Primal Carnage: Extinction Coming to PS4 Next Year

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Primal Carnage: Extinction Coming to PS4 Next Year

So remember all that hype that started early last year about dinosaurs on PS4 but then things went dark on the project? Set your ringtones to roar, because dinosaurs are coming to the PS4 in Q1 of 2015 with the launch of Primal Carnage: Extinction!

Primal Carnage: Extinction Coming to PS4 Next Year

Primal Carnage: Extinction is a class-based, online multiplayer shooter unlike any other on the PS4 platform, featuring fast-paced combat, diverse environments, and over-the-top action. On a mysterious island overrun with prehistoric monsters, players can choose to fight as a variety of legendary dinosaurs or to join the human mercenary team armed with a unique, distinctive, and destructive arsenal aimed at making these bloodthirsty beasts extinct once and for all.

What Happened to Primal Carnage Genesis?

Primal Carnage: Genesis began development at a time when the Primal Carnage brand and Lukewarm Media were being pulled in different directions, and forces within the company could not completely agree on which project to pursue. There was a strong concept for single-player narrative-driven Primal Carnage game, and there was an exciting opportunity to develop a game for the PS4, built on the brand new Unreal Engine 4, but ultimately the project was too large in scope for Lukewarm Media to pursue, and the project was unofficially put on hold at the end of Summer 2013.

Primal Carnage: ExtinctionPrimal Carnage: Extinction

Plans for the brand changed considerably after Lukewarm Media quietly transitioned ongoing management and development of Primal Carnage to Circle 5 Studios, a distributed network of developers and artists that had grown out of the modding community. Circle 5 felt that they were not in a position to pursue the extremely ambitious Primal Carnage: Genesis, but the company saw the opportunity to start over with the brand and to launch a multiplayer sequel to the first Primal Carnage on the PS4 platform with our friends and co-developers: Pub Games, a Melbourne-based team that had previously assisted development of the original Primal Carnage.

Is Genesis dead?

Speaking on behalf of the Primal Carnage team (both old and new), we were blown away by the support Genesis received in the last year and a half, and if everything goes well for us with Primal Carnage: Extinction we would definitely consider pursuing Genesis. For the moment, however, Genesis is effectively still on hold.

Primal Carnage: Extinction

We want to thank PlayStation, Epic Games, Steven Spielberg, Natural History Museums around the world, and all of the Primal Carnage fans out there for inspiring us and helping us bring our dinosaurs into your living rooms.

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  • Not being an online deathmatch fan, I’ve got to say this disappoints me, but seeing Genesis as “on hold” instead of canned is still better news than nothing. Hopefully you guys can get back to it soon. :)

  • how old is that teaser? these screenshots look current gen, but that teaser and some of the animations looked PS3 quality at best. I would love to see Genesis and extinction in play. any timeline for a playable demo?

  • Hi:
    I really don’t care much about this game but it’s great to start having this diversity in games. Hope can improve the Graphics by launch.
    Red 5.

  • I’m with Gorvi on this one. Not a huge fan of online only deathmatch games. I hope it does well, because Genesis looked like something I would be into.

  • Are there any plans of bringing 3D games to the PS4?
    I’ve been enjoying 3D games on PS3 this past week (motorstorm, ico, shadow of the colossus) to name a few and noticed there are no 3D games on playstation 4.

  • I was wondering what happened to this game. Looking forward to trying it out.

  • I’m interested in hearing more about this game. Looking forward to seeing some gameplay!

    A single player focused game also sounds interesting so hopefully you guys can get back to Genesis as well.

  • +maxvtec Wait…what? xD

  • LOL yeah, there are no games on PS4 that I want to play as of right now so I stated playing games on my PS3. I can’t wait for LBP3!

  • I love dinosaurs game but honestly i would have prefered the single player one

  • Trine 2 is a stunning 3D game on ps4 also Castle Storm and Daylight are 3D games on ps4.

  • If only it was a single player

  • wow, this looks like a bad game… hope in the future there’s a better game to make justice to these amazing creatures.

  • @11 I didn’t know Daylight was 3D… tempted to buy the game just for that.

  • MP only? Community will be dead in a week. Make SP or coop.

  • Trailer ( Primal Carnage : Genesis ) more than year ago :

  • cool, dinosaurs. any word on the gta san andreas remaster? thanks, johnny.

  • Those terrible PS3 textures is a PS4 game?

  • “ultimately the project was too large in scope for Lukewarm Media to pursue”
    With a name like Lukewarm Media that’s not a huge surprise. were the names Apathy Studios and Mediocrity Media already taken?

  • Well honestly…there goes my excitement. It does look like the game suffered from downgrade, textures look last gen. Genesis looks so much better and had more interesting concept. This one honestly looks like a hard sell : /

  • Me and my wife we’re really not cited about genesis actually one of the main reasons we wanted a ps4, I will probably be getting extinction since I love dinosaurs, but genesis looked way better, the graphics for this extinction game look ps1 quality, like Dino crisis had better cut scenes. Non the less I like the idea of playing as the dinosaur, but genesis better still happen, and it better be great, they already ruined Jurassic park with that last excuse for a game so stop ruining dinosaurs and please make a good game, like assassins creed, halo, or the last of us quality, I don’t understand why all my favorite ideas for games are always treated so poorly, like murdered soul suspect, I love ghosts and demon stuff, noire and fedoras, but they ruined what was a great idea, it’s like werewolf movies, awesome idea, scary beast, but there all just terrible.

  • I typed me and my wife were really excited about genesis, but for some reason that’s not what my comment says, just wanted to clarify, I am infact excited about genesis.

  • it would be nice if we see a new Dino crises. For this game i guess little bit graphic issues need to be fixed and thank you.

  • Will Dennis Nedry be a playable character? ;)

  • MP only………….. meh

  • I really hope Genesis gets rescued from the abyss and put back into active development. Single player story driven dinosaur shooter? Yes please. All of that. So much with the all of that.

  • been waiting since the PS2, PS3 and now PS4 for a proper Dino Crisis 3.. I guess this’ll do for now.

  • Cool they’re still making PlayStation games??

  • still making PS2 games?

  • @11 thanks man, I will buy daylight!!

  • I wanted the single player game. ):

  • ….because flying a chopper next to a T-Rex is always a good idea.

  • My only complaint with the PC version was the lack of decent servers to connect to; this’ll hopefully solve that problem entirely! This game is wicked fun, can’t wait to start playing it on console! Keep up the great work!

  • It doesn’t look that good.
    Try to improve it !

  • You almost had me sold on this until I read that it’s an “online multiplayer shooter”. Sorry, but I refuse to buy online only games. If it was single player then it would be a different story.

  • Thought this game had been cancelled for PS4 or something like that…glad to see it coming but online only is a huge letdown.

  • Good to see some news on Genesis. Even though it’s not 100% good per se, it is good to have some official statement on the project’s current status. I hope Extinction will help Genesis get back on the map. I for one, will be buying both games, given the chance.

  • Bingo! Dino DNA! Looking forward to this one!

  • I hope to finally get the chance to play this game, since I couldn’t play it with all the lag I kept having on my weak pc. The game was still a whole lot of fun to be a dinosaur! Looking forward to this one.

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