The Hungry Horde Lurches to PS Vita Tomorrow

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The Hungry Horde Lurches to PS Vita Tomorrow

Hey Vita fans! Andreas Firnigl here again. I’m one of the guys at Nosebleed Interactive, the folks bringing you The Hungry Horde for PS Vita. We’ve been working super hard for the last few months to make the game feel as slick and polished as possible so I’m really excited and proud to finally be able to tell you that you’ll be able to race up the leaderboards and compete with friends tomorrow when the game finally rises from the grave… and goes live on PlayStation Store.

The Hungry Horde

In case you missed our first PlayStation.Blog post here’s a quick recap on the basics of the game. The core premise is that you play as your very own horde of zombies fighting for survival (a sort of reverse survival horror, I suppose). Humans you “recruit” join your ever increasing horde in a constant race against the clock to escape the area before the military nuke you.

The guys over at XDEV Studio Europe were kind enough to send me over to Gamescom in August (thanks chaps!) where we had a short demo on the show floor. All of us were equal parts anxious and excited to see what the players would think of it. I spent a lot of time watching people play and it was an amazing feeling seeing people laugh and smile at the demo. What was especially cool, was seeing people have “just one more go”, which at a show where the likes of The Order: 1886 and Project Morpheus were playable just round the corner, was wonderful.

As we covered in the last post, The Hungry Horde is chock full of minigames. You can find them hidden in presents within the main game, and they offer a little breather from the hectic action as well as a chance to win extra prizes. Everybody has their favorite, so I thought I’d share a bit about my own: Pacifist Island.

The Hungry Horde

In it, you play as a lone zombie on a beautiful tropical island, just minding your own business. You’re not the usual rage-filled, bloodthirsty undead type. You like peace and quiet and coconuts. Unfortunately, the military aren’t quite so diplomatic and they’re out to get you. Survive as long as possible by dodging bullets and positioning yourself so the soldiers, tanks and helicopters hit each other instead of you. A lot of the inspiration for Pacifist Island has come from bullet-hell shooters — we even threw in some cool, coconut-based power-ups for good measure. Of course there are more mini-games, like the light gun inspired Cryo Crisis and microscopic-collect-em-up Infection, but you’ll have to play the game to see what they’re about!

One of the things we haven’t shown off yet is the sticker album. We really wanted everything in our game to feel tangible and tactile, from the playable arcade cabinets and ghetto-blaster right through to the menu system. Our menu is set up like a sticker album with over 150 collectible stickers. Special foil stickers unlock minigames and extras and everything looks and feels like you’re flicking through a real sticker book. We’re hoping people are going to love earning stickers, opening packs and trying to fill the book. There’s a lot to do.

The Hungry HordeThe Hungry Horde

And on the subject of “lots to do”, another thing we haven’t spoken about yet is Trophies. We LOVE trophies! It took a bit of persuasion but after seeing the Trophies we had planned our producer at XDEV said “Yes, I’ll make sure you guys can have Platinum Trophy support.” If that’s not enough for you though, we also have 150 in-game objectives to complete, you know, just because they’re fun!

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  • I think I read that this was one of the free PS+ games this month. If so, I’ll be giving it a shot. It looks pretty interesting, and I wish you guys good luck!

  • Gotta Have my Plats!

  • Plat is a nice surprise. Price?

  • First off: I respect you devs and no harsh feelings. You probably shouldn’t read the rest of my comment, it is primarily directed against what PS Plus is becoming.

    Hungry Horde looks like a wild collection of simple C64 games. Games too simple to raise any interest on their own, since the 90s. But cheap versions of several of those game ideas being bundled together … wohoo!

    Sorry, I guess one can register that I’m not impressed. And I’m even less impressed that we are forced to pay for such games via Plus.

  • meh. might be worth downloading.

    looks like this could be fun.

  • Does this fix rest mode on the ps4?

  • Anyone wondering about announcing IGC: check your e-mail.

  • @4 If your comment isn’t directed at the developers of the game, why sully their thread with it here? You’re not helping anyone. I think you also missed the part about the minigames being in addition to the main game.

    Love that games like this and Pix the Cat are back in vogue. Pick-up-and-play arcade games are a great contrast to large, heavy games that load up an hour-plus of cutscenes and tutorials before any fun is had. A sense of humor and a bunch of bonus games are a nice plus.

    Excited to play this. Congrats on reaching your ship date, gang.

  • What about my email? there’s nothing regarding IGC for november…. :o

  • @6
    Yes, this Vita game totally fixes rest mode on PS4. Great question!

  • I am ready to complain about the PS + lineup for this month.

  • So how about Resonance of Fate for PSNow???? :)

  • The community needs a blog post to discuss IGC or it will end up on every post like this.

    I was going to say… why does this game play so many ways? Mini-games! And a platinum!

  • Love the Sticker Album, I’m a sucker for those kind of collectibles.

  • @10 Seems you need a lesson on sarcasm.

    Tired of these indie games. Waste of time.

  • This game looks fun, I will have to give it a try tomorrow.

  • Some people need keep their stupid and negative comments to themselves. Dont like it? Fine, move on.

    I will definitely get this game!!

  • @17, you and your “holier-than-thou” friends need to get over yourselves. Don’t tell people to keep their negative comments to themselves. This is the exact forum for ALL comments. Sony has been acting ridiculous lately. And if this dev can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.

    I for one and sick of these indie games, especially when offered as part of IGC. This is not what the IGC used to be about and it’s all we get now. I feel PS+ is losing the amazing value and relevance it once had.

    So, good for you getting the game. Others won’t be.

  • Is there PSTV compatibility?

  • Why is this game so hard???? Forget about thinking they give you no time. After 15 tries i finally make it to Night 2, die, then have to
    restart the whole thing. The makers of this game had to be abused as children.

  • Will this be playable on the PS Vita TV?

  • @Andreas

    Im loving this game. Its awesome and really a gem. The only problem is that a black screen appears from time to time.

    The game is so friggin addictive. Good work

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