The Unfinished Swan Lands on PS4, PS Vita Oct. 28th

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The Unfinished Swan Lands on PS4, PS Vita Oct. 28th

“So he took his mother’s silver paintbrush, and followed the footprints into a little door he hadn’t seen before…”

The Unfinished Swan

If you didn’t pick-up the silver paintbrush two years ago and discover the enchanting and mysterious world of The Unfinished Swan, a great journey awaits you on Tuesday, Oct 28th when it arrives on PS4 for $14.99. We’re also pleased to announce that this intriguing tale is also coming to PS Vita on the same date. The Unfinished Swan is also a cross buy title. If you’ve purchased The Unfinished Swan before, you’re entitled to it on all PlayStation platforms.

Now in silky smooth 1080p for PS4, The Unfinished Swan puts you in the fairytale story of a young boy chasing after a swan who has wandered off into a surreal, unfinished kingdom. You begin in a completely white space and paint to splatter your surroundings, to reveal the world around you.

That, however, is just the beginning, and we wouldn’t dare spoil the rest. The Unfinished Swan will challenge your belief in confronting the unknown. It will spark your imagination, and keep you exploring to see what lies beyond the blank “whitespace” exposed before you. You may even encounter the eccentric King who built this realm.

The Unfinished SwanThe Unfinished Swan

Speaking of kings and realms, The Unfinished Swan was originally crafted for PS3 by the incredible minds of Giant Sparrow, a development team whom we are proud to call “family.” Ian Dallas, founder of Giant Sparrow and lead creator of The Unfinished Swan has a fairytale story of his own in how The Unfinished Swan came to be.

In October 2008, Ian submitted “Whitespace” to the still-running indie-dev game showcase at the Tokyo Game Show — “Sense of Wonder.” He was honored to present as one of twelve finalists. After the show, Santa Monica External Studio connected with Ian to help him realize his dream of publishing The Unfinished Swan and to enable him to establish his team, Giant Sparrow.

Three years later on Oct 23rd, 2012, The Unfinished Swan launched on PS3. Below, you can take a look at where The Unfinished Swan started in Ian’s mind.

Ian’s story is as true to the nature of what The Unfinished Swan is all about — discovering and exploring the unknown. And as today marks the 2-year anniversary of the game launching on PS3, Santa Monica Studios and Giant Sparrow want to give a heartfelt thanks to Armature Studios for handling the development of The Unfinished Swan to be fully realized on PS4 and PS Vita. They were amazing partners to work with and this would not be possible without them.

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  • I absolutely love this game. Such a fun and unique experience. The trophy for finishing the first level with only using 3 paintballs was tough, but a blast. Can’t wait to replay it on PS4.

  • Beat this on PS3, looking forward to it on my VITA and PS4. Wondering if it supports cross save in any way.

  • Nice, was a beautiful game on PS3. Will be fun to play through again.

    Any eta on Journey PS4?

  • Praise the lord of the Crossbuy!

  • Totally replayable.An awesome story and so much memories.
    Another great work from Santa Monica :)
    Great news!
    28th here we go!!!

  • Sweet….Will play this again…

  • Only the first level was interesting. The whole game should have been that way. Ahould have been $10 all along

  • Looking forward to this; Armature has yet to disappoint me with their ports.

  • Great but where’s Journey? I want to experience that in 1080p with the amazing score by Austin Wintory.

  • Here is a great tip for anyone wondering if an article has information (but you might be too lazy to read the entire article) CTRL+ F -> Type in the Keyword -> Search.

    Save yourself the effort of logging in and asking a question by using the tools around you.

    Congrats on your PS4/Vita Ports. Look forward to those stunning visuals.

  • Cross Buy for the win!

  • PlayStation TV compatible?

  • Any reason why the Vita version has been kept under wraps? Even though it leaked WAY before anybody caught wind of a PS4 version? I don’t get why your earlier blog post treated it like a PS4 exclusive. Vita exists and you need to start treating better Sony.

  • I’m also wondering if it will be compatible with the PlayStation TV.

    And I too am surprised at the silence this game has gotten on the Vita. It went on sale for the Vita in Japan today, but not a word of it was ever mentioned here.

  • I can’t wait to play this on the Vita.

    Journey would be great on the Vita too.

  • Niiiiiiice. I already bought it on PS3, but never finished it. Now I’ll have another go on PS4, that’s really sweet! I love it when developers do this. Thank you very much guys! ^_^

  • It´s raining good games for Vita, Hallelujah!

  • Will Playstation Move controls be supported on the PS4 version?

  • Such a wonderful game. I will definitely be enjoying another playthrough when it launches on PS4. The Unfinished Swan achieves all the magic and wonder that Journey failed to deliver. Oh, but wait.. It’s automatically the best game ever because TGC said so and hype = fact. My bad.

  • Thank you for updating with this Aaron. It looks great!

    Now, if only Playstation All Stars can be brought to the PS4…

  • Getting it on Vita fo sho

  • @ 20 im with you all the way

  • amazing! this was a day 1 buy for me two years ago, time to back 2 times more… I don’t know if I’m more excited to have it in 1080 or portable. Thanks Giant Sparrow!

  • Sadly, I picked this up sometime ago when it went on sale, but I have yet to play it. Glad to hear it’s cross buy, thanks! Any chance the PS4 will have move support?

  • Great concept, great edition…I mean addition.
    Love the fact this game is coming to Vita, where it belongs.

    With a two hour game length, not so happy on price though, but with a sale like Limbo, just maybe.

  • im so glad vita is getting games like this but these games should have been released on the vita on launch day!!!

  • This and Journey, My Vita wants you inside it!

  • Never got around to playing this. Unfinished Swan on the Vita seems like a natural fit.

  • If Cross-Buy; i’m gonna give it another run for sure ;)

  • Looking forward to another enchanting playthrough on my Vita. I hope PS4 version supports Move!

  • Never had a chance to play this, but always wanted to. Now i’ll get my chance, and i’m excited about it.

  • Is it Finished now?

  • I think it’s great all these unique indie(-ish) games from the PS3 era are getting retro-active cross-buy.

    What isn’t great is how poor the Vita ports are, really reminding me of the Wii’s “shovelware” problem. Flower is unplayable on Vita due to draw distance LOD, and sub-native resolution making it impossible to survey from any height. Most of the “HD” versions of PS2 games like Sly Cooper, etc all have incredible framerate issues. Worse yet, none of those games have gotten post-release updates to resolve any of the issues. To be fair, Dead Nation, Sound Shapes, Super Stardust, and Entwined don’t have these issues.

    For the PS4 ports, it makes more sense to just upscale and re-encode audio/video since the purpose is to show non-PS3 players what they missed. It’s still disappointing none of these PS4 ports supports 3DTVs like nearly every PS2->PS3 port did.

    I hope that The Unfinished Swan is the title that breaks the cycle of low-quality Vita shovelware. It’s really not good for a platform with such capable hardware to appear so anemic with first-party titles.

  • a couple of questions: does this version of the game include the “grown up” humor from early versions of the game? I’d really like to see that as DLC — it was *extremely* funny.

    does the PS4 version support 3DTV? The excuse I heard from a producer at GDC was stereo 1080p limitations with PS4 firmware, but that has since been resolved. I’d really like to be able to play Flower and Unfinished Swan in 3D like I can with Zen Pinball 2 and Trine 2, which were also PS3 semi-ports. stereo 3D @ 60fps is really mind-blowing in a great way.

    is Move support still included in this PS4 version?

    I hope echochrome, PixelJunk Eden, and/or Blast Factor is next for a PS4 version. Those were my absolute favorites from the early days of PSN. It would also be cool to see Elefunk on Vita.

  • Great game.
    And with separate PS4 & Vita Trophy lists, I can’t wait to re-play it 2 more times!

  • Such an amazing game. I’ll be sure to replay it on the PS4.

  • I have the PS3 version already. Looking forward to revisiting the world in PS4.
    What are the control schemes available to the PS4 version? Will the PS4 version require the camera to work with Move?

  • I’d just like to extend my thanks to Sony and the great developers that go the extra mile to support cross-buy. It’s a classy move, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. And for those of us that already purchased the games on an earlier platform, It rewards us for having supported these developers during the original releases. It builds nothing but goodwill. So keep on rockin’ in the free world, and let the good times roll. Thank you, kindly.

  • This is one of my favorite games, I can’t wait to play it again!

  • Hooray Cross Buy!!!

  • This is what Vita needs. I have a PS4 but will be playing this on the Vita. I will be getting this and Duke Nukem for Vita. Please bring more games like these to Vita. Games like Pac Man CE, Shadow of the Colossus, Outland, Closure and more. Maybe an open world game. I know that Sony does not own all these, but talk to those publishers. I hope that this a good sign of great things to come.

  • Hey sony, i know that have nothing to do with this but… you will launch an remastered edition of uncharted 1,2,3 in full hd and 60 fps for ps4 right? Like Microsoft did with Halo master chief collection…

  • What about Journey? I can’t wait to replay that on my PS4!

  • thank you for furthering my point that I spent 400 bucks on a recycle machine…. hardly ANY new content on the PS4… instead we get the same titles we own on ps3…. this is total nonsense

  • woohoo! I love hearing that I get games for free. Sony’s ecosystem is fantastic.

  • @33; Sly Cooper Collection with… Incredible framerate issues? B, you never played it on Vita. At all. Shoo.

  • @ badreligionbomb: So, The Evil Within didn’t just come out a few weeks ago? I didn’t just pick up Samurai Warriors 4 a few days ago? (which is amazing)
    Call of Duty: AW doesn’t come out a week after this? Then Assassin’s Creed Unity and Lego Batman 3 the week after that, and Far Cry 4 and Dragon Age: Inquisition the week after that?

    I don’t know what rock you’ve got your head stuck under that you’re so out of the loop, but there is new content coming out ALL THE TIME for the PS4. So much so, that I’ve already got a backlog I’m scrambling to keep up with.


    Unfinished Swan was an amazing game. I’ve been contemplating re-downloading it on my PS3 to show to my girlfriend. However, now I can just grab it on PS4 and earn some more trophies while showing it to her. Win/win. Thanks for making it cross-buy!

  • I greatly enjoyed this game on PS3. If and when I get a PS4, I’ll enjoy it again. It’s so nice that people can replay it on a different system, or play it for the first time if that’s the case. And it’s completely free if you bought it before on PS3. So yay.

    On the other hand, not everyone has to like it. Long live dissent.

  • So heres a good was move compatible on PS3..will it be on PS4?

  • I’ve heard really good things about unfinished swan, will it be playstation tv compatible?

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