Announcing Sketchcross, A Puzzle Game for PS Vita

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Announcing Sketchcross, A Puzzle Game for PS Vita

Hi everyone, my name is Kendal and I’m the CEO and lead programmer at Spiky Fish Games. We’re excited to announce that our debut game, Sketchcross, is launching exclusively for PS Vita in early 2015.


Sketchcross is a logic puzzler based on the nonogram ruleset. If you’re not familiar, think of a mix between crosswords and sudoku. You’re given number clues on the rows and columns to help sketch in the corresponding squares on the grid. Doing so starts to reveal the picture you’re creating. A full-fledged nonogram-based game has not yet been fully realized for Playstation here in North America, and we were determined to change that.

Sketchcross will launch with 50 puzzles ranging from simple 5×5 shapes to complex 30×30 animals. The game has been designed to be easily expandable and our plan is to offer additional puzzles after launch.

Solving puzzles reveals the completed shape in block form, solving all the puzzles in a book awards the player that book’s unique trophy. Trophy’s are stored in your trophy room and are accessible at any time. Additionally, each puzzle has a time leaderboard where you can compare your completed times with the world and friends.


Sketchcross features Normal and Frenzy mode. In Frenzy mode you’re given a short amount of time to complete a randomly generated puzzle. It’s a race against the clock that tests your puzzle solving skills. I can’t wait to see how many puzzles players can finish without running out of time!

Our team has been working really hard and I’m so excited to share this announcement with you.

Feel free to leave a question or comment and I’ll try and answer all of them.

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  • This looks pretty cool. Looking forward to it.

  • Looks fun.

  • Awesome! Picross was one of my favorite games on DS!

  • I love puzzle games, so if there is a demo I might buy it. (I buy 9 out of 10 games I try the demos to)

  • I feel my brain pains starting already.

  • That looks really cool, are you planning on doing a demo?

  • Love picross games so I AM IN

  • Yessss, perfect, thanks!!

  • I find the art style here a major eye sore, really hate it. How could a game requiring the simplest graphics look so bad (intentionally too). Hope there will be different skins to change it, otherwise I will just stick to my Nintendo Picross.

    • Our artist is extremely talented and the art style is deliberately designed to mimic what it is like to sketch. We have no plans for skins at this very moment but it is something we have been considering.

  • Very good idea.
    Love those logic games.
    Keep it up

  • Definitely buying. Played through Picbox as well on Vita, just wanted more.

  • How guys could you find this awesome?
    You could have this kind of game on flash player version or free app…
    Now I’m crying!!!!
    I want REAL gameS for my vita not some pixel art indies or puzzle flash player game!!!
    I want REAL gameS for my vita
    I want REAL gameS for my vita
    I want REAL gameS for my vita
    I want REAL gameS for my vita
    I want REAL gameS for my vita

  • @13 If this isn’t your type of game then fine, but there is no need to come in and complain about it not being a so called “Real” game. A lot of us enjoy puzzle games, if that’s not your thing Vita just got a AAA game last week called Freedom Wars, maybe you should check it out.

  • @13 The last time I checked, Picross is the realest game around and we need as many games like that as possible.

  • @14 No I don’t want a “chasing” HM like game, I want real game with story and real charismatic characters. And I don’t want an AAA title but I think even indies dev could make game with scenarii and a real goal not just puzzle game or die and retry games like 90% of the released games this last few month!
    I bought a sony consol to have a real gaming experience not to play the game I can play with a computer since 10 year (even more!!!) in flash… I know plenty of website for this … and it’s free!
    So I want REAL gameS for my vita

    • I understand that this is not everyone’s type of game, but there are a lot of people that do enjoy these games. I personally really like games like these and wanted to play this on my Vita. It just so happened to work well with being our companies’ debut game. There is a wide range of current and upcoming games for the Vita, I am sure there is something that you will enjoy.

  • To those who like logic puzzles like this, Nikoli made a dozen such games for Vita (some were ported to PS4). Most are in Japanese, there are 4 (Sudoku, Slitherlink, Nurikabe, Kakuro) with English on the Asia PSN store. The interfaces are simple and they are all similar, so language should not be an issue after you played one in English. The rules of the puzzles can be found on Wikipedia and there are links to Nikoli’s site which shows the same rules tutorial (in English) as what’s shown in the games.

    I only see two “Nikoli” games (Sudoku and Slitherlink) on US PSN store though. It’s a pity that Vita is single account, so even if you buy them from the Asia or Japan PSN store, you can’t play them with US account. Sony should work with Nikoli to bring more of them to the US store. Meantime, I suggest trying out Slitherlink (it can be quite tough) and Sudoku (needs no introduction).

  • I understand that “the art style is deliberately designed to mimic what it is like to sketch”, which is why it’s such a pity. It’s as though the design process went like this:

    We love Picross
    We should make a Picross game ourselves
    We better not call it Picross or there could be irritating copyright entanglement
    I know, we can call it Sketchcross, cos, you know, the puzzles sketch out pictures as you solve them
    We need a ‘sketch’ style art style to go with it…

    Seriously, there is nothing wrong with plain, simple and clean UI design without any ‘art style’. It can even look great (just check out some of the chess games). This ‘sketch’ art style is just loud, ugly, distracting and like a 4-year-old poking my eye out with a crayon.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if sony’s employees posted here to say “can’t wait” or “looks fun”. Either that or you’re on something to spend the money for this game.
    While other platforms are getting flooded by Game-of-the-Year Contenders, all Vita gets is a unlimited load of indie crap and this mediocre game. Even worse, it’s not even coming out this year, it’s scheduled for 2015. Wow.
    I don’t know why but this game stinks. I can smell a liar and irresponsible person like shahid kamal when I look at this game.

  • Excellent! I really enjoyed Picross and Cross Image. I’m definitely going to keep my eye on this one.

  • It’s like Picbox (PlayStation Mobile)! ^^
    Looks very interesting. Unfortunately, PSM isn’t available in Brazil. Will this game be released here?
    I want to buy it! ;)

  • @ Lashwarcan,

    I’ll start by saying that I don’t personnaly see a problem with such a game. Many “smaller” indie games like these, and especially puzzle games, are a lot of fun and I’m sure I’ll enjoy Sketchcross.

    Now that being said, if you want “bigger” AAA games, look at what’s already available for the Vita. If there’s nothing you’d like in there (or if you played all those AAA games you were interested in already) then just sell your Vita because there won’t be much of those games anymore for the platform in the future. Sony said they’re not interested anymore in creating and supporting big, triple-AAA games on the platform as it seems they’re not selling enough to justify the cost of development. Maybe some japanese titles will get translated and released over here, but aside from that, don’t expect too much in terms of “larger games”.

    I am sad about the situation too, you know. I love my Vita and I love engaging, deep games with good production values like anyone else out there. But the reality is that they’re not happening anymore on the Vita.

    But that’s not a reason to lash out on smaller developpers who still believe in the platform by creating fun little games for it.

  • And the REAL GAMES???? Another Indie? Sony WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Platinum!?

    Love these types of games. May be one of the few titles I purchase for my vita!

  • Picross was one of my most-played DS games, can’t wait for this!!!

  • This looks great. I’ll definitely pick it up on release.

    Please tell me touchscreen controls aren’t mandatory, though. It’s a nice option to have, but I find left stick + X much more intuitive. Any news on that?

  • Thanks for the Picbox love guys! There’s a free trial available now via the PlayStation Mobile tab on the Vita store (24 puzzles), then it’s $0.99 to unlock the full game (112 puzzles)… Quite reasonable it would seem. ;)

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