Spelunky Update: New Features Now Live on PS4, PS3, Vita

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Spelunky Update: New Features Now Live on PS4, PS3, Vita

With Spelunky finally making its glorious PS4 debut last month – hopefully you were able to grab it free in PlayStation Plus while it lasted! – there are more explorers than ever plumbing the depths of the jungle, battling incensed shopkeepers, and dying in an endless cavalcade of unexpected and hilarious ways.

For those new players still feeling overwhelmed, be sure to check out my Survival Guide from last year; a few basic tips go a long way, and the experience is even more fun when you’re sharing tactics and stories of your travels with friends.

Spelunky on PS3 and PS Vita

Speaking of sharing, you may have noticed that the PS4 has a few killer new features, including the ability to watch full replays of anyone’s Daily Challenge run straight from the leaderboards, as well as seeing where your friends died (and what killed them) in the Daily Challenge, represented by their ghost. I’m thrilled to be able to announce that those features have been added to the PS3 and PS Vita versions, available now via a free update!

Not only that, but all three versions have also been updated to allow you to fast-forward Daily Challenge replays (with a very cool VHS-style effect, no less), as well as a few minor fixes including synchronization of LAN multiplayer. Finally, Vita has always secretly been the coolest version since you can play without a tethered camera in multiplayer, and this update also contains full PlayStation TV support for up to four players!

To recap the updates that are live now (note that you’ll only see the replay changes starting with tomorrow’s run, which rolls over at 4pm PST today):

Fast forward replays
Misc. fixes

Leadboard replays (including fast forward feature)
Friend ghosts in Daily Challenge
Misc. fixes

PS Vita:
Leadboard replays (including fast forward feature)
Friend ghosts in Daily Challenge
Four-player PSTV support
Misc. fixes

Good luck, fellow adventurer!

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  • When can we get online co-op??? =D

  • Am I missing something or is there no cross-save/cloud saving between the three versions? I bought this originally on the PS3 when it first came out but just started playing it on PS4 when I got one last week. Since I’m somewhat far in the game (it’s pretty hard but addicting), it’d be nice to transfer my data instead of starting from scratch.

    Thanks for reading and still supporting your game!

  • Thanks for updating the Vita! Excited about that fast-forward feature. I didn’t really have the time to commit to watch anyone’s full replay before.

  • It would be cool to remove the tethered camera from the big console versions when the other players are on Vitas.

  • I still have not played this game just yet but I will hopefully check this out I like the new features for each system which is a nice touch.

    • I’m so jealous that you get to play it for the first time ever! Did you manage to grab it last month on PS+?
      Definitely check out the tips I linked to above, it will save you some heartache starting out.

  • @JamesBlonde777 Can’t you do it now with share play?

  • @6: with only one other person. And what if the session times out in the middle of a match?

  • Hooray! Also really glad to see the LAN out-of-sync error is addressed. My kids and I ran into that when we tried streaming LAN play when PS4 version first dropped.

  • ARG! The one day I skip playing Spelunky, a bunch of updates pop up for it.

    Thank you Mossmouth and BlitWorks for the continued support. Fast forward function was much-needed for viewing replays.

    If anyone from development is reading this, maybe in the next update, you could add a function to skip to the last 15 seconds of a daily replay to quickly see how the player died.

  • Personally, definately not a favorite of mine.

    I found almost no interest in this game, unlike Steamworld Dig.

    • Give it another shot some time. It requires a few hours of commitment to start learning the ecosystem of the game and how it all fits together; definitely not as accessible as something like SteamWorld (which I’m a huge fan of) even if they’re similar at a glance, but more in the Dark Souls vein (and equally satisfying once you start making tangible progress).


  • Hi Nick,
    When playing on the PS4 I find the sensitivity of the stick movement to be very high, in that the slightest change of axis on the stick sends the character moving. It feels like the sensitivity is tuned a lot higher than when I play on the PS3 or Vita.

    Did there happen to be any changes with this in the new update at all?

    • As far as I know nothing like that is included with this update. PS4 definitely feels a bit different than the others, though personally I think it just takes some getting used to (after playing easily 100+ hours across the other platforms). I’ll mention it to Blit though.

  • CaptainJeff87 — I’ve had the PS3/Vita Spelunky since day 1 and had the same problem & worry about the PS4 version – upon booting it up, it seemed to want me to start from scratch (Tutorial & all).
    BUT — I thought that perhaps it wasn’t syncing because there was a cross-platform update that accompanied the launch of the PS4 version. I booted it up on PS3, applied the update, tried going ingame, died once, exited. Then went back to PS4, booted Spelunky – and bam, there were all my unlocked characters, progress, everything :)

    Thanks, Nick, for the fantastic game and continued support!

  • I finally saw the standard ending for the first time yesterday (stupid lucky run with lots and lots of bombs).
    Super fun game. Brutal, but fun.

  • Spelunky is the perfect game as far as I’m concerned. But why why why is the Playstation version light on the trophies? PC and XBox have a bunch more achievements. Why are we short changed?

  • Additional player support on PSTV is nice. Now to see who wins the fight for the Vita so they don’t have to share the screen with the three others over ad-hoc.

  • Appreciate the continued updates to this game! All Spelunky needs now is a quicker way to select characters, and for the rumble to be greatly toned down on the start menu screen :p

  • Big props to their dev team. Still releasing updates even though the game has been around on ps3 & vita of awhile now.
    THIS is how you keep someone like me playing. Good job guys!

  • I’m thrilled that spelunky is still getting support for the PS3!

    The other day I tried a LAN game between two ps3’s, hoping this would stop the camera tethering. It did not. It would be nice if it did. Used PS3’s are now cheaper than PS Vitas (at least the new ones).

    I was thrilled that two PS3’s could LAN, though. I don’t remember seeing that written anywhere.

  • Sweet! :D Online co-op? I’m kind of obsessed with the game :)

  • #14 Apocwhen—You aren’t alone there. The stick sensitivity is wicked twitchy and I often find myself facing the wrong way for an instant at pretty inopportune times (especially when trying to steal from the shopkeepers). This wasn’t a problem I ever had with the PS3 or Vita versions and it can be terribly irritating.

    Be sure to pass it along, Nick!

    • I just realized you guys are talking about the analog stick. I’m all D-pad, all the time. But I’ll pass it along!

  • Cool updates for a cool game. I die in the most ridiculous ways, but I don’t even mind… much.

  • Please, Sony. Have enough PS+ scrollers already and no amount of hype is going to change that. I’d be willing to go without scrollers a few months, or even indefinitely, just so we could get a fully immersive game each month like we used to.

  • I guess I’m one of the few who doesn’t get the appeal of this game — I’ve played it several times, and I just don’t find it fun. The same goes for Binding of Isaac. The gameplay is fun, the overall design is not.

    And comparisons to the Souls games don’t work for me. I’ve beat all the Souls games several times, and I find them very fun — but I wouldn’t if I lost all my equipment and upgrades when I died, and then the level changed itself. No, that would be annoying — hence my disliking of this game.

  • Love the update! What was awesome also is that I was the first player with a top score replay (ranked 2nd on November 10th’s daily, 1st on today’s!) and love watching friends’ daily runs. Spelunky truly is one of the best games I’ve ever played and this is coming from someone with an absolutely vast collection of games, dating back to the mid 80’s!

  • i wanna see online vs and co-op on this game for some odd reason…. but it’s good sit on you couch and play with your buddies. (i all ready have the game) the modes you guys added on here reminds of rayman legends a little…

  • Is share play compatible with the local co-op of this game?

  • Thanks for the support

  • I wish they’d add an update to remember your last played character. It’s really my only complaint about this version of Spelunky.

  • By any chance if there’s a future update, can the Vita release get a quicker means of booting into the game, such as mashing through intro logos and the Spelunky title screen/character-select animations?

    For a game that’s inherently pickup & play, it took me 57 seconds from Live Area to get to the stage select area. Add 4 seconds if I want to play as my character of choice, and another 10 to get into 1-1 from the stage select area. Suspend mode is nice if I don’t exit the game at the least since I can just hop right back in, but that initial wait is a bit much otherwise.

  • Awesome game. I made it as far as the City of Light, but I don’t think I’ll ever manage Seen it All or Hell and Back. One thing is for sure . . . the trophies and addictive gameplay have perfect synergy. I’m so happy to see your ongoing efforts to reward longtime fans. Thanks!

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