Enter the Impossible World of RELATIVITY on PS4

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Enter the Impossible World of RELATIVITY on PS4

Hello! My name is Willy Chyr – I’m an artist and indie game developer based in Chicago. I’m happy to announce that my game Relativity will be coming to PS4 in 2015, and you will get to try it at PlayStation Experience next month in Las Vegas!


Relativity is a game that re-imagines the laws of the universe. What if the normal rules of gravity no longer applied? The basic mechanic of the game is the ability to change gravity, allowing you to re-orient yourself to walk on walls and ceilings. In this world, up is down and down is up. It’s all relative.

Let’s take a look at what an early puzzle in the game is like. In the gif below, we need to get the purple block to stay on the purple square in order to unlock a door, but the block keeps sliding down. The solution: we lock the blue block in place while in the blue gravity, and then use it as a shelf to hold up the purple block.

What you just saw is the basic gameplay mechanic. But Relativity is more than just about stacking cubes – there is an entire world full of wonder and impossible architecture for you to explore.

For example, because there is no up or down, the world of Relativity is a floating platform. So what happens when you fall off? Instead of fading the screen to black and re-spawning you, the world actually wraps around on itself, so you simply land back where you fell off from.

This is just one of the many interesting elements that you’ll discover in Relativity. My goal is to create an experience that is both mind-bending and visually compelling. Each puzzle is carefully designed to challenge the player and be incredibly rewarding.


I hope to see you at PlayStation Experience! If you want to be notified of Relativity’s release, keep an eye on PlayStation.Blog or sign up here.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments, and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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