Season Pass Feature Coming to Video Unlimited and PS Store

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Season Pass Feature Coming to Video Unlimited and PS Store

Starting tomorrow, you’ll never have to worry about missing an episode of your favorite TV show with the new Season Pass feature on Video Unlimited and PlayStation Store.

Season Pass makes it easier than ever to purchase entire seasons of your favorite shows, including current seasons with episodes that haven’t released yet. The feature launches tomorrow on PS3 and PS Store online via the web and mobile, with PS4, BRAVIA TV’s, and Blu-ray Disc players* support coming soon.

Video Unlimited

Simply click the “Buy Season” button to purchase all existing and future episodes in the season and they will be added to the “My Videos” section of your PlayStation Store or Video Unlimited account.

To help us celebrate the launch of the Season Pass feature, we’re offering special discounts on full seasons of our most popular TV series including The Walking Dead. Full season promotional prices for The Walking Dead begin at $5.59 for SD**, so make sure to check out PS Store starting October 30th*** for specific details and stay current or catch up to anything that you’ve missed!

*Season pass will be available on 2013 or later Sony BRAVIA televisions and Blu-ray Disc players.
**Promotional offer and prices may vary. Check your region for specific promotional offers.
***Promotion ends November 17.

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2 Author Replies

  • The one thing that was missing from the store. Glad to see it finally arrive, may make use of this for certain series.

  • It’s disappointing that we still can’t rent TV episodes the same way you can rent digital movies. I should be able to pay $.50 for a 24hr HD rental instead of paying $2.99 for something I will only watch once. These current prices aren’t going to curb piracy.

  • 41.99 for HD and 27.99 for a standard definition season? No, thanks.

  • Literally years in the making. I would love to stop buying seasons on iTunes and buy on PSN.

  • Cool thanks! prices are a little high though.

  • It is quite pricey don’t you think?
    42$ for a whole season? And for the old one too? I can find the three first season in Blur ray for 20$ each :/

  • UltraViolet Needed

    Video Unlimited badly needs to become part of the UltraViolet “digital locker” service. Until it is, I’ll buy my digital video content elsewhere.

  • The Walking Dead season is way overpriced. I’ll continue to watch the episodes as they air on Sunday nights, gotta get those viewer ratings high to show support! It’s just as much as the physical bluray copy if not more. I’ll wait till August 2015 for The Walking Dead Season 5 bluray format and will only pay $29.99-39.99 on sale. It’s cheaper just to watch the first 4 seasons on Netflix.

  • Why not a rental service similar to Netflix???????

    I would be all over a yearly subscription fee that allowed me to watch SONY picture movies + Any other film rights you might have access too. Whats with the rental of every single episode/movie. When its cheaper to buy the entire season/movie physically rather than each single episode.

    I think that not having a paid service similar to Music unlimited is a lost opportunity. SONY has SOOOOO many ps3/ps4/vita/PSTV devices in the wild to NOT have a subscription model is a complete oversight.

    If the thought is that more money will be made by charging for singletons, then i think you are over-valuing the content you provide. Theirs a reason why Netflix is doing so well. And i think sony should pay attention to that.

  • YESSSSSSS! I have been waiting for you mr season pass feature and finally you have arrived. :) I love Video Unlimited so now I will start buying TV shows on it also. :)

  • This is way too expensive.

    2 season gets you 250 chanels on comcast or verizion + internet.

  • However I would be willing to pay around 1.00 an episode of something like Game of Thrones. + 20 a month on my cable bill is stupid for a 2 month out of the year show.

  • So, if I’ve already purchased some episodes of a particular season, is there a discounted “complete the season” option?

  • too bad I can’t buy ir rent videos from psn , the activation to get videos was on my first ps3 that died 5 tears ago and you can’t deactivate it from another ps3 or from the website
    its bad enough I lost the movies I had bought but I can’t even get any more movies or tv shows

  • Yeah give me a cheap rental any day, even if it’s limited to a few hours. I don’t care to “own” a show as a digital stream/download. If I want the show I’d get it on Blu-ray.

  • Once again rip off prices.

  • Finally! But I’m a little confused, does PS4 GET this feature too

  • Prices for movies and shows In video unlimited are too high man. I would love to use it but the fact that I could just rent a movie at redbox for 1 or 2 bucks if its a blu-ray just wins every time. Redbox is just killing everything out there that is rental based because of that price tag. If Video Unlimited had all SD rentals at $1 and HD rentals at 2$ then I would much prefer doing that and I would use Video Unlimited since it has way more movies than Redbox does.

  • Prices are too damn high!!

  • wow this took a while but better late then never. For those who are complaining about the prices I can bet don’t buy digital, this is standard price in any digital market you go to. I think Google has it for 50 cents less then what Sony is selling it for but “I’m about a dollar what the f*** is 50 cent”.

  • I could also give you $100 for a PlayStation TV if it had Netflix, because all the shows I want to watch are already on there, including The Walking Dead. Make it happen, Sony.

  • You guys need a sort of Channel or Network for this for people who don’t really want to own the season.

    Something that lets you watch the current season of a show and subscribe to a kind of al la cart, pick your features for a fee for that year. Something like 60 to 70 dollars (survey’s maybe better help with this pricing model) just less than cable. Something that would give me access to shows I would buy on Bluray or haven’t decided of the Ownership is something I wanted. Maybe even allows me to get a discount on ownership of a season pass by being this sort of Access member.

    Maybe call this streaming service PlayStation Access or PlayStation View or something.

    Just something I can subscribe too like Netflix, watch this seasons shows, pay one fee with no commercials, and view that episode on the same day it premiers (not the next day, but as soon as that day at midnight or mid day that afternoon PST comes around). No more BS. The kind of future I use to hear about when I was kid in the 80’s where I could run into the room, hop over the couch and say “PlayStation View Person of Interest” and continue at the last episode I left off at.

    It’s not too much to ask honestly.

  • So many reasons to NOT buy videos digitally.
    They are more expensive than the physical copy.
    Some people likes the physical collection.
    No resell value at all (in all fairness, the physical copy has a bad resell value too).
    $42 for a Season with no Special Features, commentaries, behind the scenes, bloopers… nothing!
    Sony needs to come out with a 4+ TB Hard Drive, if they plan on us to buy everything digital. 500 GB will not do.

    While I am on a rant. Might as well complain about PSNow.
    We have a list on our devices (PS3, PS4 and Vita) of everything we have ever purchased in the Playstation Store. And I am sure Sony has the same list for each customer. You wouldn’t put backwards compatibility on the PS4 because of cost. Fine, I’ll accept that. But with the PSNow, we can stream those games.
    You have the proof that they are bought, and I am not even talking about the physical copy games.

  • RIPSVita

  • I don’t understand why sony can’t add closed caption on movies and tv shows. I’d love to rent/buy movies from them to keep everything in one place but no CC is a blocker for me. Sticking with Amazon for now as they do a great job with closed caption.

    I guess the day their CEO gets old and deaf we may see some CC on their movies.

  • Current ongoing seasons are always more expensive to purchase than past complete seasons. Just look through Amazon’s selection and you will find the same pricing structure. That being said, I will have to stick with Amazon Instant Video because it supports all the devices I have.

    Also, I’ve gone completely digital download on all my media (tv, movies, music, and games) and I love it! My whole collection is with me where ever I go. No damaged, lost, or loaned out discs anymore.

  • It’s about damn time. Gees took you all long enough. I know someone in the IT/Store management team must have used iTunes or some before. Why is only now? You all need to get on top of the little things ASAP.

    -Better late then never i’ll say.

  • Suggestion: Put the Video store on and from that point forward call it Crackle instead of Video-Unlimited/SonyEntertainmentNetwork/PSVideoStore etc.

    Upgrade the streaming quality (resolution) of Crackle

    And 3rd try to re-enter the Video subscription service game (name suggestion Crackle+), you should have enough content and market presence to make a subscription service viable along side the ad supported version which could serve as a demo in the form of offering the first season with ads and the rest of the seasons on the paid service, you just have to get a show like Futurama and you’ll automatically have a million subscribers, Netflix doesn’t afford offering every show ever made nor every movie ever made so there should be enough content there (Person of Interest, Simpsons, Seinfeld, James Bond etc. And original Content Powers, Sequestered, Sports Jeopardy, CCC and what ever new projects you’ll throw your money at))

  • This is great. Now please bundle 3D, HD & SD movies for one price. I would have bought Spiderman, Cptn America & Xmen on PSN, instead of Blu Ray.

  • I would like to know if it was possible to get the PS TV to stream PS4 games in full native resolution 1080p with an update.
    I know that the PS TV can stream Netflix in 1080p, and since it’s the PS4 that is doing all the work, maybe it could be displayed in 1080p if possible. A lot of people would appreciate.

  • @9 That’s brilliant. Sony should do it. I support that idea too.

  • I wish prices are more reasonable for renting movie’s on Video Unlimited. I would not pay more then $1.50 per HD movie or $1 for SD movie.

    Redbox keeps raking in my money because it’s cheaper to rent at Redbox versus anywhere else. I prefer rending in HD. Once you watched Blu-ray for so long there’s no going back. I would be happy to give my money to Sony if you would lower your prices. There’s so much opportunity here to make money from us. Especially if the price is the same as Redbox I wouldn’t leave the house to rent a movie there for I would pay you Sony and you can have my money. In the end it make’s everyone happy.

  • Wish we got much better sales for movies and shows. Wouldn’t mind having some handy on PSN, but it’s never priced well. Even older movies. Though to be fair, at least with what I want, they tend to be around the same on iTunes and Google.

  • No thanks. I don’t support season passes in games, so I’m not gonna start with TV. I’d just get Netflix or something before I pay those insane prices.

  • This is a welcome improvement.

    Now as #29 said, bundling 3D, HD, and SD on movies would garentee a dozen or so purchases from me.

    Also, I have brought this up before, but it bares repeating. VIDEO UNLIMITED LIBRARY needs to be more organized. It is nearly impossible to find the show I am looking for on PS4 and my Xperia Z.

    Finally, when are we getting 4K support on PS4? The system is more than capable of it, and it is really the deciding factor on when I upgrade to a 4K Sony TV.

    Hope these three things get addressed. At that point the store would be almost perfect.

  • Will this include every show in the PS Store including older shows, or just more resent shows? I would also love a Netflix like service from Video Unlimited!

  • Wow! I just checked the store on my phone and saw that TV shows have been moved into folders by show and season. The same is true for PS4. That is a massive improvment for usability. Thank you so much.

  • #3 hit the nail on the head, another overpriced service. Digital delivery should be a LOT cheaper yet everyone still tries to soak as much as they can from the end user. I will keep adding to my dvd/bluray collection as I can buy the physical sets for cheaper than the digital.

    Kinda the same with games – I just dont get why people are so lazy that they cant see they are getting ripped off using digital rather than driving to a store and buying a real copy.

  • I realize this has nothing to do with this post but..
    Are you guys going to bring the newer version of GTA San Andreas to PSN/PS3??
    Xbox360 is getting an HD version, with achievement support.. yet PSN has the crummy PS2 Classic version with no trophies, and no HD graphics?

  • For old episodes you get Netflix for less than 10 bucks, have a month for watch the 4 Seasons in HD and also watch so many other things.

    Not a very good price.

  • I don’t know about anyone else, but I would rather have it on Blu-ray. More often than not, you can get movies and TV Shows cheaper on blu than on the PS Store. As far as The Walking Dead, there is no way I am going to pay $42 just so I can download it to my PS3. I’ll wait until next August, and buy the season with bonus features on blu for $30, which will also most likely come with the Ultraviolet code, which I can still download and watch on my PS3 if I really wanted to. Sorry Sony, but you’re going to have to do a lot better than this.

  • When is DLNA coming to PS4, to help combat these horrific DRM deals?

  • When I travel and try the service in Colombia (South America) It doesn’t allow me to do anything with music and video unlimited. It is too sad it is not supported over there

  • The whole point of buying digital vs physical copies is whats supposed to be the value proposition… by eliminating production, packaging & shipping costs you pass on the huge savings to the customer by buying a digital copy that bears non of these added costs!

    So why does Sony not get this and charge more of digital copies when I can go into my local Target or Best Buy and get a movie, tv season or video game along with the nice packaging and bonus features for much cheaper???

  • Prices are way too high.

  • PSN needs to be compatible with Ultraviolet.
    Until then, there is no reason to ever buy movies or tv from Sony.

  • It’s $43 on iTunes, which is about the same as on PSN. I gave up cable almost a year ago because there was nothing worthwhile to watch for $100+ per month. Then, I stumbled upon The Walking Dead on Netflix. After the first episode, I was hooked and continued to binge on almost 60 episodes for an entire week. There’s never been a show on TV quite like it. All of the actors are first-rate. But, I’m almost inclined to wait too. There were a few episodes in Season 4 that I thought were boring. Even so, season 4’s finale had the most viewers of any other finale in the history of TV–almost 16 million viewers.

  • Is this available now or on tuesday becuse I dont see the see the season pass anywhere

  • WAIT WHAT?!!!!

    I just went to buy a Season Pass for The Walking Dead.

    I’ll be waiting for Thursday like you say for the Sale. However, something people should note about this:

    If you select a SINGLE EPISODE, you are given the Option (SD) (HD) or (SD, HD)

    If you select a SEASON PASS, you can only choose (SD) or (HD)

    Which means you would have to buy the Season twice at the given Price if you want to be able to watch it in HD on your PS4 | PS3 then in SD on your Web | PS4 | PS3 | PS Vita | PSP | Xperia Tablet | Xperia Smartphone | Media Go…

    Not cool man, buying the Season at (HD) should give the option for (SD, HD).

  • This is such crap, I bought supernatural season pass for $ 40+ only to now be asked to freaking pay for episode six individual and it took two days after air date to even show.

    I demand a refund for my so called “season pass”

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