Ring Run Circus Hits PS Vita on November 11th

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Ring Run Circus Hits PS Vita on November 11th

Hello, PlayStation.Blog readers! My name is Ciro and I’m part of Kalio, a small independent studio in Uruguay. We are thrilled to announce that our latest game Ring Run Circus will be launching on PS Vita and Playstation TV on November 11th, 2014. The launch price will be $9.99, with PS Plus members receiving a 20% off discount for a limited time.

Ring Run Circus

Ring Run Circus is a unique sort of game which we like to call a “ring-former”: an action-puzzle game set in a dream world of connected rings. Players take the role of three uniquely talented acrobats — Nina, Ned, and Nelson — and help them navigate this strange world full of hazards, circus animals, and tricky puzzles.

The goal of each level is to grab the colorful key and get to the exit door as quickly as possible leaving no stars behind. The controls are quite simple; one button to ride on the outside or inside of the rings, and another one to activate each acrobat’s special ability: Nina jumps, Ned punches, and Nelson triggers mechanisms to move rings around.

Don’t let the seemingly simple controls deceive you, though. There is enough challenge waiting, not only for your skill — proper timing to change rings, slapping enemies, jumping — but also for your wits: these puzzles are taken from the dreams of a bunch of mad men after all.

In fact, the goal of the game is to understand who Nina, Ned, and Nelson really are. And why is there a man with slicked-up hair meditatively looking out the window in every cutscene? This man is named Ringo, by the way, and he happens to be an amazing acrobat. He is also a bit stressed out. Can you imagine why?

Ring Run CircusRing Run Circus

Anyway, what’s interesting about the game is that you’ve never experienced a platformer like this one before, mainly because it’s not a platformer in the first place. It feels quite different from one and thus we chose to call it a ring-former. Also, the mix of skill and puzzle splits gameplay in two phases: solving the puzzle and finishing the level in the shortest amount of time possible to climb the rankings.

There are more than 50 levels (some of them with what someone called “old-school sensibilities”), a ton of Trophies, and the mighty rankings, of course. For the curious folk, Ring Run Circus was inspired by a bowl of washers. Yes. Bowl. Metal washers.

The long story can be found on our blog. The short story is that we were challenged by the fantastic Kokoromi Gamma 4 showcase for one button games in 2010 and we could not let the idea go away, so we spent about 3 years banging our heads until the fun emerged from the cracked skulls and loose nuts and washers. We went through many iterations (including making it a two-button game, instead of one) and discovered something we had always suspected: making new and original games is really, really hard.

Ring Run Circus

We are very happy to publish our first console game (making our childhood dreams come true) in the best way possible: by joining the PlayStation family. We’re eternally grateful to Mike Foster and all the Latin America developer incubation program team for making it happen.

Stay tuned for more games from Kalio and see you in the rankings!

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  • Looks interesting. More games for vita is always good.

  • Congrats on your first console game! I’ve never seen anything like that before… can’t wait to check it out.

  • Think $8-$10 is a little steep? If you are an indie game developer, and it is a low budget game like this. Plus you want to get your name out there, you need to lower your price to $2. Seriously, someone can steal your game idea out of spite and recreate it for smartphones for $2 or less, even free with advertising and they will make more money than you and steal your idea.
    stop over pricing these type of games, you will not make money like this.

  • How does the Vita version differ from the IOS version that sells for $4.99? As someone who owns both devices why would I choose to pay more for the Vita version?

    I am constantly puzzled by the wave of Indy developers porting their existing smartphone games to the Vita. I understand that due to the number of potential buyers on Vita versus those on a smartphone the need to charge more money in order to turn a profit. I just don’t understand why people would choose to pay more money for the Vita version unless it offers a vastly improved gaming experience. My guess is that the number of people who own a Vita, the most expensive gaming device on the market and who also do not own an adroid or ios smartphone hovers around zero. The number of Vita owners who fail to google a new title and see if it is a port is probably slightly higher but still can’t be much of a market.

  • @4
    Jumping to conclusions are we? I don’t own a “smart” phone.
    I love that these games are coming to Vita. If they need to charge a couple dollars more to make that happen, then so be it.
    Thanks for bringing more games to the Vita.

  • Nice job, i’ll take a look at this game ! Thanks for the discount also !

  • I didnt have a problem with the price until i realized itwas half as much on a phone. Im sick of paying a “vita tax”.

  • I don’t have a smartphone either. Any new Vita games are appreciated, period.

  • I have a smartphone (thanks only to work who forced one on me) but agree 100% with @4 & @8, any new Vita games are always very appreciated. Anyway not found a decent game for the phone yet as the controls generally let them down. Vita is vastly superior for gaming on the go (and gaming full stop) and if I have to pay a few extra $$ for the greater experience then so be it, I’m happy enough with that.

    It’s just a shame work didn’t force me to have a Vita……

  • Looks pretty great! Unicycles _and_ monkeys? SOLD!

  • This looks very interesting. I might bite.

  • Sounds neat, guys. Congrats on getting your game to the actual gamer crowd. ;) And good luck.

  • You kids and your crying about a few dollars…personally, it takes me longer to drink a cup of coffee (yes, at work) than it will to make that small amount back. Playing games on phones just outright sucks anyway.

  • I think the price is fair, especially if the gameplay is as awesome as it looks. Congrats on your first game!

  • ps+ monthly shovelware/indie contender. first quarter of 2015.

    when you have faults, fear not to abandon them.

  • For those puzzled about the pricing issue on PSN for small indie titles.

    If it’s anything like how it worked with the PS Mobile program, if I remember correctly, the developper specifies how much money they want to make out of each sale, but then it’s Sony who decides what the price should be by adding whatever they feel like to the price (I remember reading about this, but the specifics about how Sony decides about the price wasn’t mentionned).

    So I don’t think the developpers are to blame for the higher prices of almost any indie game on the PSN platform. It seems prices are set by Sony, not the developper.

    And for those complaining about another indie game for the Vita, well, might as well sell your Vita now because that’s basically all you’ll ever get for the handheld from now on (that, and some japanese imports). I don’t find anything wrong with those, but if you do, well, sorry. It’s well known that Sony isn’t interested in supporting any big AAA title for the platform anymore. They said it some time ago.

  • Glad to see indie games like this on vita. When I bought a vita I didn’t know what to expect, now I know. It’s for great indie games like Guacamelee and Fez as well as HD remakes, like God of War 1 & 2. I hope to see more of these games coming!

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