Henka Twist Caper Coming to PS4 in 2015

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Henka Twist Caper Coming to PS4 in 2015

The digital world is a great place to play and experience games. But hey, let’s not forget the physical space, which is certainly not without its charm. And sometimes, there are games that combine the two! Well, today I want to share a game I’ve been working on which takes digital and physical, and combines them into a quirky play session. It’s time to twist, turn, and move around your friends in Henka Twist Caper!

Henka Twist Caper for PS4

Henka Twist Caper brings play to the physical space with the help of PlayStation’s unique controllers. Players take a controller, twist, turn, and position it until they find the correct, secret position for their controller. Once they find their position, the controller lights up. Holding it in the correct position adds points to a player’s meter. As one would expect, the first one to fill their meter wins. Of course, there’s a catch. Players are allowed to interfere with each other. Which, in a race against others, makes all the difference.

So, let’s say you’re twisting, turning, and pointing your own controller, but then notice your arch rival’s controller lighting up. You’ll have to do your best to maintain your composure, keep on searching for your controller’s position, and do your very best to stop your rival from keeping their controller in it’s sweet spot. And don’t forget, you have opponents trying to do the same thing with you.

The amount of physical space the game is played in is extremely important. Normally, the play area is relatively small. This encourages you to be creative, flexible, crafty, and to not mind if you look a bit silly. Hey, you’re trying to win, right?

But don’t worry about going it solo if you don’t want to. If you have a few people over, pick your favorite friend and enable team mode! Team mode comes with a few additional rules. You and your teammate share the same secret position for your controllers. So, if you find it, make sure to tell your teammate. Additionally, if you and your teammate are both holding the controller in the right spot at the same time, the meter will fill up significantly faster. So coordinate with your partner!

Henka Twist Caper for PS4Henka Twist Caper for PS4

Henka Twist Caper is a game that you want to play with others, whether they’re friends, foes, or strangers. And if you’re heading over to the PlayStation Experience you’ll be able to do just that! Henka Twist Caper will be there ready to welcome everyone to enjoy an exciting, twisted experience.

Thanks to the uniqueness of PlayStation’s controllers, and other physical games like Johann Sebastian Joust, it’s possible for games like this to exist. Right now, the game is PS Move only, but the plan is to support DualShock 4 as well! So keep an eye on your PS4 in 2015 and be prepared to twist, turn, and caper*!

(*Capering is not required, but adds to the experience)

Oh, and of course, if there are any questions, write them down in the comments!


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  • Glad to see the ps move has been brought back from the dead for something. Theres been no use for it in at least a year, it seems.

  • niiiice

    really glad j.s. joust seems to have started something. more of this please!

  • I sense many broken ps move controllers if folks buy this game lol. Smacking it out of each others hands and such. Hah!

  • I played this at Come Out and Play in NYC. It was seriously a lot of fun. Glad to see the recognition it’s getting from PlayStation. Super innovative and would gladly support this! :)

  • I was worried everyone gave up on the move. It has so much more potential with the new PS4 camera. I think that was the main problem with the PS3 move, the low res camera had so many problems, its so hard to calibrate without adjusting lighting and all kinds of stuff.

  • Does it or will it have AR functions/game modes? I understand game play, but what can we we expect visually? Or when can we expect screen shot?

    • The game relies on the why you hold and position the controller in space. There’s no need for a camera.

      On the screen, there’s a lot of visual information, including who is winning, fans that cheer, etc. You can think of it as going to a sporting event. On the court or field, you can view the game, and when you look at a screen, you’ll read game information.

  • No Ps3?!
    I Have a Ps4, but it has a 4 controls restriction doesn’t it?

    Playing Johann Sebastian Joust with 6 people is so much fun!

  • Sounds like fun! JS Joust is always a blast, and this looks like another fun game to have with friends!

    To echo some thoughts: Any plans for PS3? PS4 is limited to 4 controllers, and what makes Joust so much fun on PS3 is the multiple controller support up to 6/7.

    Either way: Looking forward to get my hands on it!

  • After reading this article about this game I don’t think its a good idea to use the dual shock 4 controller for this kind of game. The playstation move controller is much more perfect fit for this style of game. Can you imagine people bending in awkward positions with a ps4 dual shock controller playing this game not a good fit.

  • Looks really fun!

    Will you guys also ship on PS3 as well? (I understand the sensors in the DS3 aren’t good enough for the game, so a Move would be required for PS3.) It was great to have Sportsfriends on both platforms!

    What’s on the screen, visually?

    I’m so happy to see more Move games coming out ahead of Morpheus’ ship date. At some points, it feels like we’re being starved of 3DTV and Move games to create artificially pent-up demand for Morpheus :/

    • On the screen, there’s some game information. Bars which indicate which team is in winning, fans that chance color depending on the color that’s in the lead (they’re mostly frontrunners!), and some other fun things. And of course, you’ll be able to change different options using menu on screen.

      The game can be a spectator sport. There’s action on the field, but if you look at the screen, you’ll be able to get more information.

  • This is Fantastic! In the pictures it looks like more than 4 people can play! I was disappointed that the PS4 version of Johann Sebastian Joust was limited to only 4 players. We would boot up the PS3 version because of its glories 7 player capability.

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