Dragon Age: Inquisition is Great for Newcomers

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Dragon Age: Inquisition is Great for Newcomers

Dragon Age: Inquisition, the latest chapter in BioWare’s sweeping fantasy saga, wastes no time beginning its urgent, world-splitting story. Truth be told, the developers have sewn a great amount of detail onto the main menu alone. Starting a new game catapults the idyllic scene of a snowy peace summit into utter devastation. And that’s just the menu.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

For those who have followed previous chapters of Dragon Age, the story is dense and rich with lore. But when a seething, green portal opens in our world and welcomes in legions of demons, players have a straightforward cause to rally behind.

In Dragon Age: Inquisition, players follow the story of a survivor that emerges from this demonic blast (almost) unscathed. The site of the explosion had been host to a peace summit organized by Divine Justinia, who sought an end to the strife between mages and Templars. With those plans wholly awry, the main character — the Inquisitor — is tasked with upholding Justinia’s legacy and hunting down the demonic agents haunting the realm.

Despite the gravity of the situation and the massive cast of characters, Inquisition outlines clear goals and motives for all. It helps newcomers acclimate to the world, and learn about the warring powers over time. A thick codex also documents characters, locations, and legends for those who want to dive deeper into the lore of the Dragon Age universe.

Dragon Age: InquisitionDragon Age: Inquisition

In true BioWare form, Inquisition’s branching dialogue system lets players choose whether they want to wander into enriching conversations or cut the chatter short and get back to the action. How the player handles these situations will define not only the main character, but also that character’s relationship to his or her followers.

Battles in Inquisition place players in control of one character at a time. But they can switch to any hero in the party at will, issuing commands via a strategic, top-down view, and managing as much or as little as needed. Hit the touch pad, for example, and survey the surrounding terrain to organize attacks, assign spells, and send in melee heroes to begin the assault. Or command followers to stay behind while the Inquisitor stealthily approaches the opposition and takes down any unfortunate stragglers.

This system instills a tremendous amount of choice in players, outside of selecting the sex, race, and class of the hero. Organizing party strategies and then defeating foes on the field can involve moment-to-moment decision making, or a more casual approach for the less patient. Difficulty can be adjusted dynamically to accommodate more demanding players.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Inquisition ties three followers to the main hero in less than an hour, giving players control of a full party before the world has even opened up with its packed docket of quests. Strolling through wintery peaks and forests will quickly introduce players to villagers that need help, have requests, or are just victims of the wars raging throughout the realm. These quests can be undertaken or ignored at a player’s leisure, which again, highlights player choice and the freedom for newcomers to skim the shallows or dive deep into the content offered.

Outside of questing, one of the most enthralling aspects of Inquisition is just that: the Inquisition. Building an army, equipping it, and customizing strongholds showers players with options, breathing a sense of ownership into the conflict that makes every battle more personal. And when that customization extends from the hero herself to the whole damn Inquisition, players will feel a real connection with the struggle of Dragon Age: Inquisition — newcomers and veterans alike.

Dragon Age: Inquisition launches on November 18th for PS4 and PS3.

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  • Can’t wait to play! love Dragon Age!

  • I’ma get it, even though I haven’t played any other dragon age games (I own them though)

  • So excited!! I’ve been waiting for this game all year!

  • Finally a meaty AAA rpg with a (hopefully) long campaign for the PS4. Can not wait to immerse myself. Let’s just hope I remember to eat.

  • Looks soooo good. Love Dragon Age and I’ll for sure buy Inquisition down the road.

  • I just pre ordered the Digital Deluxe Edition yesterday, can’t wait to get my hands on this game finally!
    Question: Does anyone know if this will be pre-downloaded onto the PS4? I know the X1 just started that.

  • This is my “Game of the Year” game. I have been waiting for this for a long time. I am so looking forward to seeing Morrigan again and Varric and many others.

    I have played Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2 dozens of times. So I am ready to be the Inquisitor.

    This game will take me through the end of the year and then some!

  • Looking forward to this game! Any possibility of an unofficial/ official bundle for the holidays? :D Getting this with my PS4 soon!

  • Leave it to Bioware to release a nice meaty RPG for the PS4. Can’t wait to play it.
    Thanks Bioware!

    PS: What’s the update on Mass Effect 4!?! :D

  • best game on the ps4 the now is a remaster from the ps3 so getting this for me is a no brainer, helps i liked the last 2 i guess :D

  • Damn, I thought this game was coming out this Tuesday. My girlfriend won’t be happy to hear this o.o

  • Dragon Age ( BloodBorne ) it just doesn’t get any better, or does it?

  • Alredy preordered and cant wait for it :0

  • I’ve had this on preorder since May for PS4. I am soooooooooooooooo ready for it and to say goodbye to my life lol

  • I cant wait to play this game.

  • I’m so excited for this one!
    I just wish they released a comparison video between PS3 & PS4 graphics.

  • First dragon age I played was the second one. Thought it was ugly, clunky menus, mediocre gameplay, hard to keep track of sidequest and missions and had a lazy map-to-go-places design. Never considered picking up another dragon age after that.

  • GOTY without question, I’m calling it right now!!

  • Hey ryan will this have share-play and or second controller share play? Also will far cry 4 and lbp 3 have share play and/or second controller share play.

  • Ryan Clements your wizardry with words spellbind me with intrigue and lust for this game to be in my hands. BEYOND! ?

  • my first ps4 game preorder/purchase on US psn store. NOT ACU, GTA5 or FARCRY 4.
    Frostbite 3 engine is amazing!

  • I have been waiting from day one for pre-order of this, was excited for October 7, then…”face slap”… its November 18. Back to more waiting but over all this is so worth the waiting. I dont care if anyone sends a msg back to this for a reply. I’ve waited long enough like others, so the anticipation will be worthwhile “awesomeness!!”

  • Preordering the deluxe edition, can’t wait!

  • The main reason I’m interested is the panel with the writers at GaymerX this year. They said GLB relationships wouldn’t be some weird sidepath in a conversation in a single place with a single character, but an option for many characters you interact with.

    I’d like to pay for the game once and play on a single PS4. Is there a way that I could then play online co-op with a local person by doing Share Play from my PS4 with my Vita, or doing Remote Play on my Vita to my PS4 and using the TV to play with our PS3? Do the deluxe versions offer cross-buy to facilitate “local” co-op?

  • For those asking, Inquisition will be pre-loadable starting the 16th & playable at midnight on the 17th for both PS3 & PS4.

  • Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age Awakening were great games! Dragon Age 2…. Blah…… Ugh…. Sigh… and so on.

    Im more than likely gonna get this game cuz i want a good long RPG. I just hope this really gives me what im looking for in the DA games (hence DA Origins).

    Guess we shall see if Bioware can get back on my good side.

  • I can’t wait! i pre order the deluxe edition almost a month ago.. and i check the countdown timer every day…i wish time go faster…

  • Ok now I am confused, didn’t know Dragon Age Inq was being released so soon, and FarCry 4 is being released on the same day! Do I go for the action/adventure game (with 30 odd hour MQ) or the epic RPG that the PS4 is sorely missing? Can’t afford both, Christmas is coming ! :( Arggghhh! Was a fan of the other Dragon Ages although I did miss the last one due to mixed reviews, hopefully Inquisition wipes that from our memories!

  • its a fricking dragon age game omg
    dragon age is sooooooo unique
    i even love da 2 (only the funny line conversation)
    so so story and choices omg and the sex oh man

  • This game looks awsome iam going to get it.

  • Ihave been waiting for this game for a long long long time can’t wait !!!!!!!!

  • Dragon Age Inquesition and on PS4…… couldn’t have it any other way. :)

  • Now they can put a end to this mage templer war about time right

  • hello! anyone knows what languages will be available in the digital copy of the US Psn Store?
    I’m trying to find that info everywhere but with no success :S

  • If you have Pre-ordered a bundle from the PSN … will the game be PLAYABLE at the stroke of midnight on the 17th or the 18th? I have heard conflicting reports and want to be sure so I can plan some sit down time to get into the Inquisition…??

  • My Counter is still at one day- I’m still not seeing it pre-loading, or will I?
    I’m assuming that since I havent seen it yet it’s due to one of two reasons:
    1 being that the Pre-load will kick off as soon as it hits the “1 day left” mark
    2, The Deluxe Edition has something weird going on…

    Clarification would be nice. Big download, not the greatest internet… Rather not have to wait a couple days extra before I can unravel the shroud of mystery I left over Inquisition.

  • I’ve been so excited to play “Inquisition” but in the shadow of the recent Ubisoft blunder that is Assassin’s Creed: Unity, I can’t help but be skeptical that a game of such ambitious size and complexity would be completely devoid of issues; mainly those game-ruining glitches and abysmal drops in frame-rate which we all fear.
    This morning I’ve been searching for any reviews for DA: I and Kotaku’s review noted some very serious bugs while playing their review copy. Keep in mind that was before the day-one patch was installed. Anyways, I wouldn’t expect DA:I to be bug-free in the first week or so, but I hope to the good gods of gaming that it isn’t as bad as AC: Unity is right now (nearly one week after release). So hopefully the patch that came with my digital download of Dragon Age: Inquisition (which I’m currently pre-loading) addresses the major issues.

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