Costume Quest 2 Spooks PS4, PS3 Today

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Costume Quest 2 Spooks PS4, PS3 Today

Hey PlayStation.Blog friends, Casey Lynch from Midnight City here again!

Costume Quest 2 hits PS4 and PS3 in North America today, which means costumed warriors Wren and Reynold are back to save Halloween! No pressure, right? I mean, you’d think they could just catch a break and have a normal Halloween like other kids and stuff. But NO!

A probably-very-evil dentist called Dr. Orel White, DDS, wants to save the world… from the terrors of SUGAR! To get rid of all those cavity-inducing candies for good, he plots to erase Halloween from history!

This simply won’t do. But what are the kids supposed to do? This isn’t like fighting simple Grubbins, those green pushovers. These are Time Wizards, and Kronys, and worse. You’re going to need some seriously sweet firepower to stop them — like SACKBOY, what?!

You’ll also have an improved battle system at your disposal, which includes a new special attack mechanic that rewards fast reflexes, and nearly four dozen Creepy Treat Cards that you can collect and use to increase damage, earn multiple attacks, and more to even the odds.

Are you ready to put it all on the line for Halloween? Will you travel to a faraway dystopian future, a place where candy is outlawed, and fun is a thing of the past?

Are you sweet enough to save the world? We sure hope so.

Costume Quest 2 is available today for $14.99 on PS4 and PS3, with other territories to follow shortly. And all you Vita fans out there, yes we love Vita and yes we’d love to bring the game to Vita, great idea! But we have nothing to announce about that right now.

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  • I guess I’ll be buying a US PSN card then. Ridiculously stoked to finally play this and get my Costume Quest 2 fix before Halloween. :)

  • It needs other PlayStation costumes in the game .Sackboy is too soft and less combative.

  • I cannot wait! Best game this week!

  • Enjoyed the first game, might get this one. The Sackboy costume looks pretty epic!

  • So excited, my Halloween plans are to play Costume Quest and….nope nothing else, just playing this :)

  • It’s definitely not hitting the EU store tomorrow, right? Nice to see Sackboy looking as adorable as ever!

  • ENOUGH with this shovelware!!

    GTA San Andreas Remaster. This is what we need!!

  • Only the PS3 version currently on the store? Q.Q

  • I am excited. Will it be cross buy?

  • Hi. I’m a Vita fan. Yes, I’d LOVE to see Costume Quest come to the Vita. I think it would be a GREAT idea too.

  • There are a few incredible things being released today, but this is the one that’s going in my cart first! I’ve been hoping for YEARS that they’d make a sequel.

  • Well I’m glad you guys are at least considering the Vita. I really hope it comes on the Vita and PS TV.

  • Will there be any Day One DLC?
    On your other post when asked if there would be any DLC like Steam you said “possibly”

    Anyone know if Today’s Purchases will count towards the “Spend $100 and get $15 back” promotion?

  • when are people getting the 15 dollars for spending a hundred dollars. just wondering because i want to get costume quest 2 with it.

  • The first game was pure Halloween goodness and I will definitely be getting this one.

    I got the first game free with PS+ and really enjoyed it. Will be buying part 2 at full price and any DLC or sequels in the future.

  • I promise to buy Day1 if you promise to cross-buy with the Vita version. 8}

  • @Lash_Whipwreck

    Nov. 7th

  • Yet Costume Quest, a Halloween themed game, isn’t part of the Halloween sale, a common sense move that would help incentivize a purchase of Costume Quest 2 and its predecessor.

    Logic, Sony.

  • @7

    Shovelware? HA!?

    Speak not of things you know nothing about.

  • If the store worked I would buy it

  • The reviews were a bit mixed — just like the first game — but I’m looking forward to it. I just hope the QuickTime Events during the battles are more varied and make better use of the specifics of the DualShock controller. Not using the motion controls in the DualShock 3 (like Rag Doll Kung Fu) was a missed opportunity to increase the variety of the fights quite a bit.

    The fact the first game is on iOS means a Vita port (with better QTE controls, of course) would be quite straightforward.

  • I thought the first game was cute but i can’t imagine spending $15 on this one, especially since its not even cross buy. :(

  • I hope this game will be ligiht-hearted like the first. I loved trick-or-treating, so I also hope there will be some good door-to-door fun in this sequel as well. I’d buy it right now, but all PS Store purchases are on hold until I receive my replacement PlayStation credit card so I can get the extra bonus points for using that. :)

  • I liked the first one.

  • If I buy this and you make it a PS+ freebie next month I’ll cut your balls off, and I’ll do it with this Buster Sword.

  • I almost bought this, but the lack of cross-buy is pretty much a deal breaker for our family. I want to play it on my PS4, my wife wants to play on our PS3.

  • The game is awesome so far. But why no cross buy? My kids wanted this for the ps3 me for the ps4. I bought the ps4 version, but feel kinda ripped not getting the ps3 for my kids. Atleast they are watching me play for now. Please make it cross buy atleast when you release the vita version. Yes I want the vita version too. Greedy me? or … why no cross buy.

  • Purchased! Can’t wait to play it!

  • Haha I might have to buy this for my little brothers.

  • There’s no Sackboy Costume in the game! -_-

  • I’m also interested in knowing whether or not we’ll be getting access to the bonus costumes from the Steam version. More variety will add replayability.

  • Dragonhawk97

  • Sorry mistell, why is there no edit, jeesh.

    What I meant to post was,

    If you would have had the original on sale, you could have made some real money.
    (It’s a holiday title at that)

    If Sony would realize something we would be set.
    That is that digital titles are permanent and nontransferable, so no reason the price couldn’t be lower.

    Even if they sold to every memeber, thats quite a few copies.
    Add that to new members coming in all the time, and you have no worries.

  • cross buy

  • When is this coming in Eu…can’t wait..I’ve been waiting for ths for a long time.

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