybe it will be fun tho….

    • The original title was simple art and we wanted to bring this game to life. The art is definitely amazing, but I’d wager if you try it you will like it. Our biggest hurdle is showing a game that looks and acts like something so familiar…but happens to be almost completely not like what you’d expect.

      This game is for playing more than anything else.

      Give it a try and let me know what you think :).

  • Thought it was a fighting game…..gameplay video needed.

  • Seems very interesting game.Will it have a platinum trophy?

  • so it’s not really a fighting game, more like Dive Kick.

  • A fighting game? Yes please!

  • Very eager to see this game in action. It reads to me a bit like Bushido Blade (every hit could be the end) and that’s a VERY good thing :-)

  • i saw a video of this not really fighting 1 hit win / lose kinda like paper rock scissors at least thats what i pulled from the video.

  • This is also somewhat like divekck which seems to be cool because the game was amazing!!!!!!!

  • The 10 second rounds seem to be perfect for playing on PS Vita or my Sony Xperia Z1. Any plans on porting to those consoles or PS3?

  • so it’s playing off the same one-hit premise as Divekick? this would be great if it had online multiplayer, local only is a no-buy, kind of pointless in that sense.

  • Pretty interesting. Love the art style too. Only barrier for me now is the price ^_^

  • Hey Ben,

    when is this supposed to be released on PSN?

  • Omg I love this era! Where’s Cole porter? Will this game support remote play? Def buying this one

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