Lost Orbit Coming to PS4 in Early 2015

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Lost Orbit Coming to PS4 in Early 2015

Stranded after his ship is destroyed in deep space by a strange anomaly, Harrison, a lowly maintenance worker and our hero, must struggle to survive.

It’s been a challenge defining Lost Orbit from the beginning. At its core, it’s a fast-paced action game, but there are flowing moments of serenity. It’s not unfair to describe it, as we often have, as a death simulator. It’s the union of three distinct elements: fast paced action, flowing cathartic flight, and death. In truth, the best way to describe it is to make up a new phrase: Lost Orbit is a “dodge ’em up.”

On Speed

Our pathetic hero, Harrison, must take matters into his own hands in order to find salvation quickly before he freezes, or starves to death in the depths of space. There is a lot of motivation in Lost Orbit to go fast. Not the least of which is that it’s fun. Lost Orbit presents you with simple to learn mechanics that, once mastered, will enable you to blaze through levels. Upgrading Harrison’s kit allows players to customize their play style, gaining new tools to handle the dangers of space.

As your confidence grows, so does your willingness to fire Harrison between the tightest of gaps. Confronting your mortality and surrendering to the compulsion to blast through systems is extremely satisfying. And, when you cross the line into overconfidence, the harsh realities of space travel will rip you out of your little bubble.

Lost OrbitLost Orbit

On Death

Space travel is dangerous, and the universe of Lost Orbit is no exception. There is no baby proofing present. As a lone, ship-less astronaut, you are extremely vulnerable. Lost Orbit is challenging and you will die a lot, but we wanted to create an experience where players didn’t feel punished for dying. Dying in Lost Orbit happens quickly, is humorous, and is easy to recover from.

Players can watch their mangled body float away while they shed tears over the loss of life, or respawn instantly, getting right back into the action. The game feels suspenseful without the dread of a frustrating five minute post-death cinematic. Risk it all for your chance at survival. After all, everyone has to die sometime.

On Flow

When you find yourself curled in the fetal position, clutching a pillow, and unable to cope with the loneliness and death of space travel, hope is not lost. Lost Orbit has a wealth of serene beauty to explore while you recover. Moments of reprieve will coax you out from under your blanket fort.

When Alex and I worked with Vigil on Darksiders, we were surprised at how much fun we had just running around an empty room with the finished character: War. His movements and attacks had a lot of variety and weight to them. The same way a go-kart in a parking lot can be great fun, so too can the basic locomotion of a player character. We really tried to impart that level of refinement into Lost Orbit .

Lost Orbit

There are plenty of moments for the player to take in the beauty of the game, and lazily float and dart their way through open space. It’s a good balance for the white-knuckle twitch-fest that is the meat of the game.

Lost Orbit will be available on PS4 in early 2015. The game will be playable at PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas, December 6th and 7th. If you have the chance, come see us, and die alone in space.

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  • Hey Everyone,

    Thanks for taking the time to check out our game, LOST ORBIT. If you have any questions, we’ll be around for the next little bit to answer them.


  • i’m on the fence…

    it looks like it could either be REALLY fun, or REALLY frustrating and disappointing.

    how much will it cost, and why should i play it? by that i mean “why do you think the game is awesome?”

  • What kind of dualshock 4 features are you planning to use? I like when developers use the speaker

    • Mr J Hernandez,

      We’re planning on making use of both the speaker and the light bar in the game. I’m pretty impressed overall with the range of features on the DS4. No plans to use swipes yet, but if we come up with something that fits, I’d be interested in that as well.

  • looking forward to checking it out next month at playstation experience.

  • Hey Doctor,

    Obviously I’m on the ‘REALLY fun’ side of the fence, but I’ll do my best to answer!

    The game will be between $10 and $15 USD when it ships.

    The game is really fast paced, and challenging, and I think it gives a great sense of speed. The controls are tight and flow well. I would liken the challenge to something like Meat Boy with the ability to ‘insta spawn’ and get right back into it to curb the frustration. Having the ability to upgrade Harrison’s kit to fit your play style is really satisfying as well. The fact that you can die instantly, gives weight to the game. It feels faster because of how much is at risk. Racing your friends ghost in time trials gives you reason to come back to previous levels and beat your friends.

    To be completely honest, I think a lot of the fun of the game comes from dying. The death animations are abrupt, funny, and take the ‘bad frustration’ out of the equation. If you still have doubts and you can make it out, come play the game at the Play Station Experience Dec 6th and 7th and decide for yourself.

  • Damn this game looks great and really fun…I was about to say Day 1 Buy but then I saw that its for PS4 only….no PS3 and Vita love?…..come on guys…missed opportunity right there.

  • Hi Welmo!

    Thanks, I’m glad you like it!

    Trying to get your game on as many platforms as possible is a big concern, especially for small studios like ours. It’s not our intent to purposefully exclude or shun any platform, we just have to try to be as broad as possible given our limited resources. We want to get the game to gamers, any way we can! There is quite a lot involved in bringing a game to another platform.

    Anyway, as I said, these could be looked at again in the future, but currently , they’re not in the scope of our production.

  • Beautiful looking game!

  • Hi Chris,

    Really nice trailer. This game looks very fun. Beautiful art style and music.

    I wanted to ask if you guys would consider on making “Dynamic Themes” and “Avatar Pictures” for the PS4. It would be cool to have a space style “Dynamic Theme” and maybe some cool “Avatar Pictures” to try out.


    Rob aka Graf

    • Hey Graf,

      Thanks for the feedback. It’s good to hear what others think of it. When you’ve been working on a game for so long, it’s hard to tell if it looks good anymore!

      We would definitely consider doing themes and such for PS4. Never made one before, not sure what’s involved, but i’ll look into it!

  • Will there be an endless mode? Looks like it’s be neat to have one. Not sure if possible, but it’d be more fitting for me on Vita.

    • Currently there is no endless mode. We talked about it early on, but decided to focus on hand built levels. There’s a lot of content to get through without it, but it’s something that we’re keeping in mind for post release.

  • Awesome! Another indie game that caught my attention. Is there any chance you can link me to your Twitter/Facebook page so I can follow this game closer. I would love to write a review to this for my blog. I’ve been wanting a difficult game on the PS consoles ever since the other brand got a hold of Super Meat Boy. This looks like it will scratch that itch of mine!

    • Hey Dude,

      Certainly. You can follow us @PixelNAUTSgames and @PixelNAUTSChris. I’m right there with you; I love difficult games!

  • Thanks man! I’m following both now seeing you’re a Seinfeld fan as well! Definitely can’t wait to get my hands on this. I love this whole indie movement on consoles! It definitely keeps my gaming hobby alive when huge budget games aren’t releasing. Keep up the good work man.

  • Hey Chris,

    Yeah your art style is pretty nice. Oh maybe contact Adam Boyes or whoever is your POC for PS to find out about doing “Dynamic Themes” and also “Avatar Pictures”.


    Rob aka Graf

    P.S. Feel free to send a PSN friend request. It would be an honor to chat with you.

  • This looks really fun!

  • I like the atmosphere of the game. Seems like a fun game, except for the parts where the player becomes a splattered tomato.

    • ‘Splattered tomato’ Ha, well put! I assure you, those moments are fun too. Perhaps more for the person watching you play, but still.

  • This also looks very interesting as well great Ames coming out!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow. This looks as tough as it looks fun.

  • This is a must buy

  • Game looks like a lot of fun (looks fairly in-depth), love the art style, and can’t complain about the price! Will surely be looking for it hopefully early next year.

    • Between each system’s evolving mechanics, and your ability to purchase upgrades, the game is fairly deep. Thanks for the comments, and we’ll do our best to get it in your hands as soon as we can!

  • Hey Chris…
    I understand that,thanks for the reply…well I wish the game sells a lot…then maybe you could bring it over to Vita and PS3.Cheers.

  • Can not wait! Love the music and the art in this. Looks super fun!

  • does the game make use of surround sound? high dynamic range assets for explosions?

    • Hey plaz,

      We did experiment with surround sound initially, but found it somewhat awkward because the game isn’t first person. Because it’s top down, there’s a strange audio disconnect between Harrison and the Player with directional sounds.

      As for the HDR assets, we’re using bloom post effects and dynamic lighting to push the explosions, but we’re not currently using HDR and camera exposure to achieve this.

      I hope that answers your questions. Thanks for the comments!

  • Izgleda kao govno

    <3 herspen derpsen

  • This game looks like it’s really fun, with the possibility of frustration. Being fans of Rayman, this looks like something my friends and I would enjoy. I’m wondering what sort of mechanics can be expected in customizing Harrison’s kit, and if I can expect to see a lot of diversity in his load out between players.

    • Hey Rukus, Thanks for the comments.

      It is difficult, but in a challenging way. We try to stop short of rage inducing frustration.

      As far as Harrison’s kit goes, it is a light RPG system, so by the end it is possible to have most of the available upgrades. The interesting thing is deciding what to upgrade first.

      For speed demons, there are a few upgrades that allow you to hold additional fuel, improve your fuel recharge rate, or upgrade the output of your jet pack. For cautious players, you can buy shields, or an air-brake-like reverse thrusters upgrade. There’s also a general utilities category which has a bomb to destroy small debris and incapacitate ship weapons, and an ability to attract resources which makes it easier to stick to a clear racing line.

      While it’s not as deep as a full blown RPG tree, it offers some interesting variety for players.

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