PlayStation Blogcast 142: Of Dragons and Density

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PlayStation Blogcast 142: Of Dragons and Density

Oh hi there, PlayStation people! Today, we hear from the executive producer of Dragon Age: Inquisition and learn about geometric density. Also, The Binding of Isaac, pasta sauce, and How Justin Almost Burned His Apartment Down. Yes, these are all real topics, and yes, you’ll love them (we hope)!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Assassin’s Creed Unity
  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
  • Geometric Density
  • Pasta sauces
  • Apartment fires

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The Cast

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3 Author Replies

  • Enjoy the show!

  • The return of Tom Gilmore!

  • Yes, yes YES!!!

    Now THIS is what I’m talking about!

    The whole cast and a show over an hour long.

    A good return to form gentlemen. :)

  • Are we getting a flash this weekend or will that be around black Friday this month?

  • Speaking of Inquisition, has anyone checked out Dragon Age keep yet? It’s pretty nifty. I had to replay the first 2 games to remember my choices (hence last week’s letter).

    It’s in open beta now so expect a few minor bugs, but it’s mostly pretty solid.

  • 42 minutes in and this is the best episode you guys have had in weeks!

    I give it a 10/5!

  • when are we getting the $15 Dollars Back for the $100 Dollar Deal last Month

  • No word on Logitech wheel support?

  • Glad that all the members of the Blogcast are back together again.
    “The Boys are Back in Town!”

    ps. BEYOND!

  • No Tales of Hearts R?

    Some places say it comes out on the 11th. Other places says it’s the 14th.

  • Another “very, very” good show. I love it on the rails as well as off, I like the news anywhere you put it, and that goes down in history as the craziest last five seconds ever.

  • Ryan’s playing XIV now?! One of us, one of us! What server did you join, same as Justin’s?

  • Loved the Dan Ryckert-esque cooking moment mentioned in this episode, though I’d say trying to put out a grease fire with water probably tops thinking cooking egg whites means cooking the shell for the dangerous aspects alone.

  • Over an hour? Oh my =D

  • This episode had me dying laughing guys, lmao, it maybe even has potential to beat out Podcast Beyond at this rate! =P

  • Lots of gamers have invested thousands in PSHome, why not incorporate PSHome as accessible in Neotopia for a monthly fee per user ??? KEEP HOME ALIVE

  • Great show guys!

    I actually work at a government office while listening to the podcast to help me get through the day, and I try not to laugh so loud whenever I listen to your podcast, but today’s episode made me blow up at my desk! The “sauce-cast” joke, and Justin’s hilarious story about how he almost burned down his home while trying to fry an egg made me laugh so hard at my desk, that my co-workers thought I was going crazy. Thanks Sid for your wonderful recipe – I think I’m going to try it this weekend.

    Keep up the great word! BTW – you guys need a catch phrase like Podcast Beyond listeners scream “beyond” whenever they write in.

    Possible catch phrases:
    “Welcome to a very, very special podcast (while using Sid’ sultry accent) :)”

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