Samurai Warriors 4 Out Today on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

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Samurai Warriors 4 Out Today on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

First of all, allow me to express my immense appreciation to everyone involved on the Samurai Warriors 4 project who made this day become a reality. As you can imagine, bringing a game from concept to completion is a massive undertaking with many layers of processes. Getting to this point is a major achievement, and every launch day is a special one for each person involved, so it’s important that I start off by giving recognition to the great team behind this project!

Equally important is that I express my personal gratitude to all of our loyal fans who have been waiting for more than 4 years since the previous installment. Thanks for patiently supporting us throughout the years. We are proud of the action packed experience we’ve created and hope Samurai Warriors 4 meets your expectations and that you’ll have some sleepless nights ahead of you.

I’ve already had the privilege in explaining the basics and some of the highlights of Samurai Warriors 4, so I’m sure most of you are aware of what to expect already. Thus, allow me to pass on a few pleas from my end in the hopes of making the game more enjoyable for you from the moment you begin your quest.

Opening movie, please make sure to not skip it! I know everyone is eager to dive into the actual gameplay, but great effort has been put in to this by our development team, so take time to enjoy it and soak in the atmosphere which exists in the journey that awaits.

Samurai Warriors 4Samurai Warriors 4

In the Story Mode hopefully everyone will play through at least one of the Regional Stories which will open up new scenarios allowing you deeper insight into the relationships between different characters as the overall story becomes more apparent. Chronicle Mode is another must-try feature allowing you to use a uniquely edited character of your own to travel and explore the land of Japan during the Warring States era.

Some of our devoted fans might have noticed this looking at our development timeline — the PS4 version of Samurai Warriors 4 was only decided upon after the Japanese launch of both PS3 and PS Vita versions. Initially, the plans for the West included releases on only those platforms as well.

However, after the release in Japan, we revisited our original plans and the decision to develop a PS4 version was made, with special consideration of the Western audience. As a result, players in the West will be able to select from all three of the PlayStation platforms at launch, giving them the ability to choose the version that best suits their needs whether it be environmental or the systems they own.

Samurai Warriors 4

For our fans who prefer to play on PS4, remember to consider the collector’s edition, Samurai Warriors 4: Special Anime Pack which includes our 10 year anniversary anime film Samurai Warriors: Legend of the Sanada, along with many other elements selected with you in mind!

Last but not least, apologies for not being able to directly reply to your comments due to my language capabilities and schedule. Please be assured that not just myself but the entire team are taking note of every comment — now that Samurai Warriors 4 has launched and you can check it out for yourself, please let us know your thoughts and what you would like to see in future installments.

I’ve been fortunate to be able to communicate to you through this community and look forward to the next time I can share my thoughts and news with you. Until then… Thank you again and we hope you enjoy exploring the rich tapestry of the Warring States era. We’ll be anxiously awaiting your feedback!

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  • This one we can create are own characters? Thats a huge sell point to me on DW or SW games. I can’t wait for DW8 empires.

  • ‘–

  • Name of the actual anime please! I want to watch it… (assuming that the game is made in honor of an anime)

  • Just picked up the special edition on the PS4. Can’t wait to get home and play it!

  • @1 Did you not read the post?

  • Very nice!

  • thanks guys! So gonna buy it! Keep up the great work and dont let us wait for Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires too long ;)

  • I am excited to be able to download and play the game today.,i personally love the samurai warriors games.Another game i love is romance of the three kingdoms, i hope we get one of them again.

  • I thank you very much for bringing Samurai Warriors back to PlayStation. The last time played Samurai Warriors was the State of War game for the PSP so, I’m super thrilled to be able to play on my PS4. I should receive my copy tomorrow and have no doubt I will enjoy the heck out of it. Thank you Hisashi Koinuma and the rest of the Samurai Warriors team!

  • #3 as far as i know this is not based on an anime but the original game that it is based on (Dynasty Warriors) is based on a novel called the romance of the three kingdoms written in the 14th century

  • Will this game work on Playstation TV?
    IF so 1st day purchased
    Otherwise i will wait for a sale

  • It says it’s out on Vita, but it’s digital download. I’m looking through my psn on both online and from my vita and I do not see the game.
    Is it available for digital download or do we have to wait for a psn update. Some information would be nice.
    Been looking forward to playing this amazing game.

  • You guys need a better video.
    I’ve watched Youtube videos that were more enticing.

    Glad its comng to Vita, but untill there is a more reasonable price on digital, I’m not buying.
    Maybe I’ll just rent it, like everyone else this time.

    Then again, I hate renting.

  • Hello Koinuma-san,

    Would you please talk to who ever has the power and bring back “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” to the PS4 and Vita. I own all the PS1 and PS2 games released in America and I love them. Even if it means initially bringing upgraded digital releases to the PS Store with Trophies and enhancements to the games. I want a new one but if you can release a collection of the games for the PS4 and Vita digitally it will deeply appreciated.

    Thank you and your team for their hardwork!


    Rob aka graf

  • What is the digital version cost?
    I’m disappointed there isn’t a PS-Vita Collectors’ Retail Release in the West, but hope enough purchase SW8 on PS-Vita to earn that option with Google Dynasty Warrior & Samurai Warrior versions.

  • Hello Koinuma-san,

    One other request.

    Now that the PS4 will be receiving firmware update 2.0 very soon and will include “Themes”. Would you kindly consider making “Themes” based on your game and also see of Koei teams can make “Themes” based on their games as well. Please make available for all markets.


    Rob aka Graf

  • I will happily purchase the Ps4 version today, I will always support you guys.

    Much love

  • I would buy this right now if there was a retail version for PS3.. but theres not..

  • i’m getting this on ps3, though i wish they would stop charging $50 for digital only games. Especially since you already had the perfect price for digital only games with DW Gundam Reborn, which was only $39.99.

    Also, will we finally be getting the Samurai Warriors avatars today as well? EU has had them for weeks already, as usual. :/

  • @3 – The anime is titled “Samurai Warriors 4”. The game is not based on an anime, but instead the opposite. Unfortunately, the anime for this isn’t very good.

  • Yeah finally I will purchase it on my Vita,I wish there was a retail as well.

  • I’m very excited about this, unfortunately the last SW game wasn’t very good, mainly due to the limitations of it being on the Wii. I’m still not seeing it on the PS store yet though, does anyone know if it will be put on there today, of if I will have to wait/ settle for the Physical copy? I prefer to buy it digital.

  • Will the Special Anime version of the game be available on PSN??

  • I would really like to purchase the game now, but its not showing up as being purchase-able. What gives?

  • Whoa whoa whoa. I’m looking at the main screen for it on my PS4 in the shop and there is a date listed…11.18.2014. Seriously?

  • @25 I’m seeing the same thing, but if you go to the Samurai Warriors 4 with bonus it’s purchasable now, still 59.99.

  • I see, thank you!

  • Can’t update game. Can’t download Anime Pack DLC. Can’t play online. Yay!

  • Super excited to play this game for the PS3. But I do not see it in the PS store. So I assume I should just wait?
    (Plus it might be a good thing that I don’t play this anytime soon with school in the way.)

  • Any Chance that now that this game is out, the Dynasty warriors 8 XL for ps4 price drop???

  • Downloading on ps4 now! Thanks!

  • Wow, so many characters remind me of Sengoku Basara.

  • This is the most anticipated game of the year for me. Also, I would like to have the Yukimura’s and Tadakatsu’s avatar.

    Any chance we get Samurai Warriors 3 Z for us in north america?

  • I heard this is one of the best musuo games to come out recently, a step up from the other two by Koei on PS4. I also saw someone wishing Nobunaga’s Ambition got a translation and release stateside. (looks pretty good)

  • Any update as to why pre-order codes still aren’t working?

  • It would be nice on the long run to provide a paid English Dub DLC for English Speaking Gamers who prefer dub on Samurai Warriors 4. Even I am a fan of Samurai Warriors, I can’t support this, selling the game full price that doesn’t include English voice. However I will consider getting this game if Koei is willingly to provide a paid English Dub DLC, or I wait atleast for a year for a mark down. I wish the best of luck to Koei, I really hope this will not be a standard for NTSC version. Just look at Guilty Gear Xrd and Mighty No.9…

  • Gonna buy this today for PS4!
    Original Japanese voices FTW!

  • I want to get this, I really do… but no dub no buy. Same with namco games like Tales of hearts and Sword art online. Two games that should of been dubbed but weren’t.

    If NISA, and XSeed can dub every single niche and Namco should be doing the same to not so niche games. The only series that should be in Japanese only is Yakuza.

  • I am having second thoughts though… this is about Japanese history so I could deal with the subs for that…but just letting you guys know I would buy a English DLC dub pak. I buy all the Dynasty warriors games and they are all dubbed.

    For any fans. I have never played Samurai Warriors, only Dynasty. What is the better game to get started in Orrochi or Samurai? If I have to choose one?

  • @40 Since Orochi has every “Warriors” character in it (Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Bladestorm, etc), I’d say start with Samurai Warriors. Though, Samurai Warriors 4 and Warriors Orochi 3 have way different engines, so it could be a bit weird. Samurai Warriors 4 have a slightly better Dynasty Warriors 8 engine, while Warriors Orochi 3 shares Dynasty Warriors 7’s engine. Don’t let anything hold you back on your purchase of Samurai Warriors 4 though. I too, love English dubs more than Japanese ones, but the Japanese really does make Samurai Warriors 4 more “Traditional” you know? By all mean, if you’re able to, go for it. Just take note that when you jump into Warriors Orochi 3, it’s going to be hella different.

  • Thank you Mr. Koinuma. I bought the PS4 Special Anime Special Anime Pack today. Incredible game so far – great fun.

  • @midnightshade

    well Koei Tecmo had always gave dub to Atelier Plus series (Vita), so you could buy that instead.
    and Neptunia series too had dubs. Both series’ dubs were good.

  • Picked up the Special Anime Pack this morning, but only had time to run through one mission. However, holy cow… that one mission was amazing. SW4 feels completely different from the most recent DW games I’ve been playing. The action is much smoother, and the addition of the hyper attack and power attack changes up combat quite a bit. Plus, the constant popups on screen for different attack type proficiencies increasing, leveling up and reaching kill count and combo count milestones, as well as the objectives, really creates a strong sense of progression that I’ve never seen in a Koei-Tecmo game before. Very, very pleased with it so far. And this is the first Samurai Warriors game I’ve played. Really good entry point, in my opinion.

  • Loving the game so far but can’t get the preorder dlc (Scenario pack 1) to work, I don’t know if is something wrong with PSN or the code they gave me at retail. Is anyone having this problem.

  • Kamakasy_stile:

    My code still doesn’t work either. it seems to be the case with all of us who bought it in retailand it’s very annoying. Both Sony & Koei need to fix this issue.

  • @|||Blaze|||

    Thank you, at least i know that is not a problem with my code. I was going to call the retail but i guess i better wait a bit. I hope they fix it soon, i don’t want to lose the preorder bonus :(

  • @ kamakasy_stile @ |||Blaze|||
    Everyone seems to be having this issue with the pre-order code. I’m guessing it won’t work until the Scenario Pack 1 DLC is actually released. That might be a few weeks. But there is plenty of content already in the game. My recommendation is to just play the game and use the code after the DLC is released. I don’t know about you two, but my receipt says my code is good until April 2015, so I’m not particularly worried about it.

  • So no English ? Still going to buy it but i was hoping i Wouldn’t have to read and play lol

  • Just let you guys know, my code finally worked. So for everyone who bought it from gamestop try to redeem your codes.

  • Game looks great, I’m downloading it on ps4 just search for it in the store

    If anyone wants to add me for coop play my psn Chris_Joyce

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