PlayStation Blogcast 141: Late to the Pickaxe

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PlayStation Blogcast 141: Late to the Pickaxe

Y’all hear about this “Minecraft” the kids are talking about? That’s right, I start mining years late and gush about it. And we cover updates on PlayStation Experience, listener letters, and more.

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Stuff We Talked About

  • PlayStation Experience
  • Minecraft!
  • New releases
  • Marvel movies

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The Cast

[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • Sad to hear Tom Gilmore is ill. so far the show is great. I have been playing Destiny almost non stop and my third character is almost raid ready. Love the game. Lastly thanks nick for talking up “snowpiercer” months ago, it was excellent.

  • Yes, my weekend is complete! Don’t worry about starting Minecraft late Ryan, better late than never I suppose? =P You should make up for it by going for the platinum trophy, I’ll even let you use my 500m long railway for the gold trophy, lol

  • I love the show,. all are great and funny. I really want a PS Blogcast made in México.

  • Will listen to the Blogcast tonight at work. I’ve barely played Minecraft on my Vita and hope to get some good info from guys. I’m currently playing MotoGp13 on the PS3 and I noticed 14 is coming out next week. My my, the PS4 version looks really nice. Anyone looking for a good racer should give this series a try. The bikes feel different every time you move up a class. The 1000cc bikes are putting out around 250hp so you get a good feeling of how precise you have to be with the throttle coming out of turns. Oh yeah loving Freedom Wars from what I’ve played of it also, Good day Gentlemen!

  • Soooooo…..what happened to the Plus preview post for November?

  • Took nearly a quarter of this show to get to the new releases because you guys decide to go through the news first. I’m also surprised that you’re waiting until the last minute to announce the PS+ lineup for next month, though I know the games sort of leaked already.

    However, it was still a good show.

  • I’m really looking forward to The Binding of Isaac Rebirth next week. It’s really cool that the PS4 version is debuting free for plus, but I want the vita version. I really hope it’s cross-buy, if so I’ll be renewing plus next week.

    I’m amazed by how good Freedom Wars is, I took a chance on it because of the $30 price and I am completely hooked now! I love everything about it, the world, the graphics, the sound, the ridiculous amounts of customization, Fantastic game!

  • For those that don’t know, the Plus lineup is already out.
    Not thrilled, but can check if Frozen Prime is worth buying on Vita, so not a total loss.

    Was tempted with Freedom Wars, but glad I chose Sword Art Online instead.
    Sure it has flaws, and entirely too much Japanese dialogue with bad translations.
    But a game so close to what I needed for a game on a handheld, being an old mmorpg fan.

    I almost recommended PS Plus today, but thought better of it.
    Sad thing is, I wanted to.

    I would probably try listening to your bl

  • @6 Leaked?
    I watched a PS video, with Kristin Steimer’s name on it.

    Noticed how my post on the PS experience was erased.
    Which says one or two things being hit or miss.
    1. I was completely off base ( and if so, I am sorry ).
    2. I was dead on, and wish I weren’t.

    Anyway, enjoy your Halloween.
    I was uplifted in seeing that at least a few houses in my neighborhood still had lights on and gave out candy for the little ones.
    I still have so many bags of candy left though, and I was worried it wasn’t enough.

  • Oh, and Minecraft for the Win.
    Vita lets you adhoc, thank god.

    Setting up a house in the hills, where me and my son will start our mining expedition.

  • @5 No Driveclub and 6 indie games, so it would be about 800 negative comments and rated 1/5. Better off not showing it.

  • When the next update for Minecraft PS4 Edition and Minecraft PS3 Edition. Like cammand block add horses redstone block.
    and there problem need fixing the browse cannot be displayed error code 80710906 please sony can you look in two this thank you.

  • On PlayStation 3 console.

  • one idea i have, the PS3 can be read friends who has the PS4
    i detected this problem with my friend Vitorvf92
    One idea i have to SONY or PlayStation are a update to PS3 to read a online friends on PS4 and compatibility of PS3
    for example: i will have my PS4 on Xmas and i will have GTA 5 and play with my brother in two videogames in the same game to play together

  • So, lemme take the Plus update is delayed right?

  • I wish somebody would make a website full of funny stuff I never said… and also funny stuff I did say. Both are legit.

  • I should get like a trophy or something for making Sid speechless that’s a feat in and of itself.

  • I was hoping to hear some feedback from the team regarding their own personal experiences with Freedom Wars – but maybe that could be something for the next episode, to give the game a little more time to mature “in the wild”.

    I picked up Minecraft for Vita just recently. While I’ve set up a few different worlds (one for each texture pack I’ve picked up), I haven’t really delved too far into any one of them. I dunno… I was hoping there would be a bit more to the NPCs – the villagers don’t offer much in the way of communication, and it gets kind of quiet in solo play otherwise.

    I might have to think a little more about what it is I want to actually do with the game…

  • Minecraft for the Vita is a great game!
    This might be a stretch but can you guys do something about getting Crash or Spyro for the NA Vita store? Its a shame that they are not available for the North America Vita Community.

  • I hav real problems with ps3 and need updates help please. My settings are all screwed up help!

  • Does anybody have the PS PLUS updates for November?? I tried listening to this blogcast and couldnt find anything. I hope theres some new Vita games that are worth playing.

  • Thanks guys! You should always start with the news, in my opinion. Makes the Podcast feel more dynamic, timely! Lol don’t even know if those words mean what I think they mean, but I hope you get it.

    Tom Gilmore will be missed. R.I.P.

  • I thought the PS+ game lineup was announced last week. Why are so many people wondering what it is? If I remember, what I read was:

    Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
    SteamWorld Dig
    Frozen Synapse Prime
    The Hungry Horde
    Escape Plan

  • @23 (KidGreengene)

    Where’s the blog post for that? I couldn’t find that at all. :(

  • This was definitely the best podcast yet! You guys should consider a reality show..

    Also I think that one of you should rig Sid’s phone, so every time he snoozes an alarm the phone emits a bloodcurdling scream.

    Everyone has fun when you guys have fun on the podcast, keep it up.

  • True, Kiro. I don’t think I read it here. I read it on IGN and it was on Thursday, the day they normally reveal the new PS+ lineup. Not sure why Sony didn’t blog it. Guess we find out today when they update the store if it is accurate.

  • Guys.. can we please get the comment section back to being about games?
    … So I went to see John Wick this past weekend. Really enjoyed it. I thought Keanu was perfectly cast for it and did a real good job. I like how rather than being super ninja warrior Jack Reacher type of protagonist, he got beat up regularly. He simply willed himself to win each fight and was willing to take it further than the guy he is facing.

  • Does PS3/4 Minecraft support Mouse and Keyboard?

    I gotta say, you guys did a knock-out job figuring out a user interface that worked with a controller, but I feel pretty Old Dog on the console and don’t think I could ever really get into it on console without Mouse and Keyboard support.

  • Best. Episode. Ever.

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