Rainbow Skies: First Gameplay Trailer Revealed

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Rainbow Skies: First Gameplay Trailer Revealed

It seems that many of you have been enjoying the opportunity to check out Rainbow Moon, which is currently part of the Instant Game Collection. Today, I would like to show you the first video footage of our new game Rainbow Skies on PS3 and PS Vita, which we’ve been working on for some time now.

Rainbow Skies takes place in a completely new world and is an indirect sequel to Rainbow Moon. The game tells the story of the three young protagonists Damion, Layne, and Ashly, that meet under unforeseen circumstances and who get caught in the deadly crossfire of two rival superpowers.

Using Rainbow Moon as a foundation allows us to continue to improve all of our core features and introduce many new gameplay elements, such as monster taming and a combining skill attacks, some of which you can get a sneak peek at in the trailer.

For fans of Rainbow Moon, rest assured the gameplay and structure that are a trademark of the series are our still our highest priority and we endeavor not to disappoint! Rainbow Skies will contain more than 10 times the amount of world and dungeon content compared to Rainbow Moon, so whenever you explore a new area or set foot into a new dungeon it will feel like a completely new adventure.

Rainbow SkiesRainbow Skies

Hopefully, today’s update has given you a glimpse of what is in store for Rainbow Skies and we’re looking forward to showing you more about the game in the near future. Rainbow Skies is expected to launch in 2015, exclusively on PlayStation platforms.

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  • I haven’t finished Rainbow Moon yet (even though I’ve had it since release >.<) but it is an amazing game and I will be sure to pick this up on my Vita on release as well!

  • Please bring it to PS4!

  • Hey Marcus good to see you here again! =)

    Quote: “Rainbow Skies will contain more than 10 times the amount of world and dungeon content compared to Rainbow Moon”

    As if there wasn’t already enough to do in the original! More the merrier though hehe. Really looking forward to using that pet system. I can see the battlefield getting pretty chaotic with my team, pets, tons of enemies, but I’m sure it’ll be a blast.

    My one and only complaint…. having to wait for it to come out! =P

    Take care! =)

    • Hi StealthReborn,

      Aw, I’m feeling honored to have long term supporters like you, many thanks for that:)

      Good question regarding the content, this is something that I want to clarify, because it is some kind of a press proof bug. My original text was “10 times the amount of world and dungeon *assets* compared to Rainbow Moon”. Our lector changed “assets” into “content” which is very confusing but I think with assets you know what I had in mind: The number of objects and textures, used to build the game maps has been increased significant and I’m sure you all can see that.

      There are more dungeons compared to Rainbow Moon though, but it’s not 10 times the amount of dungeons. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding.

  • Rainbow Moon is a real gem. I only had to play the demo for a few minutes and I knew I was hooked. Based on the video, it looks like you have kept what was great about RMoon, and added some enhancements. More than we saw in the video I assume. I am selfishly glad it won’t be out ’till 2015 since I am still plugging my way through RMoon… Count me in…

  • @Marcus

    No problem for the misunderstanding, it happens. I’m not disappointed so don’t feel bad. Regardless, all I know is I’ll be a Day 1 buyer for sure and I’ll have a great time playing it. =)

    See you next time on the blog! =)

  • Hi, will this have any form of co-op? I don’t reckon rainbow moon does. I haven’t played it, been too busy on my backlog.

    • I’m sorry, no co-op, but it will have an upload feature so you can compare your game progress with friends.

  • Will Rainbow Skies increase the amount of playable characters during battle?

    I loved Rainbow Moon’s mix of SRPG gameplay and explorable overworld. Kind of reminded me of the old Shining Force games. But I was a little disappointed that the game capped itself at having 3 player battles on small battlefields. I’d love to see 6(or even 12!) playable characters on a large battlefield for Rainbow Skies…..

  • I just platted Rainbow Moon last week so I’m ready to go. These games are a perfect fit on the Vita. You guys need a pat on the back for the work you do. I hope Rainbow Skies makes it rain $ for SideQuest Studios!

  • looks very good.two questions though.vita tv support and tentative day of release? thanks!

    • – PS Vita TV: Yes, very likely.
      – Day of release: I’m verry sorry it’s still to early for an exact release date.

  • – PS Vita TV: Yes, very likely.
    – Day of release: I’m verry sorry it’s still to early for an exact release date.

  • Glad seeing this, as someone who bought the game Day 1 on PS3.

    Sadly, I’m not playing PS3 today, so I’ll wait for the PS4 port (I’m pretty sure you’ll do it, right?).

    Good luck, man and bring us more RPGs in the future (directly for PS4 next time, hehe)!!!

  • I can’t wait. I got a platinum in Rainbow Moon and enjoyed every minute of the 100+ hours I put into it. This can’t come soon enough.

  • Dear Mr. Pukropski.

    Does your company have any plans for Söldner-X 3.

    • Hi Bigmoose,

      Thanks for your question.

      Although we never say never, A Söldner-X 3 is very unlikely at the moment and there are currently no plans I’m afraid.

  • This looks awesome and I’ll be buying day one on Vita!

    1. Will there be a platinum trophy?
    2. Have u made any improvements on the story telling? More cutscenes? Or audio logs? More interesting?
    3. Will there be more variety in the things you can do? Better, more interesting side quests?
    4. And what about pacing? I feel it took me forever to level up in rainbow moon. And the story progressed too slow. The grind was a little too much for my tastes but still enjoyable.

    Looks great guys and can’t wait to try it out. Art style looks top notch as usual.

    • Hi,

      Many thanks for your questions.

      1.) Very likely yes. The game is even more comprehensive than Rainbow Moon. But this is something Sony must approve although we don’t expect any problems here.
      2.) Yes, we put in much more effort in story telling this time. We’ve also hired an external author for writing the dialogs. This time we’ll have dialogs instead of monologues and a new emoticon system will support mood and expression of the characters. Don’t expect complex cutscenes, we can’t and don’t want to keep up with other brands so we don’t even try. Regarding the main story this time we focussed much more on quality instead of quantity.
      3+4.) We have a clearly different focus this time. While the main story will be more compact and can be completed in ~30 hours, (Don’t worry, it won’t be short:) there is a massive increase of the optional gameplay section. There are much more sidequests available, many additional things you can do like new mini games, lots of new gameplay systems and much more. Every dungeon of the main story has a different graphic set and will feel completely unique. I could write much more here but it probably would exceed the message limit but I promise to post more details in future updates.

  • Thank god Skies is not 10 times longer than Rainbow Moon! While I loved Moon, I thought it dragged on a little longer than it needed to. I wish developers didn’t feel the need to always go bigger for sequels. A deeper or more engaging story-line and refined battle-systems would be nicer, but I guess those things are harder to use as a sales pitch.
    Having said all that, I’ll still buy Rainbow Skies because it was really great for hours of fun on my Vita!

  • Hey Marcus, Rainbow Skies is looking great. I got Rainbow Moon from Plus and have been really enjoying it. It feels like the development team has a fondness of older RPGs and wanted to express that love to a modern audience. However, I would say Rainbow Moon’s greatest strength is its soundtrack. Will Rafael Dyll be composing Skies as well?

    • Hi,
      Many thanks for yor feedback.
      There are still some tracks written by Rafael Dyll but most of the new tracks are written by Eanan Patterson and some of the tracks are written by both composers. If you are a fan of the Rainbow Moon soundtrack, I’m confident you’ll like the soundtrack as well. We here at SideQuest Studios are really fans of the new soundtrack. Personally I think it’s a big step forward. And I have to say I was a fan of the Rainbow Moon sondtrack too:)

      By the way: The background track in the video is one of the new battle tracks composed by Eanan.

  • I’m loving everything I’m hearing so far! Make sure to allow that platinum in there Sony!!

    Great work guys and I’ll be there to support you on day one!

    PS: I hope there’s no micro transactions in this game. I feel that’s one of the main things that hurt Moon’s pacing and grind.

    • Regarding micro transactions, I’ve already posted this on the EU blog but you guys might be interested in this too:
      There will also be DLC for Rainbow Skies, but this time with a different approach, because many of you guys have not been happy last time. This time we’ll offer far less packages and they really contain new content instead of unlocking something that is already in the game. For example we have plans for packages that allow you to add the original Rainbow Moon characters into Rainbow Skies, but I don’t want to spoiler too much here.

  • @19 Actually, I took played with a friend’s max DLC, with the amulets and money and pearls and all, and the combat still felt like a grind because of all the stat caps, so I’m not even sure that was the issue.
    But surely the combat system needs a few overhauls in order to make it flow smoother.

  • Sir Marcus i hope u will bring it to ps4.I would definitely buy this game!

  • “Yes, you can now control up to 6 ally units on the battle field.”

    You can’t see it, but I am shoving money at my monitor right now.

    Take it….TAKE IT!

  • PS3, but not PS4? So um… you don’t like making money? Or…?

    • Hi,
      I agree it’s hard to see the reasons, but as a small indie developer we are and using our own engine technology, porting the game to PS4 is a huge task that can’t be done within a few weeks.

      At the moment I only can repeat what I’ve posted above, hope that helps:

      In case we’re porting the game to PS4, which is something that hasn’t been decided so far, it will be released much later, so this article is mainly about the PS3 and PS Vita version. If we decide to do a PS4 port we’ll keep you up to date so please visit our game sites regularly:


  • @Marcus Pukropski

    Well I’m hopeful that it will be made in the future. Just make sure to at least have a ps3 version. lol

  • another question does this game have crossbuy/crosssave?

  • Awesome! I can’t wait. I’ve thrown so much money and time into Rainbow Moon. Love to do the same for Skies.

  • Thank you for still supporting ps3. There are still around 90 mil. ps3 users worldwide and we want new ps3 psn games.
    I have Rainbow Moon with almost all dlc for long time. Great game.

    Cant wait for Rainbow Skies, buying it on day one. :)
    Cross-save and cross-buy would be great, althoe I dont have Vita (yet).

  • Rainbow Moon is a great RPG! Love the cross save also! looking forward to Rainbow Sky! Question will there be more character customization?

    • Yes, in addition to the existing features there will be some new mechanisms introduced and some of the existing ones are slightly overhauled. Will go more into detail in future posts.

  • I loved Rainbow Moon on the PS3. Sadly never finished it due to playing on Hard mode (thought they would have been a trophy for that but there wasnt and you cant change the setting once you start the game [wish you would have made a patch to let us change that setting]).

    Anyway…. Cant you guys ask Sony for help with cost or something so that you can make this game for PS4? I mean you going to miss out on a BIG population of gamers that have moved on to PS4…. there’s like 8million+ PS4’s out there and i know it would be a big hit on the PS4.

    You guys should really talk to Sony about it. Im very sure they would jump to help you out with getting the game on PS4 asap.

    • Hi mixedkidbx,

      Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. I agree with you that a PS4 version would be nice. It’s still very unlikely in the near future. As soon as there are updates, we’ll keep you informed but don’t expect a PS4 release along with the PS3 and PS Vita release. We’re a small team with limited resources. I’m really sorry.

  • i did not care gor Rainbow Moon… played the demo awhile back. the PS+ instant game version came hout so i grabbed it, ny the next day it was deleted. im a big fan of RPG but Rainbow Moon did it so wrong, everything felt clunky and the cutscenes narrative was horribly long winded.

  • I’m playing Rainbow Moon thanks to PS+ (it escaped my radar when it originally came out) and am loving it! This will be a sure buy for me, I need to make time for all this great RPG’s!

  • If there is a demo i’ll try it out. I hope there isn’t such a focus on the microtransactions to ease the grind like the first one. Personally I like to be able to buy a game and not have to feel like it’s structured in a way to make me buy micros, shortcut packs are fine if they are done in a way where the progression system is normal and is just for those who are really impatient, or want vanity items that don’t really impact gameplay.

    If I can play at normal difficulty and play without feeling I’m swimming upstream the whole time I might buy (if I like the demo)

    these days I’m wary of games with lots of microtransactions, not to say yours will be predatory but many are, main reason I generally do not play FTP as a rule.

    Good luck with the game, it really should be coming to PS4 at this point as the ps4 is almost a year old, this should be a PS4 / Vita crossbuy title for $15 or $10 with that you would have even more success than what you will likely have with this.

    Please a run button I hate how slow walking is in Moon.

    • Thanks for all your feedback, we’re always listen to gamers and interested in improving our games.

      Can’t promise if there will be a demo right now, but it’s possible. There will be DLC for Rainbow Skies too, but with a different approach this time. Feel free to read my comment #19 for additional info.

      In Rainbow Skies you can adjust the difficulty to your likings, even after game start.

      Hope that helps.

  • Almost bought the first at release, not sure why I didn’t. (don’t remember)
    Almost picked it up both sales, but hesitated thinking it may be on Plus eventually and was a little unsure of liking it.
    Got the chance to try it for a little bit on Plus.
    Then regretfully realized I should have the last sale, possibly the second.

    I wasn’t crazy about the paid items.
    But during playing realized the relaxing feel the game had, and involving quests that kept me interested.

    I must say I am kind of glad I waited now, and will be sure not to try to miss this one during a sale , regardless if it goes to Plus.

    Definately a valued game.

  • Please don’t be free on release !!!!!

  • I bought Rainbow Moon for Ps3 on day 1, and the vita version on day 1 as well. I’ve been waiting for new information on this game forever, and I must say that it’s looking great! I can’t wait to play this game! I love that you can have up to 6 ally units now, hopefully this will make it a lot easier to level all my party members equally, as I didn’t even use the last couple party members in Rainbow Moon because it was so hard to level them up. Thanks for taking your time with this game, I’m sure it will be great. Here is a weird question, I’m a long time RPG lover, and I loved the fishing mini-games in Breath of Fire and Dark Cloud, will there be fishing in Rainbow Skies? Please say yes.

  • Unless it’s PS Plus free, I can’t buy it on the PS3. A portable version like the Vita is cool, but really want it on the PS4.

    Looks like others want PS4 version, too, but I wanted to put my hat in the ring, too.

  • I have to see more about this game not really to surew about this at this point.

  • I’ve been playing Rainbow Moon off and on ever since it came out. It looks like I have to get moving on it to finish it before this is released.
    Rainbow Skies looks every bit as great as Rainbow Moon. It will be a day one purchase for sure. Thanks a lot for the early look!

  • One of the best things about Rainbow Moon was the crafting. It made grinding fun, because not only are you leveling up, but you have a chance to find that ultra-rare ingredient you need to make the weapon or armor you want. How is the crafting in Rainbow Skies?

    • Crafting in Rainbow Skies is similar but improved in many aspects.

      So, for example, upgrading an item with a crystal doesn’t reset the merged materials any longer. Further more, you can increase the number of available material slots just by using an item.

  • I love the game, but i hate it too.
    I just hate the great amount of time needed to level up :(
    This, don’t let me finish te game u.u (I reached to The snowlands )

  • I’m glad there is a delay until the PS4 version is released, I need to go back and finish Rainbow Moon!

  • Rainbow Skies looks awesome in the trailer!
    I bought Rainbow Moon on PS3 and played it a ton, then bought it again when it came out on Vita. I had already gotten the platinum trophy on PS3, so it was disappointing to not get a new trophy set for the Vita.
    Please make Rainbow Skies with 2 separate trophy sets – chance to get 2 platinums and incentive to play through it twice, once on PS3 and once on PS Vita, would really be awesome.
    Anyways, thank-you for making this game for PS3 and PS Vita first – many gamers, like myself, only have a PS3 and/or Vita, and we’re not going anywhere. We’re still supporting Sony and playing playstation games, not everyone is able to move to PS4 at the drop of a hat. Thank-you for still developing some great games for the PS3! And Vita! Much appreciated!!
    This game is at the top of my 2015 want list, so make it great!

    • Many thanks for your reply.

      Rainbow Skies supports cross-save, so the trophy set will be shared very likely. Cross-vave with non shared trophy sets doesn’t work well but I agree there are pro and cons for both methods. Thanks again for your feedback.

  • I loved Rainbow Moon, but I hated the possibility to buy real-money items to skip grinding (I know it’s a personal choice, but I feel like I’m wasting my time when it’s possible de pay a couple of $ to have a OP character). Will those items still be in Rainbow Skies?

    Thanks for your work, the world needs more RPG! :D

    • Hi,
      Thank you very much for your question. Regarding DLC, this will also be available for Rainbow Skies, but this time with a different approach, because many of you guys have not been happy last time. This time we’ll offer far less packages and they really contain new content instead of unlocking something that is already in the game. For example we have plans for packages that allow you to add the original Rainbow Moon characters into Rainbow Skies, but I don’t want to spoiler too much here.

  • Hi,
    Thank you very much for your question. Regarding DLC, this will also be available for Rainbow Skies, but this time with a different approach, because many of you guys have not been happy last time. This time we’ll offer far less packages and they really contain new content instead of unlocking something that is already in the game. For example we have plans for packages that allow you to add the original Rainbow Moon characters into Rainbow Skies, but I don’t want to spoiler too much here.

  • This makes me so very happy as I am a HUGE fan of Rainbow Moon. This will be a day/one purchase download for me. Will there be any kind of a pre-order option that you all might be planning to your new game?

    • Hm, I think you’re the first one who’s asking for that:) I can check with EAS but probably this is something that Sony has to decide and my guess is that this will only featured for very popular titles that will sell hundreds of thousands of copies. Anyway, thanks forn the input, I’ll forward this.

  • Rainbow Moon killed my PS3.

    Seriously it YLODed on me during the final battle and 120 hours of gameplay. But now I’ve got it working again so that Rainbow Skies can have it’s turn.

  • Thanks for answering my questions Marcus. I’m really excited to hear about the fishing mini-game, hopefully there will be a large variety of rare fish. Rainbow Skies is genuinely one of my two most anticipated games of 2015, along with Persona 5. The wait is nearly unbearable. I hope Rainbow Skies is a huge hit for you guys, because I would love to see you make a full-priced big budget RPG in the future.

  • @46 LMAO!
    How many straight hours did you play of it? 120 hours? It’s not a very demanding game…
    I love your game Rainbow Moon, I’m over 50 hours into it on both consoles.
    I love to get a PS4 release at some time of Rainbow Skies, but for sure it’s day one for me.

    The great thing about it is also the not so great part of it, the game is very very lengthy.
    I like to complete the main story at least in 35-50 hours and have the rest as side missions to explore at some other time.
    But I do appreciate the length, you really give us great value for the price.

  • @ 48
    It is very demanding. I died so many times even on Normal…..had to grind like crazy. Thankfully the music was good and artwork was pleasing.

    Wonder if the sequel still uses pearls?

    @16….awesome, this one having a better story.

  • I loved Rainbow Moon. Looking forward to Rainbow Skies… ;D

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