Nano Assault NEO-X Hitting PS4 on November 11th

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Nano Assault NEO-X Hitting PS4 on November 11th

Extreme arcade action! A fresh sci-fi setting! Two-player split-screen! A pounding soundtrack!

That’s all in Nano Assault NEO-X, our PS4 debut game. We’ve been doing action games for 15 years. All that experience went directly into creating our latest game, and we’re really looking forward to the reactions of PS4 owners.

What’s in it? Blast viruses in a microscopic world. Battle gigantic boss creatures. Collect credits to upgrade your ship with powerful weapons to survive. Collect the B-O-N-U-S letters to enter the bonus round for quick extra credits.

The best thing about Nano Assault NEO-X is the microscopic cellular world for you to explore. Ever looked through a scanning electron microscope? That’s our game world. You traverse the outer hull of cells and fight infections in twin-stick, shooter style. Sound exciting? It really is!

We’re quite proud of the look and feel of that world. Super smooth 60 frames per second gameplay, 1080p visuals, 7.1 surround sound, non-stop action, hyperspeed bonus rounds, gorgeous light effects, two-player co-op, and much, much more, make Nano Assault NEO-X without a doubt the best action game we ever created.

Nano Assault NEO-XNano Assault NEO-X

Also, you can upgrade your vessel with up to four satellites. Pause the game anytime and change the position and shooting direction of your satellites to your liking.

We put a lot of work into creating a simple yet deep scoring system, because we think that comparing your scores with friends and other players online is what makes arcade shooters great fun to play. There are online rankings for all levels, so you can post your high scores for the world to see. Even the guys in the office still find new ways to improve their scores and we’re really excited to see how the players out there can maximize their combo multiplier.

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2 Author Replies

  • I saw the trailer for this yesterday, it looks so good. Can’t wait! :)

  • Wow, I must have this …!

  • “Super smooth 60 frames per second gameplay, 1080p visuals, 7.1 surround sound” — nice! Good to see more and more games supporting 7.1 surround sound. Now only if we could play it in stereoscopic 3D… too bad we can’t use Tridef on consoles :D

  • The gane looks rally good. Is there any chance we could see the vita version for this game?

  • Holy cow, that’s pretty.So pretty it made me say “holy cow”, and i never say that. I wish i could play it right now. But i’ll try to be patient.

  • WOW – Yes please!!!

  • Looks great!

  • Has a Super Stardust vibe to it, will definitely pick it up on the 11th!

  • Looks awesome. Day one!

    Tremulan777: I second your motion for a Vita version.

  • AMAZING *u* Please bring it to PSVita / PSVita TV !!!

  • Add 3D please!

  • well done looks awesome,keep this sort if games coming

  • Boy, that PS Vita sure exists.

  • As a high school biology teacher, you may have just given me the perfect excuse to bring my PS4 into class and have students watch while I play video games. Alright, just wishful thinking, but still, I’m looking forward to this.

  • Looks very pretty, any chance you can add 3D ?
    Definitely has a Stardust kind of vibe to it (which is a good thing in my book).

  • Its gold.
    But short.
    No missions Like Wii u Version.
    And the balancing is (sorry) s*****.

  • Good not gold :-)

  • Looks fantastic!

    Will it support stereo 3D on 3DTVs like Super Stardust did on PS3? The things jutting out of the cells/planetoids just begs for 3D!

    7.1 surround is cool, but are the audio assets 24-bit/lossless? No shooter I’ve played on PlayStation has surpassed Blast Factor from a sound design perspective due to their fantastic use of surround imaging and incredible dynamic range in the mix/mastering of their high-quality assets.

    thanks for including local co-op. really looking forward to playing with my husband!

  • Excited. I have the Nano-Assault game on Wii U, which is very good.

    Want to second the call for 3D–that would be a great addition. Maybe in a patch/DLC?

  • I cant wait to play this game! Looks badass! Deff day one purchase.

  • I got it on sale on the Wii U this year. It’s a really great game, it’s a lot like Super Stardust HD.
    You guys should get it.

  • Dont geht me wrong Manfred Linzner:-) i Like it, what i miss is better balance and a wäre u can go all levels in one run.
    From first to last. Like stardust.

  • Dont geht me wrong Manfred Linzner:-) i Like it, what i miss is better balance and a mode where u can go all levels in one run.
    From first to last. Like stardust.

    • Hi,

      when you have beaten all levels then the ‘Survivor’ mode will become available.
      There you play the levels in random order with only a single life. Big fun for intense high score hunting.

  • This looks awesome! As long as it’s not too expensive, I’ll definitely grab this.
    Also, count one more vote for 3D. It’s sad that I have to go back to PS3 to find an actual library of 3D games.

  • Sounds interesting, fer sure. When I first read the description, it reminded me of Microbot (last-gen game), which I really enjoyed, but after watching the video, I got a strong, obvious Super Stardust vibe, which pretty much everyone seems to enjoy. I’ve already dropped $190 this month on pre-orders, so I am trying (and will probably fail) not to buy anything else right now, but I may end up picking this up in a moment of weakness. Either way, I wish you guys good fortune.

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