Grand Theft Auto V on PS4: Introducing All-New First Person Mode

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Grand Theft Auto V on PS4: Introducing All-New First Person Mode

Grand Theft Auto V on PS4: Introducing All-New First Person Mode

First Person Mode gives Grand Theft Auto V players on PS4 the chance to explore the world of Los Santos and Blaine County directly through the eyes of their character, revealing all the world’s glorious details in an entirely new way.

Available in both GTAV and GTA Online, Rockstar Games has made a host of changes to accommodate this new perspective, including the creation of an optional first-person cover system, a new targeting system, a more traditional FPS control scheme, and integrating thousands of new animations into the existing game. It’s also available at the touch of a button so you can easily switch back and forth between perspectives.

Alongside the new First Person mode, Grand Theft Auto V for PS4 features hundreds of additions and enhancements including 1080p resolution at 30FPS. Grand Theft Auto V for PS4 is coming November 18th.

And don’t forget, you can transfer your previous Grand Theft Auto Online characters and progression from PS3 or Xbox 360 to PS4.

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  • Does this fix rest mode on the ps4?

  • @jluvsc

    You do understand the post is coming from Rockstar, and not the PS Social Media team…
    Probably want to read the poster before you post responses.

  • nobody cares about this.

    gta san andreas remaster psn release date?!?!?!

  • damn thats awesome! I might actually buy this :D

  • Morpheus please!!!!

  • This literally won me over. Now I REALLY need to double dip on GTA V.

  • I didn’t think I could get more excited about this yet there it is. I’m looking for a fun-loving crew and people in general to play with – TheFlyingPuffin

  • Can’t wait for both this, & Far Cry! :D Picking both of them on the GameStop midnight launch! Definitely am gonna start GTA V first, and play Far Cry when I wake up in the morning. ^-^

  • Why it is not 60 fps? You’ve managed to get 720p/30fps on PS3/360.

  • Thanks Rockstar. Already played it close to 300 hours single player/online on PS3. Would LOVE to pick this up day 1. Just can’t justify paying full price with so many other new games coming out around it. If I don’t get it for Christmas, then I will for sure pick it up strait away. Was already sold for Remote Play. Now with a First Person mode (that you can switch to at anytime and also works online) I am definitely excited to get back to Los Santos! …Now we just need Jetpacks & Katanas ;)

  • This looks awesome but will PS3 and PS4 version share a trophy list or be seperate?

  • Hey R*,

    you know what would be neat?

    GTA on Vita.

    Just saying. :D

    -A fan

  • “nobody cares about this.

    gta san andreas remaster psn release date?!?!?!”

    Soooooooooo many more people care about this than a mobile port of a 10-year-old game. The “new” San Andreas is not a remaster. It’s a half-baked cellphone game that they stretched out to fit on your TV. There’s a reason it’s less than $4. I bought it on 360. The audio is screwed up, it’s missing a bunch of music, etc. It’s a mess. You can safely resume playing the old PS2 or Xbox versions knowing that they’re better versions of the game.

  • Can’t wait for this! Since I already played the whole game in third person on PS3, I’m gonna play it all over in first person!

  • If I buy the disc version of this game, leave the disc in the ps4, put the ps4 in rest mode, and then press the ps button on my controller, will the ps4 wake up and let me play? Or will the yellow light flash causing me to unplug the ps4 and risk damaging the machine?

  • What’s wrong with you? Are you ok?

    Instead of wasting time for making this useless,you could make a GTS for PS Vita.

    Although it’s not only your fault ,yeah I’m talking about Sony,what a shame.

  • 60fps really would have been nice and a for sure buy from me. But this doesn’t warrant a big difference to make me rebuy it.

  • The fps mode looks really cool..I like driving like that and the shooting looked real good.

    Really appreciate if we could get a GTA san andreas HD news?

    Thank you :D

  • First-person mode? That’s pretty sweet! I’m more and more leaning towards picking this up.

    Also if you guys make a GTA for vita, I’ll have no choice but to love you guys forever. Just saying.

  • Also, is this mode exclusive to PS4? Just almost sounds like it is from the post.

  • hey @jluvsc have you even contacted consumer services? they would tell you to not unplug it and to hold the power button down for 30 seconds to reset the power and to not put it in rest mode as they are working on a fix for it i would know instead of complaining to game developers that have nothing to do with it i called and asked.

  • Omg this is so sick!

  • Meh. I’ll probably check it out for about 5 minutes and never use it again. I prefer 3rd person and always will.

  • So glad I pre-ordered it again for PS4. I had my doubts and fears… but you made my day with this video. Thank you Rockstar!

  • It feels wrong that this is my only anticipated game for PS4 this holiday. Sony seems to be following Nintendo’s example of the Wii U of delaying games into their second year post launch. Please understand.

  • Cool!!! This is awesome! can’t wait to try!

  • Oh, and now this game definitely needs a Jetpack!

  • This.changes.EVERYTHING!!!!!!! Never thought I would be pre-ordering GTA V twice but they got me. The guys at Rockstar are geniuses!!! Who would of ever thought a company could make a killing of the same game two years in a row? I’m more excited for a re-realease than Advanced Warfare!

  • This is frickin’ awesome!

  • Wow. It’s nothing.

  • Any chance for a PS4 white bundle with the game?? I need another PS4 for the bedroom. =P

  • Looks good but is this going to work day one or can we expect another launch failure?

  • And same question for the gtaO feature. Is it going to be available at launch or is it “free” add on again

  • will people who already bought the game digital on the ps3 but now have a ps4 , will they be able to buy an upgrade like what cod and a couple other games did or will they have to spend the 70 dollars and buy the game all over aging even tho they payed 60 for the GTA V on the ps3 the day it came out.

  • It’s awesome. I was about to cancel my pre-order as I already have the PS3 version and too many other games to play but this might change my mind. The only thing that would be even better than this is if they added Project Morpheus support once it launches!

  • Because YES!

  • Rockstar are damn sure not phoning this in. FPS mode looks unbelievable. I’m strongly considering getting this again. I hope that the trophies i’ve gotten on PS3 transfer over to this.

  • I want the top-down view from GTA1 and GTA2. Like they let you do it in GTA3…

  • This looks absolutely amazing! I can see myself playing through the single player again just for this new perspective. Rockstar, you’ve done it again! Nice work!

  • Thank YOU ROCKSTAR! We Love You :D

  • my jaw has dropped.

  • i Absolutely hate first person view due to motion sickness. though having the option to turn this feature on or off is nice for those who prefer it. GTA V is beautiful looking like art, especialy for ps4. so standing on a mountain looking out will be good for this to.

  • I have some games in line before a double dip in gta. but boy, that info, a day ago, with the benefits for pre-order would definitely won me over. now it is too late. waiting for a price drop.

  • November 18th

  • Is first person only going to be available on the ps4? Or could I download an update that gives me the first person capabilities on my ps3?


  • Are those PS4 graphics or PC graphics if the game looks that cool i might buy it for christmas but i hope that the graphics are not downgraded because what was the point in buying a PS4.


  • So…is it pointless to ask about heists?


  • First person mode in GTA V sounds pretty interesting!!

  • Pre-rendered footage?

    Also, would love to see Red Dead Redemption updated like this.

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