This Week in PlayStation: Freedom Fighters

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This Week in PlayStation: Freedom Fighters

So, yeah. You’re probably going to want to grab your tickets for PlayStation Experience. It’s in just over a month!

PS4 system software 2.00 is out now with themes, Share Play, USB music player, new livestreaming upgrades, YouTube integration, and more. We got our first look at Destiny’s upcoming expansion, The Dark Below, Freedom Wars is out now on PS Vita, the new PS Silver Wired Headset is now available (and it’s quite comfy, if I say so myself), and you can pre-load Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare now.

Fellow Final Fantasy XIV fans will want to take a gander at my interview with Naoki Yoshida, the game’s producer and director, from Fan Fest in Las Vegas. I got to talk to Yoshi-P! @_@ FFXIV: Heavensward is looking absolutely bonkers, and I can’t wait for it.

What are you playing?

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This Month’s Free PS Plus Games

DustSpelunkyBatmanDungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of MystaraPix the CatRainbow Moon

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  • 1) PS4 2.0 has issues with Rest Mode and a variety of things. When can we expect the system software team to address this on the blog with a time table as to when we can expect this fixed?

    2) I can’t upload anything up to youtube even after going through the steps of setting up my account, why is this not working?

    3) When will PlayStation TV get Uncharted Golden Abyss Support and full access to PSP and PSOne games in the catalog?

    4) Drive Club? What is going on?

    5) Second Controller support for PlayStation Mobile apps on PSTV?

    6) Additional Voice support for applications like Netflix?

    7) Voice Support allowing commands to be issued when headset mode is enabled on games like destiny?

    8) Fix to turn Voice Support back on once done playing games like Destiny?

    9) PS1-PS2 Backward Compatibility on PS4?

    10) UPnP/DLNA Multimedia server support? No one should be using sneaker net for playing their music.

  • Soony, please fix 2.00 orange pulsating rest mode issue this week too, because PS4 is getting angry that I just leave it on. Parents are sending Con Ed to my apartment soon if you do not resolve this terrible problem!

  • And EVOLVE’s Big Alpha failure! Great week :(

  • “Freedom Fighters” was an outstanding PS2 / Xbox game from 2003. You got my hopes up for a PSN port.

  • And no, Safe Mode > Update Firmware is not a solution. Well, it works for a bit, but after a few times the problem crops up again.

  • Can’t believe sony are bragging about their achievements when we are left with a very expensive machine that is clearly not working properly and to top it off they have not even addressed the issue disgusting ?

  • I can’t sign in to Youtube, it says not available at this time.

  • How about Resonance of Fate for PSNow? :D PRETTY PLEASE! :D

  • @7 – I had the same problem until I went to YouTube on my PC and found in my user account settings where PSN was listed as being associated. Remove it, then sign in on your PS4. It should be fixed then

  • Panopticon Santiago FTW !!

  • I’m playing: Velocity 2X. Trying to perfect EVERY stage is super hard.
    I’m watching: Naruto Shippuden. I hear the anime will be ending soon.
    I’m listening to: Unhappy Refain by Hatsune Miku. Can’t wait for the Project Diva F 2nd. :D

  • What about November’s PS+ Lineup? It seems to have been announced everywhere else except here on the official blog. It’s not a particularly good lineup is it? Is that why there has been no mention of it on here?

  • @12

    The line-up hasn’t even been announced in EU! The post was due on Wednesday, and never seemed to materialise. There has been no word from Sony on it over the blog whatsoever. An email was sent out regarding Plus but only listed 3 of the games!

    Not sure what’s gone on at the moment, but I hear the Video that was listed here on the US blog was temporarily pulled down.. I’m guessing they know it’s a poor line-up and don’t want the negativity in front of their shareholders.

  • The big new arrival for me this week was my copy of The World of Ice and Fire – which effectively acts as a sourcebook for George R.R. Martin’s magnum opus (and the HBO television series based on that series of books).

    It’s got a detailed history of Westeros from the Dawn Age to Robert’s Rebellion (with sections for each of the Targaryen kings to sit upon the Iron Throne), an overview of each of the Seven Kingdoms, and information on many of the lands beyond (such as the Free Cities, the Summer Isles, and more distant realms like Yi Ti and Asshai-by-the-Shadow).

    Definitely highly recommended for anyone with an interest in ASoIaF/GoT.


    Game-wise, I haven’t been able to pick up Freedom Wars just yet, but I’m glad to see how well-recieved it’s been so far, by and large.

  • Sooooooo, it’s November and either there is no PS Plus game list ,or it’s another lazy move. Are you updating the day before the store updates for PS Plus? How hard is it to let subscribers know what they’ve invested in? Too much about money and politics and not enough about gaming anymore :(

  • Does anyone remember this underrated gem?
    One of my favorite PS2 games ever!

  • Hopefully they’ve been sscrambling to improve the plus lineup after the horrid reaction the leak got. Then they can act like that wasnt the official lineup all along.

  • I really hope the November PS+ games aren’t….

    PS4: The Binding of Isaac
    SteamWorld Dig

    PS3: Frozen Synapse Prime

    PS Vita: The Hungry Horde
    Escape Plan

    Anything but these games! Please Sony! Looking like bad cheap android games.

  • PS+ version of Driveclub get cancled in total or….

  • This week in Playstation: Sony releases update that breaks major functionality of console then refuses to acknowledge it. @askplaystation continues to suggest a fix that doesn’t work for most (all?) users despite comments on almost every response that it didn’t work.

    This week in Playstation: The tipping point where I definitely regret switching over from Xbox (which was my primary console for the previous two generations). Rest mode communication issues, Sunset Overdrive, no dnla in new update, driveclub debacle, terrible PS Plus titles thus far (outside of binding of isaac and resogun), no bluetooth remote support in new update, no suspend/resume in new update, the list goes ever on…

  • next update needs online but show offline mode (ghost login) friends are cool but sometimes you just dont want to play with them just rather be hidden than to say no to several people

  • @19 You can suspend/resume on 2.0 update

  • @21 – I can’t either, and so can’t a ton of people. If it works for you great, but it’s not working for everybody. What you have to do if it happens to you is pull the power cord from the PS4 and when you turn it back on you have to rebuild the database to get back to normal operation. That’s not a fix though. That’s just a band-aid

    Sony’s complete lack of communication with their paying customers is getting old. I guess they don’t realize that if they just kept people in the loop instead of leaving people wondering wth is going on there’d be a lot less negativity towards them

  • I’m not too excited about November’s PS+ games EXCEPT that Frozen Synapse Prime is one of the best games of the year, hands down. Bought it for $20 on Vita and totally worth the price, you have my word. BRILLIANT.

    I’m sorry to say I’ve tried EVERY “rest mode issue” fix that I’ve seen posted online so far and none of them fixed the problem for more than one or two shutdowns. here’s what I’ve read to do:

    1) Change the time that USB will have power supplies after shutdown from 3 hrs to “always.”
    2) Verify your email address in your PSN settings.
    3) Reinstall the firmware update from Safe Mode.
    4) Rebuild database from Safe Mode.
    5) Reset settings from Safe Mode.

    Hope we get a new patch soon…

  • I’m playing: PvZ Garden Warfare, NBA 2K15, God of War Collection (Vita)
    I’m watching: Raw, Modern Family, Walking Dead, Conan, Cristela
    I’m listening to: Pharoahe Monch, Beastie Boys, Kendrick Lamar, Dead Prez,
    I’m not playing: Driveclub + Edition or Evolve (Thanks 2.0 buggy firmware)

  • Black Friday is coming soon Sony !! You guys better keep up !! Or Xbox it’s going to hit you hard a lot of people it’s getting mad with you guys !! I’m looking to buy a new ps3 bundle. EU it’s getting awesome bundles Far cry 4 and Little big planet 3 with 500GB ..and we’re getting Disney infinity marvel with 12GB !! really !!

  • why dont you add voice to text for messages and continuous recording for people that wanna do let’s plays. also fix message issue where takes forever to load or delete messages

  • can we please get Crash Bandicoot and Spyro for the North American Vita owners?! I miss playing those games why are they still not on the vita!?

  • this dude doesn’t have answers let alone cares what we say on this post he’s a “SCEA Social Media Specialist” just copy and paster :\ thx for the try sony

  • “This week in Playstation: The tipping point where I definitely regret switching over from Xbox (which was my primary console for the previous two generations). Rest mode communication issues, Sunset Overdrive, no dnla in new update, driveclub debacle, terrible PS Plus titles thus far (outside of binding of isaac and resogun), no bluetooth remote support in new update, no suspend/resume in new update, the list goes ever on…”

    LMAO you read my mind stillersfan7 !
    This is so sad…

  • Might have to go with xbone this generation. $350.00 console with sunset overdrive may be too good to pass up. friends are thinking of doing the same. will wait this holiday season or I can assure you we’re switching over if we don’t see improvements this gen. I do look forward to the November ps plus games as a vita owner though.

  • SONY, please fix the “rest mode issue”!

  • Let’s do a quick recap so that we can bring things back in the spirit of KazeEternal above. Listed below in terms of priority:

    1) ‘Rest’ mode (Standby was working so fine, why we gotta get this broken new thing)
    2) A portal for continuity of discussion with developers, so that we can encourage–nay–influence them into rapid releases
    3) Youtube sign-in difficult for some (I had to kind sign-in a million times, felt like I was brute-forcing the system or something). Check out my video: /watch?v=nrwWFK6o1T4
    4. The only reason I’m being so negative right now is because I love you.

  • So what about this months PS Plus games?


  • An easy fix to the PS4 pulsating yellow light is to change the settings in [power save settings] the USB charge from 3 hours to Always instead.

  • It’s in Sony’s best interest to make more new games for the Vita even if it didn’t sell well.
    You have to support it for your fans. You close down warrior’s lair, you could have release it.
    I know the PS4 is selling well and it also needs waves of games, but every single studio must have a side-project for the Vita.
    Just look at Nintendo and how they’re releasing a new console, sort of, they can make their portable console a success because they release a new version every year and they have a ton of great games focused on gameplay and fun, Sony can do better than them so show us.

  • the November PS+ games are
    PS4: The Binding of Isaac
    SteamWorld Dig

    PS3: Frozen Synapse Prime

    PS Vita: The Hungry Horde
    Escape Plan

    I mean as a ps4 owner can you guys NOT DO BETTER but to give us month in and month out side scrolling gameboy color looking games. We are REQUIRED to have the PS+ to play ANY online games and so far we have two quality games to show for it. Resogun and outlast and if you have friends over sportsfriends can be fun. Other then that the PS+ have been embarassing. You there are games like Golf club out, Assassian’s Creed out, Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider, heck even Need for Speed that would be great PS+ Games. Instead we get The Binding of Isaac SteamWorld Dig. If my PS+ wasn’t required I’d cancel it immediately. Not to mention we still have NO DRIVECLUB a month later and that game was supposed to be a LAUNCH title. Now we can’t turn on the PS4 if it goes into Rest Mode….

    Embarassing… Xbox, Microsoft, and ESPECIALLY FORZA fans are laughing at us and we have NO COMEBACK…

  • I had problems with rest mode but unlike u whiny girls i was smart an called sony supprt team an they had do some things that fixed it so it rest mode works, so point is calling this number (1-888-345-7669) usa an hitting * you will get a real person to talk to an thats better than this were no answers are answered

  • Also sony please make need for speed free on plus, im starting to hate indies since most look like games for gameboy advance an u keep shoving it down our face, i know ur helping them but we want none indies in ps+ free games

  • PLEASE!!!! Fix the rest mode on update2.00. to me these issues should of been tested before hand. Called Playstation for help, and they said it would be fine now. WOW they told me lies, and barely spoke a lick of English.

  • I called customer support about the whole “rest mode” issue (you know, how it basically bricks your machine and continues to flash orange).

    I’m told there will be a patch out “early this week” to fix it, and the recommendation in the meantime is to not use rest mode, and just turn off your machine.

    If it matters to anyone, I just unplugged my PS4, plugged it back it and let it do the safe mode thing… It doesn’t seem to have negatively affected my machine at all.

    I came here looking for tomorrow’s PS+ lineup, but see nothing… Must be a spectacularly bad lineup.

  • My Ps4 is working fine, Share play is the only thing that doesn’t seem to be working just yet. Also anyone else notice how much better party chat sounds now after the update? Wasn’t expecting that.

    Also people need to stop complaining about the Ps+ games, I was planning to buy Binding of Issac: Rebirth and was pleasantly surprised to find that it might be a Ps+ free game. Although I wasn’t too excited about last months games I gave Dust a try and loved it, It turned out to be the 2nd game I’ve gotten a platinum trophy for and my first for Ps4.

    People need to give these games a chance because the first Binding of Issac is amazing, So this new one can only be better and you might be getting it for free on the day of it’s release.

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