Grand Theft Auto V: The Official PS4 Launch Trailer

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Grand Theft Auto V: The Official PS4 Launch Trailer

There’s one week remaining until the November 18 launch of Grand Theft Auto V on PS4.

Today, check out the all-new Launch Trailer which you can also catch airing as the game’s official TV spot this week.

Pre-order your copy now and get a bonus $1,000,000 of in-game money to spend ($500K for Story Mode and $500K for GTA Online).

And don’t forget, you can transfer your previous Grand Theft Auto Online characters and progression from PS3 or Xbox 360 to PS4

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  • Looking good! If anyone wants to talk crews, you know where to find me.

  • meh….still not paying a full $60 for the same game but prettier and with a pointless First Person view.

  • Any chance of a GTA sale to commemorate it?

  • Next week can’t come soon enough.

  • Can’t Wait! So glad i didn’t buy it on last gen due to not wanting to pay $60 and having not ready to devote the time and then the rumor of a next gen version surfaced and I surfaced. Already pre-ordered it on PSN.

  • pre-ordered! transfer character and progression will make my life easier. (=

  • AM I THE ONLY ONE STRESSING OVER THIS? OR DOES ANYONE OUT THERE KNOW THE ANSWER. can we use the SAME GTA character we have been using since release date of gta5 on Ps3 AND ps4? Or will we be given a option to stick our character on either system.? I don’t want to have to struggle again and start from the bottom.

  • OMG my body is ready :D

  • @I_IJUAZZ_I if you look at the bottom of the article it says if you had it for ps3 or 360 your character transfers to ps4 or xbox one. This is a major problem in the world know one wants to read & they misinterpret alot.

  • I like how people say still not paying a full 60 for a game that was released last year for better graphics and looking prettier …..along with those graphics you get the dlc others had to pay ten dollars 5 dollars etc your technically still saving money stop being so negative

  • #10 there was no paid DLC for GTA V. And to #7 I believe the character transfer is for online character only. I can’t see them bothering to make some kind of app to convert a ps3 save into a ps4 save its completely different code. The same as why we have to pick our choices for PS4 version of Dragon Age Inquisition and not load up ps3 saves from previous games.

  • Oh and R* please tell us, is this a seperate trophy list? Im on the fence about double dipping but I got the Plat on ps3 dunno how much I wanna play it all again and not earn a trophy.

  • Man is my brain going to melt next week on what to play. Have Dragon age and GTAV paid off and then will probably be share playing Far Cry 4 with a friend that is getting it.

  • This game is going to be on sale on BLACK FRIDAY! I brought this game digital for my ps3 .. it’s no way I’m paying full price again! !

  • I sold my PS3 copy of the game last week for $20… probably could have gotten $25 for it too. Either way, they have added SO much to this upgraded version of GTA V that I have NO problem buying it again.

    Do not forget ALL the TONS of F R E E DLC that Rockstar has given fans. They are not like so many other companies who would have made you pay for those add-ons…….

    Respect to Rockstar, and can’t wait to play this beauty on the PS4 and in first person :)

    Also, cant wait for Heists, but I will… because again, Rockstar delayed them for a reason… they want to deliver something BIG, which they ALWAYS do. In the meantime, fans have had tons of free dlc and tons of content thanks to the free “creator” feature in GTA V online.

    As a gamer, I couldn’t ask for more. It’s funny that this game and The Last of Us Remastered will be at it again for the game of the year awards… but this game has added much more than the last of us remastered did. This is definitely the best game of this year, rock on rockstar.

  • Also, anyone who is getting Far Cry 4 and this and will be playing them online a lot (mostly late night) hit me up! Want players that like playing new / user created online maps, on both games. And maybe like making them too when you get a good idea for one!

  • Can we use the iFruit app on PS4? Hope so. Can’t wait for GTA V on PS4!

  • @ 2 poor people hehe

  • @18 poor people without Plus?

    I will be praying to the Gamefly GameQ gods next Sunday night for this game.

  • I was all over this. Until, that is, Rockstar murdered my Steam version of San Andreas. Clutching my dollars a little tighter now.

  • LOL at sheeps paying $60 for a game they already have…just LOL.

    @ 2 Ryumoau – There is reason on your comment…but its already sad if you paid $60 before.

    @ 18 DeadlyKaiser – Ignorant people “hehe”

    @ 15 oo7PorscheMGS – Both this game and TLoU have no rights to compete for GOTY and if they do it’ll be the greatest bulls*** ever since both are 2013 games.GOTY is either Farcry 4 or Shadow of Mordor.

  • I bought the pre order version of GTA, and i haven’t the $500k for the online game, and also i didn’t get the $500k for the history mode.

  • What can i do to redeem the $1’000.000 for those who pre-ordered the GTA V game before the launch day???

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