Roundabout Coming to PS4 and Vita, Playable at PS Experience

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Roundabout Coming to PS4 and Vita, Playable at PS Experience

Hey again, Playstation.Blog pals! I’m Dan Teasdale, and I’m one half of semi-new indie studio No Goblin. I’m super excited to announce that Panzer and I have been busy bringing Roundabout to both PS4 and PS Vita!

What’s Roundabout? It’s a ’70s B-Movie game where you get to drive a constantly spinning limousine. As famed revolving limousine driver Georgio Manos, you’ll drive around the open world of Roundabout picking up passengers, finding collectibles, competing in challenges, buying hats, and much more! We’re using a cutting edge next-gen technique called “full motion video” to recreate and render each passenger that rides in Georgio’s limo with lifelike accuracy.

We’re doing a ton of special stuff for the PS4 and PS Vita versions. We’re remastering all of the FMV in high-bitrate 1080p to take advantage of the PS4’s horsepower! The PS Vita version is no slouch, either — in fact, it’s the same full experience that you’d experience on console. We’re supporting cross play, cross buy, and really anything else that we can find that starts with the word “cross.”


Panzer and I will be bringing both the PS4 and PS Vita versions of Roundabout to PlayStation Experience next month. If you’re attending, be sure to come over to the No Goblin booth, say hi, and check out Roundabout!

Can’t wait until PlayStation Experience to find out more? Post your questions below and I’ll do my best to answer them!

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  • Sarge is dead.

  • I’m just gonna come out and say this cause this is getting a bit ridiculous now… Announcement after announcement after announcement are games that have been on PC for like forever… This new generation of consoles are now trailing PC in that respect… ports are now coming to the consoles rather than vice versa. I just have to keep games like Bloodborne in the forefront of my mind to keep me from eBay’ing my PS4…

    Okay, I’m done

  • I agree with @2. I understand the indie scene, but when 6 of your 8 articles on your front page are indies (1 being a remaster and the other being about an actual retail game)… it just gets old. Like you have nothing else to talk about. But I guess we don’t really have anything else to talk about and that is pretty sad :(

  • The trailer really sold me! I love that it will include that cheesy fmv story. I’m curious to play this on ps4. I just really hope its priced reasonably. :)

  • +: cross buy and play.

    -: trailer. Old game pretending to be new for PlayStation.

  • Nowadays everyone is indie developer. I guess it is no longer kewl to be DJ.

  • People need to stop complaining about indies as if the money used to make them was taken from the AAA games. It wasn’t and isn’t affecting them at all. Why people hate variety I’ll never understand. Anyways game looks interesting and wierd I’ll try it sometime for my vita. The vita has been perfect for these types of games.

  • I’m not really the “indie”game type of guy. But I do have a weird nack for puzzle games and games that require precision maneuvering. So I think I might just pick this up. Is the red head included? Just a question; not a deal breaker.

  • @7 It isn’t that we hate variety… it is the exact opposite, we crave variety. When every published article is about a ported indie game (not even a new indie game, but a ported one), that is no longer a variety. It is all you have. Indies are a double edged sword with me.

  • Hey Dan,

    Really cool trailer! I look forward to more info on this awesome game!

    I wanted to ask if you guys would consider on making “Dynamic Themes” and “Avatar Pictures” for the PS4 and Vita. It would be cool to have for all those who enjoy this game.


    Rob aka Graf

  • @7 Well said.

    @9 Except independent games aren’t prohibiting the AAA games from existing and getting coverage. It’s a completely fallacious, false dilemma.

    I suggest you to just follow E3 coverage once in a year if you only want AAA games. Or simply don’t click on articles that cover independent games, shouldn’t be that should it?

  • Hey Dan,

    The “Papercaft Boat” is my background too. My sons have the “AR Bots” as their background.


    Rob aka Graf

  • @11 I love indie games as much as the next guy (that’s why I game on PC as well) and welcome them on the consoles, but the PS4 should be wow’ing us with new and exciting things unique to the machine… not inundating us with PC ports of games that have been out for a while… All I’m asking is: where are the “Only On PlayStation” experiences that make you proud to own the machine? They’re few and far between so far… the first year of PS4 has been pretty lackluster for exclusive must-haves, IMO

    @Developer No disrespect to your game, it’s a great game and worth peoples money (readers, see the Steam reviews)… this has more to do with Sony (:

  • Well, as someone who hates gaming on his PC, I’m thrilled with all the news lately of interesting PC indies hitting PS4. Keep ’em coming!

  • Bring on the Indies. I love this style of pick up and play games. Will check this out!! Thanks.

  • Since I was an executive producer on Super Drake Tracker 2000 EX, I am eager to support you again by buying this game.

  • Please tell me Dave Lang’s Turnover will be in the port with all the other “mods”!

  • @14 Well that’s why I don’t have a PS4 yet. That’s what’s actually great about it, you can actually decide it when to buy it when you consider it worth it for yourself. :P No hurry to buy it when you don’t consider the games catalogue worth it yet. :)

    And when it comes to the SCE-published titles, I agree, 2014 has been a lackluster year by the high SCE standards (And I don’t mind personally, because I got a PS Vita this year and got already a big backlog on that platform), but 2015 is shaping up to be amazing for Sony Computer Entertainment games.

    Bloodborne, The Order 1886, Ratchet & Clank, The Tomorrow Children, Uncharted 4, Tearaway Unfolded, Until Dawn, Alienation, Rime, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Hot Shots Golf. + Persona 5, No Man’s Sky from Atlus and Hello Games respectively.

    The fact that there are many multiplatform games (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Batman Arkham Knight) and independent games (Axiom Verge, Pavilion, No Man’s Sky) in addition to that only adds up to the variety imo.

  • @14, to continue my reply:

    It seems that you’re a little bit bothered by the fact that independent games are getting coverage and PR on PlayStation Blog, but if they wouldn’t be there it’s not like there would suddenly be more AAA games. It’s all about the perception. In reality, they don’t really affect each other.

    I also think that from a marketing point of view, maybe SCE shouldn’t upload so many independent game trailers on their YouTube PlayStation channel, because again it’s all about the perception; it can make people perceive that PlayStation is a lot about just indie games. When in reality, those independent don’t intervene with the AAA game trailers. Personally, I don’t mind it at all, after all if you’re not interested you should ignore those. To me more content and options just means that there will be a higher chance that I’ll find the content I like.

    Anyway, have a nice day. :)

    @Developer, sorry for derailing the discussion here. Game looks fun and has a very out-of-the-box premise. Looked pretty in Totalbiscuit’s video. I’ll probably buy it on PS Vita! :)

  • Looks kinda DUMB

  • Ha this game looks like those where you pick up and can’t put it down…like that insane amount of fun you wasn’t expecting to have with it.Looking forward to see more about it and possible a demo.

    “A $40 skeleton we bought off”…lol that was funny.

  • Forgot to mention that I’m just sad that there is no PS3 love here….game would be great to play on PS3 but at least you guys are supporting Vita and I’ll be playing there.

  • Thanks Dan! Watched a Quicklook of this on Giantbomb recently and this game looks nuts! FMV is also coming to Vita version, right?

  • Has that Burnout Crash / Crazy Taxi vibe going for it. :)

  • Getting tired of this……

    Oh look, a new Vita game. No wait, it’s just another cheesey PC / IOS port I could have gotten for free that they want to try to charge me for.


  • I want to shoot milk out of my nose every time you guys try the,
    OMG it’s in fabulous 1080p

    About as useless as Remote Play, on my Vita.

  • Oh man, I remember seeing the Test Chamber from GameInformer and thinking this looked great. Do you have a release date yet or an idea on when I can give you guys money? Also, can you link me to your Twitter/Facebook page so I can follow this game closely? I would love to write a review on this for my blog at Game Informer! Thanks for the hard work guys!

  • why not on ps3 :(

  • Personally, I don’t play games on my PC. Thus, I’ve never had the chance to play this game. Now, thanks to PlayStation, Dan, and the rest of his team, I get that chance. Besides, you had me at FMV.

    Sigh. Would really love to see a re-release of Night Trap.

  • someone play this a piece together the story so I can watch it, trailer is funny but not my style of game.

  • This game looks Awesome!

  • How smooth is the Vita version looking? For a game that needs a bit of dexterity and smooth moving, it’d be a shame if there’s framerate drops, hitches, or input latency getting in the way.

    The arcade nature of the game makes it look like a great fit for the handheld, and where I’ll end up playing it. Have to get my Kurukuru fix.

  • I’m glad to see Dave Lang’s Turnabout is finally coming to PS4/Vita.

  • This has a crazy taxi kinda of feel to it which will fun I just may have to try this out.

  • Im gonna pass on this one, it Would give me a head ace

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