Grand Theft Auto V: PS3 to PS4 Comparison

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Grand Theft Auto V: PS3 to PS4 Comparison

For Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation4, Rockstar Games has harnessed the power of PS4 to improve every aspect of the game. In addition to the all-new First Person Mode revealed yesterday, Grand Theft Auto V for PS4 features major technical enhancements including increased resolution and more than double the draw distance, as well as new high-resolution textures across the board, and much more.

To see just how far the game has come in its transition to PS4, check out this PS3 to PS4 comparison video.

Grand Theft Auto V for PS4 is coming November 18th.

And remember, you can transfer your previous Grand Theft Auto Online characters and progression from PS3 or Xbox 360 to PS4.

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  • I broke down and pre-ordered. Between the new first person mode, the added bells and whistles with the DS4, and the overall graphical improvement… I need this game.

  • Since i don’t have a PS4 yet i’m gonna have to wait but so far the upgraded version seems nice. For me reliving the GTA V experience on PS4 alone is worth the upgrade

  • Sure is tempting to re-buy this game.

  • It does look great. Then again GTA usually does. Kudos to those of you who waited to purchase as you get to have the ultimate version.

    I can’t justify paying full price again + extra for the limited edition but can appreciate the work to polish it up. If you haven’t gotten it yet and you have a PS4…I can tell you from the game standpoint you’re in for a treat.

  • Will this game be free on PS4?…cuz it should.

  • Excellent job on the much needed improvements… However $60 is still too high! $50 would get me to buy again otherwise I will wait for a price drop or sale whichever comes first!

    Until then… Far Cry 4 is calling my name!

  • Wow that was very impressive. So preordering it next Friday so I can get in on November 18th.

  • I would buy if I could connect to psn to download it. But I can’t.

  • no way! I bought the game on release for the PS3.. and it was awesome a year ago.. and it still is, even w/o the redone models… and added enviromental effects… and additional wildlife… and new animations.. and first person view… and… and. . . . fine, fine! here, take my money! you heartless devs… I hate loving you for making me throw money at your games..

  • Agree with @6, price is too high for me after paying full price for it last gen. $40 will be the magic number for me although it may test my resolve before then. Thankfully there are some decent releases coming up (Fry Cry comes to mind) so maybe I can hold out long enough.

  • Kotakuhas an article talks about the use of the Dualshock 4. its actually really cool. Speaker plays phone calls and police radio. Light bar flashes red and blue when wanted. Touch pad can switch 3rd to 1st person and change radio stations. I also have gut feeling Online Heists will be announced tomorrow…

  • Very nice, but you are not making me buy it again.

  • Amazing! I missed GTA5 last gen so this is a no brainer for me. I have already bought 3 games this month so I will have to wait until December. Nice work Rockstar!

  • ROCKSTAR have to bring RED DEAD REDEMPTION to the PS 4 !! …

  • I would easily drop money on this if there was an upgrade program for $10 kinda deal like other companies have done some even for free. Until then I’m going to have to pass

  • That’s a huge graphical difference. Really hyped to play some more Grand Theft Auto V!

  • Well worth the $60… again. Awesome job.

  • I held off getting GTAV and im glad i did, it was worth the wait.

  • you know what’s cool? gta san andreas remaster or single player dlc to gta v.

    dlc to muliplayer and 1st person view is gahhhbage.

  • Dayum. And I thought it was sexeh on the PS3.

    This isn’t QUITE enough to compel me to upgrade to the new generation, but it’s damned close.

    Kingdom Hearts III is what I am waiting for.

  • Please, don’t ask R* or whomever it was responsible, to waste any resources on a PS4 port of that San Andreas remaseter XB1 got last week. Just look at GTAV as THE SA remake, because that SA “HD remaster” is an absolute joke. I seriously think it had less pop-in on PS2. I was just watching a neighbor play it on his Xb1 and even at the $3and change he paid for it, I was kinda making fun of him for wasting the money. It’s literally just a port of the mobile version, looks hardly better than PS2, way worse than the PC version, and runs worse than PS2. I’m shocked it was even released.

  • #20 it’s on the 360, not Xbox One. And yes that game sucks terribly. Less songs, no grass, icky framerate. A half assed port of the Android version.

  • @20,21 good to know gentlemen. much obliged coming from ps users such as yourselves.

  • I will be buying this for PS4. Thank you Rockstar. To Rockstar: You guys need to bring GTA 5 Stories to Vita, or at least consider San Andreas HD edition for Vita. San Andreas has been released on every system including ios, but not Vita. Show some Vita love (not just remote play).


  • I bought GTA5 for PS3 and after 1 day of owning it and clocking up only 30 minutes, I came home and my 8 month old puppy had chewed the box and disc to pieces. Needless to say I was a little furious at the pup, but mostly myself for leaving the game within chewing distance. I never did re buy it for PS3.

    Now thinking back I almost am grateful for my fluffy bundle of joy for destroying my PS3 version cause I am really looking forward to getting my teeth into this new and improved PS4 version. It really does look the part.

  • @26 dirt poor people haha.

  • @28.and you came up with that conclusion because i wanted to wait for BETTER CONTENT. -____-

  • I’d rather 60 FPS than all these “improvements”

    Just my opinion though

  • congrats on your transition to PS4 rockstar.

    its been 2+ years. thinking of making something for the vita yet?

    with all the support you ushered to psp/ds, its really a shame seeing rockstar bow out of the portable console industry.

    good luck in your endeavors regardless.

  • Guys, stop asking for that San Andreas port.

    Especially those of you who complain about “Sony putting out nothing but mobile port cell phone games”

    Because that’s exactly what San Andreas HD is.

    It’s a port of the freaking Android version.

  • I preordered in time for the 300K bonus. Ive been waiting for 6 months for this game.

  • You know, with the sharply refined graphics and the new first person overhaul, this game is looking more and more primed for project Morpheus support… Just saying. I really hope rockstar have a dev unit in their offices to play with…

  • @+ djsaiyan – free-to-play nickel stealing cell phone games and San Andreas (iOS) is a huge difference.

  • Free upgrade for the gtaO feature or the game for digital owners? Keepo
    I have no interest in replaying the campaign even with the first person view.

  • If you own PS3 Game version you should get the game for half the price or $10-20 upgrade for us users who paid $60 the first time. Why is the game running at 1920 X 1080 @ 30FPS then 60FPS? Having more FPS will help decrease burring plus make the gameplay more better. My HDTV supports up to 60/120 Refresh Rate.

  • I wish they showed the inside of the strip club. That is all I can really remember doing in the game ;)

  • Game looks great. Looks like i’ll be revisiting the world of GTA 5.

  • Sony!… Please have some sort of compassion for my wallet, too many games in too little time.

    Freedom Wars
    Far Cry
    GTA V
    The binding of issac (free)
    Evil Within

  • y’all should have a switch over plans for the game to PS4 since you can transfer your progress from PS3 or Xbox 360 to minecraft

  • Looks really sweet. I just wish they would do
    the 10 dollar upgrade

  • compared this to GTA four graphics and you really see this difference. ahhh i kinda miss vice city.

  • I was already going to get this game. But with all the added features and not just an HD remake. This will be worth the money.

  • this is really similar to how they came out with the last of us remastered, and that itself and the graphics is worth the buy!

  • R*Q I was sold with the first person. Superb R*Q

  • any discount for those that already own this on the ps3?

  • Lol i knew they would put out a PS4 version so i didn’t bought the PS3.

    Looks like a perfect time to jump in, but i’ll think about it :p

  • been preordered since the announcement . i quit playing the ps3 version the same day. my finger is itching……11 days

  • Very Disappointing that none of the content i had on ps3 transfer to ps4. But bought the digital copy before now i pre-order the ps4 on disc. If anything now i can go back to a store n atleast get some money back. RIP-Off from: GS(gamestop) and Sony !~

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