Announcing Sketchcross, A Puzzle Game for PS Vita

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Announcing Sketchcross, A Puzzle Game for PS Vita

Hi everyone, my name is Kendal and I’m the CEO and lead programmer at Spiky Fish Games. We’re excited to announce that our debut game, Sketchcross, is launching exclusively for PS Vita in early 2015.


Sketchcross is a logic puzzler based on the nonogram ruleset. If you’re not familiar, think of a mix between crosswords and sudoku. You’re given number clues on the rows and columns to help sketch in the corresponding squares on the grid. Doing so starts to reveal the picture you’re creating. A full-fledged nonogram-based game has not yet been fully realized for Playstation here in North America, and we were determined to change that.

Sketchcross will launch with 50 puzzles ranging from simple 5×5 shapes to complex 30×30 animals. The game has been designed to be easily expandable and our plan is to offer additional puzzles after launch.

Solving puzzles reveals the completed shape in block form, solving all the puzzles in a book awards the player that book’s unique trophy. Trophy’s are stored in your trophy room and are accessible at any time. Additionally, each puzzle has a time leaderboard where you can compare your completed times with the world and friends.


Sketchcross features Normal and Frenzy mode. In Frenzy mode you’re given a short amount of time to complete a randomly generated puzzle. It’s a race against the clock that tests your puzzle solving skills. I can’t wait to see how many puzzles players can finish without running out of time!

Our team has been working really hard and I’m so excited to share this announcement with you.

Feel free to leave a question or comment and I’ll try and answer all of them.

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