How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition Coming to PS4 11/4

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How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition Coming to PS4 11/4

Just a year ago, How to Survive made its way into the now-popular crafting survival genre. It reached top positions worldwide and even became a favorite in countries like Japan, where it can be spotted regularly among PlayStation Store’s top sellers (Last week it was top 3!).

We felt we had to take advantage of the new generation of gaming, and we needed to make the experience even more fun and challenging, so next Tuesday we’re releasing How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition on PS4!

How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition

As familiar as you might be with your old zombie-infested archipelago, there’s a ton of new content waiting for you in this fresh new complete edition, which includes the original crafting survival zombie nightmare along with six additional thrilling DLC packs. How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition is more fun and tougher than ever.

In How to Survive, your worst enemy… is yourself! You will have to fulfill your basic needs of food, water and shelter while facing all sorts of natural and unnatural threats. So be prepared to find zombies, armored zombies, electric zombies, giants… but also piranha, crocodiles, bears, iguanas… and many more surprises.

How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition Coming to PS4 11/4

Brains are pretty hot items around here, so we encourage you to use them. Scattered around the islands you will find pages of an eccentric survival guide that can teach you how to handcraft dozens of weapons and tools: from fishing rods or crossbows, to chainsaws or Molotov cocktails. The choices you make will determine if you end up dead, alive… or undead! Watch the launch trailer above to see if you have what it takes to survive!

Storm Warning Edition features more exuberant islands to explore and more survivors to play with. You’ll go up against a wide range of natural conditions that affect your gameplay, such as rain that will put your fires out and leave you in the dark, making cooking an impossible task and rendering your incendiary arrows useless, storms that can strike you with lightning but will also recharge generators, and that’s not mentioning the blinding fog, lava pits, toxic clouds…

How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition

How to Survive: Storm Warning EditionHow to Survive: Storm Warning Edition

We’ve even introduced new game modes following community feedback, where you can join a friend and try to fix an escape vehicle, or fortify your camp with traps and barricades to see how long you can last.

Good luck out there, Survivor!

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4 Author Replies

  • Hmm, looks like it could be fun. I don’t think I ever got around to trying this game. Honestly, never even heard about it until just now. I also had no idea the game was endorsed by Count Chocula, so there’s that too.

    • Rodrigo de la Pedraja

      Hi Holic Waltz,

      We definitely think is fun. Who you hear is not Count Chocula but Kovac, master crafter and survivalist extraordinaire. He always wears a welder mask so… I guess it could be Count Chocula… we’ll have to find out.

  • This looks like a blast. Rodrigo, what were some of your biggest inspirations when putting How to Survive together?

    • Rodrigo de la Pedraja

      Hello Jonnyzombieboy,
      First of all the team behind the game, EKO Software, are fans of the zombie genre and you can see influences from the classic movies and games. But when we were looking to find our own voice in the genre, and decided to focus on survivalism and crafting, we looked closely to survival guides. Have you ever read one? They have inherent humor in them. I recall reading that if you are ever attacked by a shark you are supposed to “punch it in the nose”! That’s when you start wondering who writes them and how do they get that information.

      And considering survival guides and zombies a great influence was “The Zombie Survival Guide” by Max Brooks. It’s a great book… and it can save our lives in case of a planetary zombie emergency.

      We hope we can save some lives with the game too!

  • It seems that game is freeplay on November. Yep! Yep!

  • @1 Count Chocula, haha.

    This game does look awesome. I think I remember seeing something about it a while back. Looks like fun. How long does it take to 100%? And price?

    • Rodrigo de la Pedraja

      Hi ZombieRollz,

      Is hard to say because players always surprise us.
      Besides the story mode and the challenges this edition offers a lot of additional content, including a new storyline with additional quests and 2 new game modes. The “Barricade!” mode can last for as long as you can survive… we had people telling us on our Facebook that they played that mode for 8 hours in a single session…
      To play safe I’d say that a player can complete the story and the challenges in the harder difficulty in 10-12 hours.

  • This is one the games i missed buying on the ps3 and im really glad its coming out on the ps4. Will br buying this one for sure.

  • I don’t think this game will be a free ps plus game at all, but if it is will be great one. I had the original game on xbox. Its a fun game and if you got coop partner makes it even more fun.

  • Heard from some people that this game isn’t that good. I’ll pass.

  • Just to let all of you know, The original PS3 version is on sale, this week, for $7.50 & $5.99 with PS+ in week 2 of Sale of the Dead.

  • Are you this is a great seller from all over the world?

  • This game looks like fun.

  • I picked this game up on sale from Steam a little while ago. It’s really fun and I can see it getting it’s hooks into me. But, considering I still have Mass Effect 2, ME 3, Resident Evil 4, Mirror’s Edge, and Portal 2 in my backlog at the moment, I decided to put it to the side. Might pick up the PS4 version if I actually (finally) have the system buy the time I clear my backlog.

  • I tried the demo for this on PS3 back when it came out. I liked it, but was just too busy at the time to pick it up. Was ready to buy it today with the really nice sale, but i guess I’ll just wait for this PS4 version to come out instead.

  • Finally a Decent PSN update. What sucks is I don’t get this for free the DLC? I have already purchased How to Survive when it was 14.99 this Edition should be free I think.

  • I have GTAV btw I don’t even play it their is tons of way better games it’s not a bad game but Rockstar failed to make and good updates for it and I got tired of waiting for Heist however I know that it will be out before Christmas.

  • any*

  • I snatched up Walking Dead Survival Instinct before PSN even updated in the store. It was 50 Dollars yesterday no joke. That was one sweet deal. If PSN continues to make good discounts and updates like this I may renew my Plus Subscription.

  • last week sale kind of sucked but I managed to get Ultimate Edition of Dante’s Inferno so it was well worth it in the end. This is like Devil May Cry meets God of War totally.

  • They need to stop trying to force us to other consoles and provide equal updates for ps3 users alot of people resisted the ps4 money grab console they are waiting for better specs and HDD space. I’m waiting for the PS5 which should be out before 2020.

  • @7 whoever told you this either A) never played it, or B) doesn’t know anything about an enjoyable survival game with a fun story.

    I have this on my PS3 and am eager to see how it looks and plays on the PS4. As well as the added content. It’ll be something nice to hold me over till Far Cry 4 comes out.

  • When can I buy this!! I’ve been constantly checking the PSN store!

  • Its available now on PSN Mr.TomGrayson. There’s a demo too.

  • Can’t combine cat with feather on Santa Barbra island in story mode, tried reinstalling, cancelling mission ect. Help!

  • This game is very fun and certainly worth the $20. I do wish there was an open world mode where I could build my own camp and my buddy could build one in the same world and explore stuff together like a sandbox. Other then that its a lot of fun. Love barricade.
    One thing I hate is the 2 player tethering. We are at pur own houses and own TVs… Why do we need to be on the same screen together? That is very irritating and the one thing I hate about this game. I hope they plan on making a part 2 that is more online friendly.

  • I actually like the whole staying on the same screen thing. If it wasn’t like that I’d imagine some people ditching their partners, like “forget you you stupid noob” and leaving them to die because they didn’t know what they were doing. I liked Dead Island/ Riptide but hated online because mostly everyone just went their own way. This was actually touted by a creator in a video interview! He was all like “you can one guy over here doing something and another guy across the map doing something else” I was like “Well than what the heck’s the point of co-op??”

    In Resident Evil 6 they did it right. Yeah, you could ditch your partner but there were always doors that required two people to open and you couldn’t do it any other way if you wanted to advance. Plus, if your partner died the game would end and you’d have to restart from the last checkpoint. So, it was always in your best interest to always be with them. No one cared if you died in Dead Island; they’d just lose some money and respawn somewhere and it wouldn’t affect the game at all except for temporarily losing a partner. So, I’m ok with this.

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