The Dark Below: Destiny’s First Expansion Hits 12/9

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The Dark Below: Destiny’s First Expansion Hits 12/9

Bungie just announced that Destiny‘s first expansion, The Dark Below, is coming out on December 9th. We caught up with Eric Osborne, Bungie’s Community and Marketing Relations Manager, to ask him a few questions about what we can expect to see.

Destiny: The Dark Below

PlayStation.Blog: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today Eric. Today saw a huge announcement regarding Destiny’s first expansion: The Dark Below. What exactly are you announcing?

Eric Osborne: We’re announcing that Destiny’s first expansion, The Dark Below, will be available on December 9th. Players who pick it up for download will be able to earn new weapons, armor, and gear, experience new story quests and missions, play new cooperative activities with their friends, and add three multiplayer Crucible arenas to their competitive rotation with Skyshock, Pantheon, and The Cauldron. In addition to new content, we’re also raising Player Light Level potential to 32, increasing Bounty slots from five to ten, and including some fun surprises for everyone who’s playing the game.

PSB: The PlayStation exclusive content includes an exclusive Strike, what can you tell us about this strike and what players can look forward to?

EO: We’re going to detail the Strike out in full in the weeks ahead, but we can confirm that PlayStation players will get access to an exclusive, cooperative Strike that takes place in the Black Garden, “The Undying Mind,” and more. We’ll share more in-depth details very soon.

PSB: There is a new character in this expansion. Can you give us a little introduction?

EO: Players are spending a lot of time in the Tower, so we took the opportunity to craft a new character, Eris, that players can receive quests and missions from in The Dark Below. Not only does she offer up unique bounties and rewards, she also has a story to tell about The Hive and their evil intentions. She’s also pretty creepy!

PSB: What can we expect for the future of Destiny?

EO: That’s a great question. We have well laid plans for the future, but you know what they say about those! We just put the finishing touches on The Dark Below, and we have some fun and much requested updates en route that will land before and after December 9th. In the days and months ahead, we’ll keep charting the course for Destiny, right alongside the awesome community of players. As always, it should be a great ride.

All great stuff Eric, thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us today. I’m sure our players, like us, can’t wait to get a hold of this new expansion on December 9th.

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  • This game will be great when it’s finished!

  • After reading this I think its time to trade this game in …Dragon Age 3 looks interesting.

  • Answer us why you decided to cut 45% of the game 7 months to release and sell us something that was not advertised for years?

  • ” This game will be great when it’s finished! ” – Agreed! Thats why i sold it .Maybe after some time i will buy it in sale with DLC´s. For now its not worth playing except for pure great online FPS PvP experience.

  • I really think that DLC for a game like Destiny would work better if it were drip fed to the consumer. Give us a new experience every few weeks and something substantial that evolves the story every two or three months. This works beautiful in MMOs and I would gladly pay for an annual season pass (essentially a subscription) if it were done well.

    That’s what I wanted out of Destiny; a vibrant and ever evolving world, as opposed to the reality of the game as it stands. I know it would cost Bungie to do more updates, but if they could offset that with a viable and fair payment plan we’d be one step closer to the game so many of us envisioned Destiny being in the first place.

  • By the time they figure out what Destiny is and how to make it worth playing, it will be too late. RIP Destiny.

  • what a load of BS…

  • “…she also has a story to tell about The Hive and their evil intentions.”

    And that wasn’t in the game at release because…..?

  • Wow! Sorry you all arent, but I am loving Destiny. So are my very large group of friends and clan mates that continue to explore new ways to devour this content. I can’t wait for this next set of goodies! Thank you bungie for your creation. Thank you Sony for securing exclusive content for us, the PSNation!

  • No new Crucible modes? I love this game but- Come on Bungie!
    There’s a huge reason why I sunk so many hours into Halo 3 and Reach.
    It wasn’t the story. Give us some more modes to chew on! Where are custom games!?

  • I cannot wait, last I looked I think I am over 6 days played time…time to level a second character; and why no mention of the next raid? That is what I am stoked about.

  • I may wait for a game of year edition or something, i just cant invest in destiny. Im glad people are enjoying this but i just cant seem to jump on the hype train

  • I love Destiny since the beta, I just hope it would be easier to find the raid gear, I have gone there like 15 times and Just got the boots =/

  • let the disappointment continue

  • I already gave up on Destiny. It would have been great if we got what Bungie planned to make in the first place, but what we got in end is a big disappointment.

  • Can’t decide if Destiny is an incomplete game that they’re desperately trying to finish through DLC or a complete game that was carved up to sell to consumers as DLC. Don’t get me wrong, though. I’m still enjoying playing it. The core of what’s there, the shooting, gameplay mechanics, are solid. Everything else surrounding it, however, is not. Most of the game’s story and lore are on grimoire cards that aren’t even accessible in the actual game. How insane is that! If you don’t even care enough about your own game’s story to even put it in the game, why on earth should the players care?

  • I got tired of Destiny after 30 days playing. I still need the Hard Raid trophy and no raid deaths, but let’s face it, those will be so hard, I might as well just give up now.

  • You got to have mental issues to play this game longer than a week.

  • The DLC looks like a glorified COD map pack. I think I’ll pass. I was really hoping that Bungie would use DLC to fill in the gaping holes between what they sold us and what they actually delivered. I am pretty disappointed that this is what they have chosen to offer consumers (especially at this inflated price point).

  • Comments 1,2,3 &4,

    Destiny is a great game.Worthy of GOTY.

    Yes it seems that some content was ripped out to sell as DLC, or maybe was unfinished, but by nothing else, compared to the games released alongside it this year, Destiny is one if not the best game released so far this year.

    Bar the over priced DLC, I’m enjoying Destiny allot and may take a peek at whats coming up next.

  • Loving destiny but like so many have said before.. it’s the best 7/10 game you can find :) I’m hooked on playing it but there are just some details missing. I see that Bungie is actively trying to optimise the game for everyone but I hope they will take care of the essential details.
    Maybe a way to speak to strangers to set up a nice team for the raids or nightfall (this is a kind of MMO isn’t it)? Or a bigger variety of crucibles modes (like Hedgeyy is saying) . Or something as simple as looking at your score during crucible matches not only at the end? This is such a basic thing that I might just think I didn’t find the right button yet :D
    Like I said, an addictive good game to play but I understand the comments of so many that the game just hasn’t reached it’s full potential yet.. and that’s a pitty because the hype is slowly fading, especially with all the new games coming out this time of year

  • So happy I was able to get a full refund from my retailer a month and a half after owning this game. I hope advanced warfare will be better. Other than the scenery and graphics this game was not fun in my eyes.

    Very very very disappointed in Bungie I was expecting much much more but the lack of the story in the main game and the crucible mode just wasnt fun and don’t even remind me of all of the grinding in this game.

  • Can’t wait! Got all my characters sitting at level 29. Running the raid three times a week so I hope to get them all to 30 soon. Feel free to join [PSBC] PlayStation Blogcast if you’re looking for a clan to raid with.

    For all the haters, just move on. The last thing Destiny players want in their raid group are whiners.

  • I can’t wait for the updates and DLC. Destiny has such great potential, but right now is a husk of what it can be.

    It has the best feeling and controls of any shooter. The world looks amazing, and the addiction to gaining better loot is as strong as ever. But the lack of an immersive story, dry NPC’s, and the terrible voice acting really hold this game back.

  • winterdust can you add me to your clan, looking to run the raid. level 28 hunter. thanks

  • Looking forward to this.

  • Can’t wait! It’s shaping up to be really awesome!

  • Its a cool game from level 1-20 even though it falls flat on the story side, the post level 20 stuff is a bit hard to swallow for many and I think it’s just too much of a grind to level or get rewards after many people ditch it around 20.

    Still I enjoy it now and then especially with friends so I can’t really bash it and I’m actually looking forward to the expansions, hopefully they make it a little more rewarding especially after spending 40 minutes on a strike.

  • Twenty bucks! ? I could buy a sub par pixelated indie game for that!

  • Thinking of trading it in tbh

  • $20 is 1/3 of the cost of the game, but that is definitely not 1/3 of the content in the current game, so it doesn’t appear to be a very good value.

    I am glad I sold my copy three weeks after launch.

  • Happy with the game. Can use some more variety but I’ve never played a console game post story for this long before..

  • Here’s what I would like to see:

    Three of the blogcasters doing the Nightfall or a Raid. Anyone else??

    Hey you guys, why not have a running contest, where it’s you 3 or 4, and you invite 2 or 3 Blogcast Listeners to a raid each week after reset or once a month?

    AND STREAM IT so we can watch, potentially laugh, cheer and/or make fun.

    BUILDING COMMUNITY. (Maybe I should work in Social at Playstation)

  • You are all funny. The ones selling their games are the ones that have been complaining about it. Maybe I don’t have a life, but I’ve got almost 3 29 level characters. I enjoy this game and sure it’s repetitive, but it’s a great game thus far and it’s only been out for a month plus. So all you cry babies out there, go sell your game….there will be less cry babies playing the game.

  • I want to look forward to this, I really do but I just no longer see the appeal in Destiny anymore. It’s not that I’m burned out or anything, trust me I know when I’m burned out on a game, it’s just I don’t find it fun anymore. The lackluster content coming from this, an “Expansion”, just makes it seem more depressing.

    It was fun while it lasted.
    To those still playing and getting this; Good luck and have fun.

  • I dont have this game and i dont think i will get it. Expansion already ready ?really?

  • I guess I’m kinda glad that the DLC is bringing more content for solo players as well, but I’m not sure it’s enough to justify the price tag.

  • Destiny is the best-selling flop ever.

    Most Overhyped, Underwhelming Game of 2014.

  • Too late, I already traded it in. You should have put more content in the game otherwise I would have kept it. Maybe when they release another version with more of the expansions next year, I may consider buying it again but not now.

  • I wish I had not bought this game digitally. I would have already sold it. Soooo lackluster.

  • Never felt so ripped off from buying a game as I did with Destiny and I’ve bought some real garbage games in my time. Too bad I already payed for this trash of a DLC as well.

  • All these people complaining about this game are delusional. You all want **** handed to you on a silver platter instead of trying to grind for your items. Get real welcome to RPGs it takes time to get the best gear, I love the challenge this game offers to get items. I feel better when I worked hard for my items, instead of saying omg I can’t get anything this game is stupid blah blah blah. Cowboy up and enjoy the challenge of the game

  • This game is a dumbed down, shortened, graphically improved rip-off of Warframe!!! Bungie has never made anything unique in their entire existence , and Destiny has shown that Bungie is UNWORTHY of being on anything PLAYSTATION!!

    Much like the guy who made the PS4 2.0 update.

  • YES_! another bungie can make their game impossible to beat by boostin up theAI and nerfing the players and then makin a nightfall thats impossible to beat. I’M EXCITED_!!! ?? sarcasm.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this game from Alpha to my current level 27. Alas, I have hit a wall though. You cannot do weekly strikes, nightfall strikes, or raids without other players. I have no friends with a PS4 and am not looking. Thus, I have done all the single player gaming one can do in this game. All my gear is legendary and leveled up to needing ascension shards. All my weapons are legendary and leveled up to needing ascension energy. I have exotic items as well. Obtaining ascension shards/energy is pure luck at this point. Which means I have no real incentive to keep playing the single player. Crucible is fun to pick up now and then. Too bad matchmaking wasn’t made available to all games modes, oh well. I got my monies worth I guess (time invested to money spent). Just a shame the game never lived up to its intended grandeur.

  • I just don’t understand why Bungie wouldn’t take the opportunity to revamp or trash the light leveling system when the cap is raised to 32? Bungie has made so many mistakes with this game and they don’t bother to fix them. Instead they patch loot caves and nerf weapons. I am pretty pissed I paid the game and DLC already.

  • I really, REALLY wanted to be sold on this DLC but there just isn’t enough content to justify the $20 price tag. There’s not nearly enough missions, strikes, and only raising the light level by 2 is by far not enough. Besides, I still haven’t been able to play the Raid at all yet due to most of my friends not playing this game anymore. I’m very disappointed with this news. =/

  • if I didnt already have the season pass because I foolishly dropped $100 on the special edition, I would have sold this game long ago.

    Destiny is a good….start of a game. Nowhere worth $60, much less 100 of my dollars. I had faith in Bungie, and I was rewarded with a punch to the gut. Such disappointment

  • Will the new exotic armor have 32 light or just have 30 like the rest

  • Everyone seems to have the same complaints and suggestions to improve this game. I know people that loved this game for a month but now won’t play it until the dlc or something new comes out. Never experienced that with other games. I love a challenge but making things seem almost impossible to achieve at times is just frustrating. Implement an easier way to communicate with people at the tower at least. I’ll get three boots, two gauntlets, three guns but never a chest plate or helmet from the raid. How about a trading system at the tower? I don’t need two Hawkmoons, but I would like to give one away. Why not?? Make the tower a more desirable place to go, not just to dance while we wait for our team to turn in bounties.

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