The Dark Below: Destiny’s First Expansion Hits 12/9

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The Dark Below: Destiny’s First Expansion Hits 12/9

Bungie just announced that Destiny‘s first expansion, The Dark Below, is coming out on December 9th. We caught up with Eric Osborne, Bungie’s Community and Marketing Relations Manager, to ask him a few questions about what we can expect to see.

Destiny: The Dark Below

PlayStation.Blog: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today Eric. Today saw a huge announcement regarding Destiny’s first expansion: The Dark Below. What exactly are you announcing?

Eric Osborne: We’re announcing that Destiny’s first expansion, The Dark Below, will be available on December 9th. Players who pick it up for download will be able to earn new weapons, armor, and gear, experience new story quests and missions, play new cooperative activities with their friends, and add three multiplayer Crucible arenas to their competitive rotation with Skyshock, Pantheon, and The Cauldron. In addition to new content, we’re also raising Player Light Level potential to 32, increasing Bounty slots from five to ten, and including some fun surprises for everyone who’s playing the game.

PSB: The PlayStation exclusive content includes an exclusive Strike, what can you tell us about this strike and what players can look forward to?

EO: We’re going to detail the Strike out in full in the weeks ahead, but we can confirm that PlayStation players will get access to an exclusive, cooperative Strike that takes place in the Black Garden, “The Undying Mind,” and more. We’ll share more in-depth details very soon.

PSB: There is a new character in this expansion. Can you give us a little introduction?

EO: Players are spending a lot of time in the Tower, so we took the opportunity to craft a new character, Eris, that players can receive quests and missions from in The Dark Below. Not only does she offer up unique bounties and rewards, she also has a story to tell about The Hive and their evil intentions. She’s also pretty creepy!

PSB: What can we expect for the future of Destiny?

EO: That’s a great question. We have well laid plans for the future, but you know what they say about those! We just put the finishing touches on The Dark Below, and we have some fun and much requested updates en route that will land before and after December 9th. In the days and months ahead, we’ll keep charting the course for Destiny, right alongside the awesome community of players. As always, it should be a great ride.

All great stuff Eric, thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us today. I’m sure our players, like us, can’t wait to get a hold of this new expansion on December 9th.

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