P.T. on PS4: Survival Tips for Konami’s Horror Hit

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P.T. on PS4: Survival Tips for Konami’s Horror Hit

Forget the pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween is all about scaring the bejesus out of yourself and those around you. So what better way to celebrate than turning the lights off, grabbing a headset or turning up your surround system (essential for the full immersive experience) and starting up P.T. – it’s free to download on PS Store!

Sure, you can watch the countless videos populating the internet of horrified gamers, but there’s nothing more satisfying than completing the game yourself and obtaining that ‘I Played P.T. to the End and Survived‘ kudos. It’s an experience you won’t forget.

If you’re too terrified to try P.T. out, or have dipped your toe into the game but need a bit of guidance, let me hold your hand and give you a few hints and tips!

Firstly, you’ll notice that P.T. plays in a loop: you’ll visit the same corridor, but each time something will be different. You should take the time to inspect and interact with everything: pictures on the walls, items on the floor. Listen closely and pay attention, the devil is in the details after all. Did a door just open? And don’t forget to look up…

Each time you discover something you will be allowed to proceed to the ‘next level’. If you run around and around that dreaded corridor, afraid to take a closer look at the clues, you’ll never get anywhere. So take a deep breath and become familiar — extremely familiar — with your surroundings.

Some of the methods to ‘unlock’ the secrets of P.T. can be a little tricky; many people have completed the game simply through trial and error or by working together. The clues are there, so to help you on your way I can exclusively reveal a transcript of the audio clues — some of which are reverse speech or in a foreign language.


I walked till I stood one pace before Jack

Heart pounding

I whispered his name

But the night wind stole his voice away

In the moment our hands overlap

We share in an instant of private darkness

His touch, cold as marble

Cold, and shivering all over

Never moving a step, his hand in mine,

I waited for it to pass.

And through the mists of waning consciousness

I thought I heard a phone ring.

You’ve been chosen.

So there you have it, a little bit of guidance to get you through the game in one piece (and hopefully, with your sanity!).

WARNING: P.T. is seriously creepy, but the only thing that’s stopping you from finishing this game is your own fear and imagination, conquer this and you’ll be fine. After all, it’s only a game… Sleep tight!

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  • Other suggestion: put your headset on!

  • This teaser is awesome!!! can’t wait to see what the game would be like.

  • That is a cool Halloween treat!

  • If you endured the horrors of the PS Plus line ups in the last months, surely this game’s got nothing on you!

  • Can’t wait for Silent Hills for PS4. Dear Konami: please bring Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD to Vita. It would be perfect for it. Also consider Silent Hill 2 and 3 HD for Vita. These games would be so awesome to play on the Vita handheld. I will be buying Silent Hills, but would also like to see some love for Vita (not just remote play).

  • I played it 4 times now, first time alone and then with different friends that came to visit… not ONCE did the game showed all the same scenes and patterns!! it is amazing to be able to play a game (or teaser hehe) 4 times and be scared every time.

  • I wonder when is going to be revealed the definitive solution to solve this game! My theory is that you need to stream the game to finish it… It is really fun to play, it always scares me :)

  • This is the horror game I have been looking for! Finally a game that scares the living hell out of me. I didn’t think anything would top fatal frame series for me. I hope the new silent hill is just as scary as this teaser. I like the new concept and I think it would be awesome to have a first person silent hill game.

  • I loved pt, but really, theres only one scary part. The rest is just excellently atmospheric.

  • Hello, fellow PlayStation fans! Please check out my Halloween themed submission for a SHAREFactory competition. P.T. is one of the games featured. Thanks and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


  • WARNING: P.T. isn’t seriously creepy, but the only thing that’s stopping you from finishing this game is fear and imagination, don’t conquer this and you’ll be fine. After all, it’s only a game… Sleep tight!

  • After completing P.T. I learned to walk in circles until the game ended. I actually disproved the meaning of Insanity. Want a good survival tip? Do not buy on day 1. ;)

  • After completing P.T. I learned to walk in circles until the game ended. I actually disproved the meaning of Insanity. Want a good survival tip? Do not buy on day 1. ;)

  • Happy Halloween to all Sony Workers and to the Sony fans who had been only loyal to Sony from the beginning.

  • Is there an extension coming to P.T? I thought I read this somewhere but can’t find the article again.

  • its been out for over a month. just hard to find on the store

  • P.T. was a great game, but the purposely difficult and esoteric solutions to advance the narrative ruined it completely.

  • I can honestly say this is the creepiest thing I’ve ever played. I had to play it in multuple sittings, it just got too stressful lol But I finished it! So yes I’m proud of myself. And that hyper-hallucination mode….(if you played through the game you know what I’m talking about…)

    Another suggestion (to add to zingakun’s): Only play at night, with the lights off, either in a closed room or in the most open room : )

  • Konami do you ever plan to put them other suikoden games on the playstation network people have been asking for the last 5 years

  • @robalboa its not actually, just type “PT” on store :)

  • Watched a gameplay video on this one, and found that it seems to be a great game you don’t even mind watching someone else play.
    But does she seriously relieve herself on you?

    The look of the corridor was nice, and if it wasn’t for the creepy woman, I could feel at home.

    But what else would you expect, from someone that was recognized for Metal Gear.

    Not my favorite genre in the least (without a weapon), but one that I am sorry for not owning a PS4 for.

  • Secondly,
    Thank you for your digital sales. Please keep them coming.

    Your company is a legend, bringing a mutitude of classics over the years for many, so many I don’t want to bore everyone with an entire post about it.
    Definately in my top #3, though FF7 still has me for storyline, MGS would be my second.
    But nowhere near the titles as you.

    Would you please consider bringing more games over to PSN?
    I personally love digital, when priced right.

    One off the top of my head are the Yu-gi-oh duel games from PSP.
    I know I wouldn’t be the only one to consider a real card battle type game, and noone else has brought one to Vita yet.

  • Maybe even consider a museum collection if possible.
    Games like Double Dribble, Jackal, Life Force, Contra, Rush’n Attack, etc. etc.
    I know I would have considered it over some of the Indie games available.

  • Someone posted the exact way to beat the demo on a different website. You actually do not need a headset as the game does not require voice as many seem to think. I used his method and got through it pretty quickly on my second run. Most of the game is linked to how many times you go around the hallway.

  • Here’s another suggestion: look behind you.

  • Let’s see if this is good

  • I havent beat it but I will I know I will. I have to play it again. Gonna do a broadcast and see what happens.

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