Divekick Addition Edition + on PS4, New Character for PS3, PS Vita

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Divekick Addition Edition + on PS4, New Character for PS3, PS Vita

Divekick Addition Edition + has finally arrived on PS4! This update to Destructoid’s 2013 Fighting Game of the Year is available now for just $9.99. But what is Divekick?


Divekick is the world’s first two-button fighting game. It distills the essence of the fighting game genre into just two buttons with no d-pad directional movement. Divekick’s focused gameplay demonstrates how much depth a single move actually has, and introduces (or reinforces) skills fundamental to the genre: mind games, spacing, timing, and quick reactions.


Fans all over the world dove headfirst into Divekick last year and found a very simple to learn, but very difficult to master head to head competitive experience. In fact, weekly online tournaments are still happening to this very day! If you purchased Divekick for PS3 or PS Vita, fear not! The Addition Edition + update is completely free and will be available to you shortly. You’ll be able to enjoy GGPO-powered online cross play, allowing you to fight against players on the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. A world of competition awaits you.


Divekick’s original release was named in the top 10 overall games of the year (2013) by Ars Technica, Amazon, and Giant Bomb, showing that even players who aren’t usually into fighting games have found a lot to love in Divekick. We’ve added even more content to Addition Edition +, including a brand new stage and our first guest character, Johnny Gat from Saints Row IV! You can play through the single player story mode to find out why Johnny Gat is stuck in the Divekick world, or enjoy playing through with any of the other 13 warriors to learn more about them. Iron Galaxy is committed to updating Divekick AE+ with additional free DLC characters so long as the game is active online. Our first free character update will be revealed soon, so stay tuned to the Playstation Blog and to our twitter @Divekickgame!

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  • Dear blog team: When you have everyone asking what the plus games are for November, and big problems with your latest firmware update, the first post on this blog should be one addressing these issues. Not three indie game posts. Be more aware of the situation, please.

  • @1 yowzagabowza – The posting is from the creator of Divekick, not from somebody at Sony.

  • @ DaveTheSnake True, but alas still frustrating.

  • @2 im fairly positive that sony has to approve the posts that show up here. And when. Thier first priority should be the questions we are all asking.

  • @1/4 The Plus post will be later today because tomorrows the day, what’s the rush? they’ll be there all month. Also they did address problems with the firmware yesterday on Twitter.

    Also, DiveKick looks like a really fun game. That Jefailey guy kind of looks like a little chunkier version of Cole from inFamous.

  • Anyway this is cool but since I already own it no purchase for me again great fun game though.

  • Very excited for dive kick. Held off on PS3 version waiting for this one.

    However, it is frustrating that this ps plus situation is leaving everyone in the dark. And I am someone who is 100% happy with the rumoured line up.

    It is strange we have not had the official post yet.

  • I am ready to complain about the PS+ lineup for this month.

  • This is just embarassing. 2pm EST and no word officially from sony about the PS4 PS+ line up which if it indeed the confirmed games from other 3rd party websites it nothing to look forward to and another month wasted for PS4 Owners. I mean fromt he Rest mode glitch , to driveclub PS+ edition sitll not available, to the lackluster of PS+ games previously sony is really dropping the ball here. No more side scrolling indies. Put out real games even if it an indie at least make it something that doesn’t look like it for the Android.

  • I have Dive Kicking for the PS3/Vita and Both say Purchased.

    However, DiveKick is already on the PSN for the PS4 (Released October 7th 2014) but is a separate $9.99 purchase.

    But after a read I see that your post is saying we are getting Addition Edition + for the PS3/Vita

    What we are not getting is a cross-buy with the PS4 and it will remain a separate purchase.

  • @Adam “Keits” Heart I know Guacamelee is not your game but each week when the store updates I ask why we never got a upgrade option like Europe/Asia did for the PS4.

    If you read the Guacamelee’ faq you will see:

    We wanted to have an upgrade package available to all those who purchased the original Guacamelee! on the PS3 or PSVita. The upgrade package is available in Europe and in Asia, but due to reasons that are not clear to us, an upgrade was not possible in North America. This decision was outside of our control, and we are disappointed along with our fans.

    Now that it was on sale. I still refuse to Purchase as I don’t want another full copy (still more expensive than if we had a upgrade option). I want my Upgrade option at a competitive price.

    Sad, Sony can’t answer something that released on Jul 1st 2014.

  • if I buy on PS4, do I get the PS3/Vita versions as cross-buy? I’m really confused about cross-buy and what platform I need to buy on to get the supposed value :/

  • Oh my god, you guys know there’s more than one place to get video game info, right? This blog isn’t the only site on the Internet?

    Here’s the frickin’ Plus lineup.


    The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (PS4/Vita Cross-Buy)
    Steamworld Dig (PS4/Vita Cross-Buy)


    Frozen Synapse Prime (while it’s already out on Vita it’s unclear if it will be Cross-Buy)
    Luftrausers (PS3/Vita Cross-Buy)


    Escape Plan (PS4/Vita Cross-Buy)
    The Hungry Horde

  • @12

    Divekick is PS3/Vita Cross-Buy.

    The PS4 version is a separate purchase.

    All you had to do to find that out was look at the store. This is labelled very clearly on Divekick’s store page.

  • Does this fix rest mode on the ps4?

  • Yes we know the list. But it is strange Sony posted then removed it. Makes you second guess things.

  • @15

    Stop spamming that. Seriously, it’s f***ing annoying. Just turn your system all the way off when you’re done playing until they release a patch.

    Yeesh. Sometimes I hate the Internet.

  • People are being immature and trolling. They are spamming and acting like children.

    However, there are some issues that Sony seems to be ignoring. We are 5 days past the ps plus announcement time.

  • Also

    Buy dive kick.

  • PS4:

    The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (PS4/Vita Cross-Buy)
    Steamworld Dig (PS4/Vita Cross-Buy)


    Frozen Synapse Prime (while it’s already out on Vita it’s unclear if it will be Cross-Buy)
    Luftrausers (PS3/Vita Cross-Buy)


    Escape Plan (PS4/Vita Cross-Buy)
    The Hungry Horde

    These titles are embarassing especially as a PS4 owner. I mean you could choose from many different titles such as Metal Gear Solid, Need for Speed, Assassian’s creed, Tomb Raider Golf Club. Driveclub PS+ is still on hold and rest mode still isn’t fixed. This is embarassing. For a game that was supposed to destroy Forza we are looking really silly right now as PS4 owners. I hold the lack of an official announcement is due to you coming to your senses and giving us REAL games.

  • Embarrassing is having to be lumped in with fellow PS+ subscribers who are entitled whiners that are too close-minded to try fantastic games in multiple genres. Just because you think those games are bad (when they’re not), doesn’t mean that no one else wants them. It just means that you limit yourself to big budget crap and define “quality” as stuff that costs $59.99 on release. LOL

  • @21. Not necessarily. Some of us would like costume Quest 2, maybe some old PS1 classics, or some of the other overlooked indies out there like Motherload.

  • @magooser
    Agreed. Of course you can’t please everyone, but I think most people want a variety from Plus (or a variety just so that they get at least one game they care about). Putting up six indie titles every month is not how to do it. Even when they’re different genres, indie games have a different feel and development approach to them. I’m glad to see some games get recognition through Plus, but limiting the subscription to one area of the market is a bad idea, which is where it looks like Sony is heading.

  • lol, i wasn’t aware anyone even plays, much less CARES about friggin’ DIVEKICK…..

    there’s another two-syllable PS4 game, that starts with a D, that we ACTUALLY care about…it’s called “DRIVECLUB”. how about some news on that? or about what you folks plan to do(if anything) to make it up to us, for shorting us an IGC title last month?

    how about some news on what you folks are going to do to fix the problems this latest firmware update has caused (can’t believe it took THIS long to create and test, just for it to go THIS wrong), or why this new firmware is STILL lacking features that were standard on the PS3 at launch? And how about news about what’s going to be in the IGC this month? i mean, the IGC titles are going to be updated tomorrow…..would have been nice to have at least 24 hours notice on what was going to be in this latest batch, like every other month……

    i hate to say it, but you guys are slipping…big style…

  • @05 + shadysaiyanz

    not all of us use twitter….not all of us are even interested in anything to do with twitter…important stuff like that should be addressed in a forum we can ALL see, and participate in..

  • @13 + djsaiyan

    ok, that’s great….and how do these other sites know the list is legit, and not pure speculation or rumor?

    that’s what this blog is for; official information and announcements….so we’re all doing the sensible thing, and waiting for an OFFICIAL announcement, instead of relying on rumors and speculation..

    if that list DOES turn out to be legit, i’m gonna be very disappointed(and i’m sure i won’t be the only one), because that lineup is absolute crap.

  • @15 + jluvsc

    lol, Johnny Gat fixes EVERYTHING…

  • Bought Divekick, quite a ways back, and still haven’t touched it..(not a big fighting game fan :/). Adding Johnny Gat, just may get me to download and fire it up, though. Love Saint’s Row. Thanks, for giving it to us free. ^^ Not many fighting games, do that..

  • This game should be cross buy or at least discounted for ones who bought already!!

  • So we are going to find officially about ps plus on the day they come out.

  • Because, this is no longer about DiveKick and mostly focused on Playstation+

    Are we Guaranteed that Plus will always go live on the first Tuesday of the Month?
    I ask because of Europe’s update last month.

    Europe, started out similar being updated on the first Wednesday of the month but that trend was broken last month. It should have been updated on the 1st but instead happened on the 8th. Either DriveClub was responsible because it released on the 7th and they were waiting for the + Edition or they are updated the first Wednesday after America gets updated and not the first Wednesday of the Month.

  • @26

    Because they get press releases from Sony, and half of their former staff now work on this very blog. It was IGN.

    When they report the Plus list, it’s never wrong.

  • Woooow this is a ps4 game! ! Really! ! Looks like a psp game. . anyway about the PS plus games. I think this is the worst list of games in a long time. .. tomorrow the playststion blog it’s going to be a riot! ! LOL. ..

  • Really sony? More indies for ps+ free games, @15 an anyone else with problem of rest mode, call sony suport they can help u fix it, they did for me an last i dislike most fighting games but only two buttons an no moving! Sounds like garbage, i love final fantasy dissida an the 2nd one but thats because i love how open the arena is an how the gameplay is an also mortal kombat but atleast there not dumb enough to pull this 2 button only garbage

  • I feel sorry for Adam “Keits” Heart that he had to deal with these wave of idiots complaining about off topic stuff such as November’s PS+. It has nothing to do with Divekick whatsoever and is considering trolling.

    Now on topic, I got the patch on the PS3/Vita versions and I’m surprised Johnny Gat was free on those platforms. I thought it will be a PS4 exclusive thing. Glad to see PS3 and Vita owners get that content too.

  • @34 Divekick’s gameplay is actually incredibly deep.

  • Playstiaon community at it finest!


  • Again I am not a complainer. I think some people here are acting immature. However, people are using this forum to voice their concerns becuase there is no where else Sony will hear them.

    People are confused and frustrated. Some of them are just taking it out the wrong way.

  • Oh belive me i love the free games but its nov 4th and there not here

  • Pretty sad that I’m finding the PS+ lineup from other comments before I see an official post.

    I’m hoping the lineup is false, but maybe I’ll find some fun in that Binding of Issac game.

  • nice it’s Johnny Gat from saints row IV. LOL.

  • @36 ? My opinion is that its garbage an nothing you say will change my mind

  • @41 sony posted on facebook the next 3 months an those people are correct on this months games

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