Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition) Out Today on PlayStation Store

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Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition) Out Today on PlayStation Store

Fans of the first installment of Disney Infinity, this one’s for you! The 2.0 Toy Box is now available as a digital download for PS3 and PS4 from the PlayStation Store. For a limited time, it’s going for an introductory price of $19.99.

Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition)

We heard your requests to be able to experience Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition) without buying a new Starter Pack… and decided to do something about it! How it works is that you can use the base, figures, and Powers Discs that you already own with the new and enhanced 2.0 Toy Box. From there, you can expand your experience with the 2.0 Play Sets (The Avengers, Spider-Man, and Guardians of the Galaxy), 2.0 figures, and 2.0 Power Discs. These are now being sold separately at retail.

Plus, we’re offering the Disney Toy Box Game Discs Stitch’s Tropical Rescue and Brave Forest Siege at no extra cost to players who purchase the 2.0 Toy Box download. The Toy Box Game Discs are an added feature of Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition) and unlock hours of repeatable gameplay. This offer will be available for a limited time, while supplies last. After you’ve purchased the 2.0 Toy Box, visit the Disney Infinity website to claim your Toy Box Game Discs.

Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition)

One more thing! If you’re new to Disney Infinity, there are options for you, too. You can get started playing Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition) with either the Marvel Super Heroes Starter Pack (includes Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, The Avengers Play Set, the 2.0 Toy Box, and 2 Marvel Toy Box Game Discs) or Toy Box Starter Pack (includes Stitch, Merida, the 2.0 Toy Box, and 2 Disney Toy Box Game Discs).

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  • Awesome!! Offering the 2 Toy Box Game Discs is great!

  • Is the Vita/PSTV version still in development?

  • @generic123 it is, have to wait for information though. Hopefully not too much longer.

  • The Toy Box Starter Pack looks great. Marvel is nice, but it’s not a big deal in my house.

    I’m also really interested in the PSTV/Vita version. Will the base station for the PS4 be able to be used with the Vita version?

  • What’s going on with the Vita version? Is it the same game? When is it coming? Why’s it taking so long? Why is no no information on it?

  • All characters have online codes you redeem for pc/ipad versions. I am hoping that is how the Vita version will work so no base needed. Not sure how power disc would work in that setup though.

  • It’s nice that we’ll be able to reuse our base and everything from the first game. Thank you. Just to make sure, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, the discs and The Avengers Playset will be available as individual retail purchases outside of the starter pack? Thank you for your time.

  • Will the Wii U base from the original Disney Infinity work with the ps4 downloaded version?

  • WTF with November lineup for PS+? are the games so a bad ur dont even wanna post it?

  • Without the hardware this seems silly as a digital download.

  • @10 You have a point :). Marvel stuff looks fun though

  • Would really like to support this, and had thought about it as a Christmas gift for my Minecraft and Lego addicted children.
    Unfortunately, I am a little confused, to why the need for all the parts and pieces.
    Does the Toybox have to be added to the base digital game? And if so, why no sale for that, since this is just DLC?

    I like games for my kids, as there are less toys to keep track of and put away.
    Kind of defeating the purpose.

    Also, its a little greedy to charge for a plastic toy I could almost get out of a box of cereal just because it has digital content.

    May have to pass this year and go a different route unless you have a really good sale.

  • What’s the difference between the 2.0 Toy Box and the Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition) Marvel Super Heroes Starter Pack. Plus i have the oy Box and the Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition) Marvel Super Heroes Starter Pack for PS3 will the Stand work with PS4?

  • @10 people that owned the first game already have the hardware and many are only interested in the disney characters/toy box, so it’s a great idea.

  • For everyone confused. This is an option for those already with base hardware and maybe 1.0 figures. That doesn’t want to buy the 2.0 starter set or toy box 2.0 starter set in which you buy another base. The play sets, including avengers are all being sold separately. So you can just but this digital version then buy whatever figures/playsets you want and use your older 1.0 figures as well. This is a Digital version of 2.0 for those with existing base or ones that may get a cheap base off ebay to start….

  • So if i have the 1.0 and want to play in the sets of 2.0 i can do that, but only with 1.0 figures right?
    I cant use the new 2.0 figures?

  • Does this fix rest mode on the ps4?

  • SID! Are you kidding me!? Yet another post that is NOT about plus or 2.00? YOU GUYS ARENT LISTENING!

  • hey this is cool and all but can we get a fix for sharefactory?
    sometimes when adding music it cracks on its intro and can ruin a video. and when trying to fix it with fade it does absolutely nothing… audio trim is also messed up when trimming forward a track it does not move forward it instead merges the back with 2nd audio clip causing u to lose ur marker… the more n more i explore the closer this thing gets to gamestops door!

  • Is the ps3 and ps4 games cross-buy? I’m assuming not since it wasn’t mentioned. Would be nice so I won’t have to hold off until I buy a ps4. Also, anyway you would put infinity 1.0 on the PSN for free like you did for Wii U?

  • also made up a few prototypes for a better XMB that only uses 7 tiles and gets rid of all the clutter i will send it via feedback if i can send files via feedback…

  • Kinda wish Sony would stop counting their money and do something a little special for their fans that bought over 10 million of their units and millions of people with PS+ subscriptions.
    These free 8-bit indie games need to stop, no one really plays them, maybe an hour or two, then they are never played ever again.
    We use to get some decent games through PS+ and with less subscribers. Now there is a new record amount of PS+ subscribers with boring indie games that should have been left back in the 1980s.
    I would take Knack, Thief or Metal Gear Solid V over these indie games. and we can pick up those games for about $10 each.
    The PS Now feature is a joke. I owned about 1/10th of those games from the PS3 Store. Sony even has records for every account and for every purchase, with PS+, those digitally purchased games should be free to play.
    PS Now should be unlimited for $50 a month, $35 – $40 a month with PS+.

  • @22 i am super excited for binding of isaac and so are a lot of other people but i still get what your saying. its nov 4th and still no free games yet. come on grace!

  • Enough with the Sony stuff, this is about Infinity, posted by an Infinity person. Ok… I got all the 1.0 stuff, so I’m set on that. If I get this can you still buy the Stitch & Merida figures separate? Don’t see them on Amazon or anywhere else. Although, if it’s $20 for this & $28 for the figures, this is only like a $10 savings. On the cross buy question, is it? That might make it worth it .vs the physical copy.

  • @24 stitch and merida can be bought separate. Got them from amazon and they all arrived today. I didn’t buy the toy box starter since I knew digital was coming today. Wouldn’t count on cross-buy but we will know for sure when it goes live on the store. And yes it’s about a saving of $10, which is what the bases sell for on ebay anyway, but still nice to see a digital option giving a discount for base owners.

  • I’m confused. Is it JUST the 2.0 Toy Box, or the full 2.0 game as well? Does that include the Marvel story missions, etc?

  • This is great! I got 2.0 for the WiiU because the kids wanted the second screen but the low graphics, difficult controls, and poor processing power practically ruined the experience for us. Happy to come back to the PS4 on this!

  • @26 it includes everything, but you will need the avengers play sets to play the Avengers story… The Avengers play set is now sold separately as well as in the starter kit. This is effectively the entire same game disc.

  • So a thought. If the promotion for the free mini game disks goes to the first 10,000 people who buy this across all platforms, who is to say that there is anything left when the PS store updates later this evening? Should I be worried that all the Nintendo and Microsoft guys will get them all?

  • Thx, JimmyHACK. Gonna get the physical box then. You can’t watch your daughters face light up in surprise over a download. $10 well spent.

  • @28 what is difficult about the controls on the wii u? Is is any different than 1.0 version? We were OK with that. I don’t have a next gen console but wondering if I should get it again for Wii u vs the other 2 last gen ones.

  • If I already have Infinity 1.0 on PS3, can I just buy the PS4 Toybox and use with the 1.0 base?

  • @JimmyHack: Not confused. Merely stating a fact. Already got the marvel ultimate set when it came out, best Marvel character animation in any games.

  • I would love to buy this but I can’t find it on the store. This news item says it’s now available, but it’s just not… unless I am missing something. What am I missing?

  • Is this update going to hit the store today or what? Come on Sony!

  • Well damn I alre bought the Starter Set not knowing they would do this. It might be worth $20 to not have to use the disc every time tho.

  • Anyone know when this update is hitting the PSN? Seems the rest of the store is updated I just can’t find it anywhere.

  • Be careful using the Disney Toy Box Game Discs from the Marvel set as they cause “game save deleting” glitches! Disney and Avalanches still haven’t fixed this launch day bug!

  • I bought the digital release and went to the link you posted to claim my toy box game discs… But there’s nothing at the link to claim anything.

  • I got the download but how do I get the toy box game disks (Stitch’s Tropical Rescue and Brave Forest Siege)? It says to go to the Disney Infinity site but then what?

  • @ 41 go to this link and read the hole page https://infinity.disney.com/console-download

  • Would have been useful information to mention that if you live in Canada you CAN’T get the free power discs.

  • Dang!

    “The Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition) console download must be purchased on the console you currently play Disney Infinity on in order to use your current Disney Infinity Base.”

    I have 1.0 on the 360, sadly, so I guess this is not for me :(

  • We have searched and searched PSStore and there is nothing in the UK, when will it be available for UK users?

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