Indie RPG Y2K Coming to PS4, PS Vita

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Indie RPG Y2K Coming to PS4, PS Vita

Hey, PlayStation.Blog readers! I’m Andrew Allanson, from AckkStudios. I’m here to tell you about a 3D, turn-based, Japanese-style RPG that we are developing for PS4 and PS Vita. The game is called Y2K.

Y2K on PS4, Vita

Y2K is being developed by Brian & Andrew Allanson with Jose Alfaro, Ian Bailey, and Brigid Allanson. We unite under the name of AckkStudios LLC! Ackk is partnering with Ysbryd Games to ensure polish and funding for the game.

So, what’s all this Y2K stuff about?

For those of you too young to remember, Y2K refers to the year 2000 problem. Basically, it was a coding bug that was projected to create havoc in computers and computer networks around the world at the beginning of the year 2000… a lot of people thought the world was going to end because of this. It was pretty crazy.

With that in mind, here are more specifics about the premise: When an erratically-behaving elevator claims the life of a young woman, unemployed recent college graduate Alex Eggleston takes to a primitive 1990s message-board to find answers about the death of this stranger. His quest for answers leads to more questions as his research points him to a mysterious van the internet has dubbed the “Death Cab.”

Y2K on PS4, VitaY2K on PS4, Vita

This vehicular oddity roams the game’s city and countryside. Who is driving it? And despite mysterious happenings surrounding the vehicle, why does no one seem recognize its threat? On Alex Eggleston’s journey, he reunites with childhood friends, encounters a girl who can traverse the Soul Space to reside in new realities, and a multidimensional Android who sets the events of the game in motion.

The “Mother series” and Haruki Murakami provides inspiration for the quirky characters and the thought-provoking script. These elements come together in a dramatic and mysterious story rife with emotional depth to bring the player on a journey.

Because it is an RPG, Y2K is very story-heavy with a 400-paged script. And to tell that story, we’ve enlisted the help of some awesome voice actors. Our awesome cast includes, Chris Niosi, Andrew Fayette, Michaela Laws, Melanie Ehrlich, Brittany Lauda, Anthony Sardinha, and Clifford Chapin, just to name a few.

Y2K on PS4, Vita

Now, I want to talk about some of the unique gameplay elements you’ll find in Y2K! The first element I’ll be talking about today is enemy encounters. The enemies can be seen on the map. Making contact an enemy triggers the battle. However, once you kill this enemy, they are gone forever. We want to encourage players to find and hunt down as many enemies as possible.

So, what happens if you have killed all the enemies and you’re still not strong enough for the boss? Well, get on a pay phone (in the game) and dial #333. This will take you inside the Mind Dungeon, which is a place that solely exists for grinding, as well as finding chests that contain new moves that are hidden and cannot be acquired through leveling up naturally.

However, you can’t just jump into the Mind Dungeon. Defeating enemies and talking to NPCs can unlock keys for the mind dungeon, which allow you to proceed. So if you want to max out your characters, you’ll really have to hunt down every key and NPC.

Combat in Y2K is turn-based. However, the player has control over how quickly the battle moves along. Using the R2 button, the player can increase how quickly the battle plays out in real time. However, speeding comes with its own risks! Dodging moves and executing combo attacks require the player to input commands in real time, and these speed up as you increase the battle tempo!

Y2K on PS4, VitaY2K on PS4, Vita

Once the player has taken damage, a meter begins to fill. Once this meter is filled, the player can slow battle down to more accurately dodge enemy attacks and pull off combo with ease. In addition to standard magic/skill/melee attacks, there are also traps in battle. One example of a trap is: Upon getting hit with fire magic, swap position of party member with a stuffed Panda. So using this strategy against a fire monster MUCH stronger than you might be necessary if you are under-leveled.

In addition to equipping standard items, you can also bring world items you find in the dungeon into battle. If you’re carrying a ladder, or a box, or a bomb for a puzzle and get ambushed by a group of enemies, you can use the items to fight them off. Some enemies might even require you to find a bomb or a powerful, giant sword to take them down, as you couldn’t possibly be strong enough to fight them at this point in the game.

We’re going to be showing off an early build of Y2K at PlayStation Experience. We would love it if you stopped by and check out what we’ve been working on!

I hope to see you at the PlayStation Experience to check out the Y2K demo. We’re hoping to release Y2K late 2015, or early 2016.

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  • Love the confirmation of this one getting a Vita release. Give me all the indie RPGs on Vita, please. :)

    • Heck yes! Vita is the ideal handheld platform for playing a lengthy and immersive RPG. Couldn’t imagine NOT bring this to Vita! :D

  • Wait, do I HAVE to be a hipster in this game? Can I like, not be a hipster?

  • Upload a video please :) qnd thank you for supporting the vita :)

    • We’ll be sure to get a trailer up as soon as we’re ready! :D
      Still working on menus and the interface, then we’ll be happy to put up some video.

  • Not really the biggest fan of turn based combat, but i do like the art style of this game.

    • Yeah, it’s certainly not for everyone. However, we’ve got lots of platforming action outside of battle, and the combat is really fast paced, and interactive. We go beyond just selecting “Attack” and then the target. There are plenty of combo moves and other interactive things to keep your attention. Our goal was to appeal to a wide range of people, even those who don’t like turn based combat.

  • Looking very good. The setting feels fresh and original. Looking forward to this one.

  • Okay, want to list some websites of our awesome voice actors!!
    Rory Mancer, voiced by Andrew Fayette (AKA Yuri of Wind

    Chondra Unkrich, voice by Michael Laws (

    Vella Wilde, voiced by Melanie Ehrlich (

    Alex Eggleston, voiced by Chris Niosi (AKA Kibropher15

    Sammy Pak, voiced by Brittany Lauda (

    Michael K., voiced by Clifford Chapin(
    Claudio Unkrich, voiced by Anthony Sardinha (

    You can also hear some music from the game at:

  • Holy flappers Batman! This looks and sounds pretty cool! I remember the mayhem of Y2k and It was somewhat amusing to see people freaking out for nothing. Can’t wait to see more of this game, I’m excited to see it’s going to be on the Vita too! You guys are right about it being the perfect handheld for lengthy games! I’m glad that developers are throwing out the notion all handheld games must be pickup ‘quick-play’ games.

  • Great news. Although i’m not a fan of indie game, I love the idea of Turn based RPG. Nowadays, RPGs turn into action RPG, and turn based games almost gone.

    It’s great that you could bring back the genre which I love to PS4 and PS VITA. Just focus more on Story, Environment (I love these concepts, look strange but interested, instead of fantasy world like princess fairy tale).

    Waiting for your video of gameplay and some more, but I can sure that I’ll support this game on Day 1.

  • This looks great. Man I remember Y2K all too well. Everyone was on standby in case all the computers crashed. Was one of the soberest New Year’s I’ve ever spent. LOL

  • The game sounds interesting (I’m a big fan of turn based combat), but I have two questions. 1. Is the platforming going to be basic or difficult? When Wild Arms added this in 4 it wasn’t too bad, but I felt WA5 took it too far (admittedly I suck at platforming). 2. During combat, can you be successful even if you aren’t good at dodging? Eternal Sonata made dodging so integral that you couldn’t win if you couldn’t dodge (like platforming, I pretty much suck at timing).

    Thanks for taking the time to read this (& hopefully reply!). I wish you great success with your game. :)

    • These are really good questions.
      We asked ourselves these questions when we were first setting out to design an RPG with platforming elements.
      I would say Wild Arms 1 is a better example of what we’re doing over what Wild Arms 5 and 4 did. I wouldn’t say the platforming elements are exceptionally difficult like you’d find in Crash Bandicoot one. They exist more to add color and variety to the dungeons, so it’s less about dungeon crawling.

      As for the battle. You can still beat battles while not being good at dodging, however you might need to be a level or two higher than someone who is scrapping by on skill alone.

      In fact, sometimes intentionally getting hit is a good thing. It increases your time meter, and you can eventually build up the meter to slow down time… maybe it so you can dodge every time, and land every attack at max combo level.

      We’re trying to find a great balance between skill and character stats!

  • Hey Andrew,

    This games sounds really cool! Please keep us up to date with info over the course of next year until launch, thank you!

    Oh, I wanted to ask would you guys consider on making “Dynamic Themes” and “Avatar Pictures” for the PS4 and Vita. It would be cool to show off your game on my PS4 and Vita.


    Rob aka Graf

  • The artwork reminds me of Killer 7, which my opinion was an awesome game. Also, turn based rpgs’ are always welcome in my gaming library.:)

  • This sounds like a very interesting concept. I have to ask, about how long do you envisage the game to take in order to complete it?

  • “The “Mother series” and Haruki Murakami provides inspiration for the quirky characters and the thought-provoking script.”
    When I read this, this game became a day 1 buy for me on Vita. I love Earthbound and 1Q84. Damn I wish I could go to Playstation Experience now.

  • Isn’t it funny how a small game can do everything better then a multi million dollar one? (Taking about square here)

    I’m not exactly sold on the story, but the gameplay itself sounds great, there’s too many rpg games trying to be action games. There are alot of great design choices in here, the player controlling the speed of combat and ways to beat enemies out of your level without just grinding. I also get the sense that it’s going to be exploration heavy and you should actually bother to read what npcs say because they’ll say something you need or will want to know(unlike most games these days)

    • We’re intentionally being a bit vague about the plot… I hate when games give away too much. I love when RPGS surprise you and go places you never expected them to go. That’s our goal with the story!

      And yeah, totally about exploring. NPCs are not only important, but add a lot of color to the world with some of the things they say. :D

  • @staemate666

    “Isn’t it funny how a small game can do everything better then a multi million dollar one? (Taking about square here)”

    Bingo. Well said my friend, well said.

  • I’m so excited for this game. I hope Two Brothers also come to the Vita.

  • This is great news!! I can’t wait to know more about it, and I hope it’s filled with sidequests and secret stuff, JRPG style!! =D

  • I’ve been dying for a story driven RPG on the PS4, can’t wait for this game. I really didn’t want to have to bring my PS3 into my living room in order to play a decent RPG, now it looks like I wont have to.

  • Tales of Hipster?

  • Oh, WOW! I’m totally blindsided by how good this looks to me! I will most definitely buy :D

  • A bearded guy in flannel and glasses looking for Death Cab, huh?

    I get it.

  • Also, this looks rad.

  • been following y2k since last yearz. so stoked to see things coming together. can’t wait!

  • Well from what i’ve read this will be a welcomed edition to the ps vita & ps4 library of unique experiences on both platforms.

  • Will there be a graphical difference between the PS4 and the Vita versions or will this game be utilized for the Vita and scaled down on the PS4? Also, any idea if this game will support Cross-Buy?


    • Our goal is to have the game look the same on both consoles. The only difference may be frame rate and shadows. We’re aiming for 60 FPS on PS4, with the same on Vita. As of now it runs 40 on Vita, but we’re working to optimize. As for shadows, we’re getting a similar look by baking shadows directly into the textures.

  • looks really interesting!

    what’s preventing the game from coming to PS3 as well?

    are there any non-white and/or GLBT characters in the story? playable or not?

  • You definitely have my interest. I worked IT during Y2K and we were working around the clock for what turned out to be a complete non-issue. Bottom line: worked through the biggest New Year’s eve of my life :(

  • looks interesting! Glad to see a new RPG for my Vita. Im not much interested in the deluge of Indie retro platformers, so Im glad to see something different from the norm :)

  • Can we get some Western 1st & 3rd Party AAA Vita games/exclusives? We’re due for Infamous Vita, God of War Vita, another Uncharted, Gta, COD, and other huge games that appeal to Western gamers. Also for indies, can we get some hardcore fps’s that can appeal to hard core gamers? Thanks.

  • Oooo, looks like a party. Definitely interested!

  • From what I watched on the Pax you tube clip, it showed a very good rendition of a lesser grade persona 4.
    Now I am not a developer(which shows alot of work), but a critic, who is interested but feel the game is lacking the content something like Persona 4 had in content.

    Now by no means is Persona 4 the greatest handheld game, but it was worth buying.

    Thanks for supporting Vita, but not a title that I would want, if we could receive better games.

    • Hey!
      Great feedback.
      So the demo we showed off at Pax East 2014 was a prototype created in 52 days. It was designed as a proof of concept. The game was certainly influence by persona, but doesn’t have the same sort of passage of time system, as we felt that is Personas thing and it shouldn’t be copied. If anything, it’s closer to Final Fantasy is terms of structure, although you get to make your own choices about certain plot elements!

      The biggest difference between Y2K and Persona is out dungeons are handmade and not procedurally generated (random.) That, and the dungeons have lots of puzzles, and platforming segments that are pretty deep.

      I am happy to say now that the game has been in development much longer than 52 days, next time you see it, it will be much more sophisticated and engaging. If you can’t make it to the PlayStation Experience, be sure to come to Pax East 2015 and try out a build! :D

  • Honestly, no matter how good it is I’ll still buy it just to support you!! The game looks amazing, and I’ve definitely seen it evolve in the past few months. Super excited for your masterpiece!

  • yesh JRPG!

  • Another AckkStudios game to look forward to on the Vita. Still waiting on Two Brothers with the rest of the /r/Vita subreddit.

  • *fluttered sigh* Seeing “turn-based” after “3D”… Feels all to infrequent to pair the two. These both on the crux of “JRPG” over “SRPG”. Then the matter of battle distribution, reminding me of Zeboyd’s efforts and what I assume the Disgaea games’ Item World act as. Oh, and when I re-read about bringing environment assets into (what I assume to be screen-transitioned) battle? A googly-eyed OoO pierced through my sleepy setting.

    I’d beg to set yourselves in a PLAY promotion if a PS3 version was in the works, but make system themes for this regardless, because I’ll hold it against myself if I hold out on this come release even without bonuses.

  • Granted I’ve only played one of the Mother series of games earthbound from what I see so far this brought back quite the flood of memories of that. The look reminds me of that I will for sure be buying this when it comes out I don’t often buy indie games this will be one of the few exceptions however just for the nostalgia in induces.

  • *too (thanks, mobile and personal impetuousness!). Breezed through your replies, now, and to tie back to the “bonuses” talk, any means to flaunt our fandom, to get someone to ask or look into just what’s on the screen (or in the air, as soundtracks are sold on the PS Store, too!), would be an exciting result.

  • Nice art and graphics but this game already looks bad…just by seeing that 3rd screenshot.

  • strange and insane! I like

  • So this is officially now my most anticipated game. The art style is great, you couldn’t ask for a better list of “influenced by”s, JRPG is (in)arguably the single best genre of all time. Get us a trailer and a release date then take my money.

  • Thank you guys so much for making a Vita version, The game looks awesome!

    Also, as someone else mentioned, themes and avatars for this game would be so great. I’d buy them all if you ever released any.

  • Also forgot to say this early but thanks for supporting vita, this game has very good design choices I think and I’ll probably buy it based on that alone, I have a vita and not a ps4 and even if I had both I’d still play it on my vita since games like these I like to be able to play on the go.

    There are a lot of rpg fans on the go and if your game turns out as good as I think it will it will sell well there.

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