PlayStation Partners with NBA Cares Hoops for Troops

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PlayStation Partners with NBA Cares Hoops for Troops

Here at PlayStation, we are extremely grateful for the service that our U.S. Armed Forces provide for us every single day.

I’m delighted to announce today that PlayStation will serve as the first-ever partner of NBA Cares Hoops for Troops, a year-round initiative led by the league, its teams, and players to support the members of the U.S. Armed forces and their families. Through this initiative the NBA and PlayStation, in conjunction with the USO, will host Hoops for Troops service projects throughout the season at military bases around the country providing the bases with PS4 systems and games as well as basketball hoop installations.

Hoops for Troops

We could not be more excited to have the opportunity to support the NBA’s Hoops for Troops program and the U.S. servicemen and women who do so much for us all.

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  • Does this fix rest mode on the ps4?

  • did you really just make that comment here? your mother and father should be sterilized immediately

  • to prevent any further mistakes to society like yourself

    I appreciate everything the troops do and have done for this country

  • I very much appreciate the troops also. I know many own ps4s. The latest firmware update on the troops’ ps4s caused problems to the rest mode on those ps4s. Please fix asap.

  • I agree. I can’t believe that is the comment you leave on here.

  • First consider Sony is promoting is own brand in purportedly supporting the troops. Second many of our troops are loyal gamers spending the money they bleed for on the ps4 and games. Sony owes them already an official comment or apology about the broken firmware update before it causes damage to their systems. Look at the post again, compare the size of the PS4 logo to the other logo or the word “troops”

  • This dude is getting ridiculous with his comments.

  • @jluvsc

    YOU should be put on REST mode.

  • Well in that case you are absolutely correct in choosing this moment to complain about the firmware issue and redirect the attention away from Sony supporting the troops and helping to lift the spirits of the men and women of the armed forces overseas.

  • @jluvsc, you’re being as a$$hat spamming that same question in other posts and doing it in this post is beyond the pale. Just realize you went too far, quite making it worse by your alleged concern for our troops having a PS4 rest mode glitch.

    My PS4 updated just fine. I’ve always used the rest most and have had zero problems. It’s ok to spam the other Sony employee written posts, but use your common sense please.

    Guy Longworth: how about involving the Playstation Nation in this? Sponsor contests, allow us to make contributions via the PS store? Something to let gamers help other gamers?

  • * rest mode, not rest most. Where is auto correct when I need it, lol?

  • Given that the NBA also has a team in Toronto, is there an equivalent PlayStation program that supports the Canadian armed forces?

  • Hey I’m in military when it’s this coming to ft. Huachuca, AZ the met down here id’s seriously lacking in hoops and games. Also the attention to service members doesn’t go unnoticed companies who do these sort of things are loved by troops. Especially those overseas. When I went to Afghanistan I was like ughhhh I could really use some PlayStation care packages. I’m back home now, but I’m sure the PlayStation nation overseas could use some. Any word on that.

  • Hey, @ 13, dangelo-nati2010, the USO has a gamer-centric contribution package. I contributed to that, so that consoles and new games would be sent to the troops overseas. I like to think that some of the thousands of strangers I co-op Dark Souls 2 with are military people serving our country.

    But yes, it would be great if we could participate as members of the Playstation nation.

    Guy Longworth? Get on that, please.

  • Or you get off your lazy ass and push the power button with your finger to put it in rest mode. wakes up fine – everytime. you could have tried a different way of turning your system off after you noticed a problem the first time.

  • Being a Marine myself, this is greatly appreciated Sony and PlayStation. Thank you.

  • Playststion 4 should do a flash sale this weekend to support the U.S Armed forces and the families and I will be glad to buy some games.

  • Hoop hoop hooray! Hoop hoop hooray! Thank you to the troops!

  • Please Playstation Blog, add a “flag” button so we can remove spammers like “jluvsc” that spams us on all subjects everywhere.

    For the topic: Frankly I don’t really care as I’m not even from the United States, I’m Canadian. Still, seems nice for them to get something to relax once in a while. Being stressed all the time isn’t nice.

  • I would agree that this is a great initiative on both Sony and the NBA’s part (USO is a given).

    Being a veteran of five tours spanning over four years total deployed I can appreciate almost anything. Just for a company to take the time and dedicate resources to a given cause is just plain awesome. Understanding also that as a company it is a great tax write off, but I say do what you can however you can.

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