How to Get a High Score in Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! on PS Vita

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How to Get a High Score in Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! on PS Vita

The game formerly known as “Avoid Droid” has undergone a name change since you last heard about it… We really liked the original name as it perfectly summed up the game in just two words, but a question we had to ask ourselves here at Infinite State Games: did we like the name more than we liked not going to court?

Short answer: no.

Don't Die, Mr. Robot!

You see, the word “droid” is a registered trademark of Lucasfilms Ltd. And we’re pretty sure they have more lawyers than our crack team of… zero.

So we say goodbye to Avoid Droid and hello to Don’t Die, Mr. Robot!

It’s a fruity arcade dodge-em-up with the focus on adrenaline fuelled, skin-of-your-teeth dodging, score chasing, and endless replayability. It’s got everything a true fan of arcade games needs: fruit, explosions, multipliers… And we’re really excited to bring Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! to PS Vita this year.

Mr. Robot loves fruit! But whenever he tries to eat a fruit, it explodes. Poor Mr. Robot! It’s not all bad though because exploding fruit destroys the endless hordes of robotic enemies hell bent on crushing, zapping, chomping, or otherwise making Mr. Robot die.

It’s got something for everyone! There’s three lovingly tuned game modes. 50 remix missions that each bring a unique twist to the core gameplay. And a quirky original soundtrack dynamically formed from what’s happening in the game.

There are thousands of customizations for your Mr. (or Mrs.) Robot in the shop. So while you can spend your hard-earned currency on powerful upgrades, you can also buy a new outfit — because just dodging isn’t enough. You should look awesome while doing it! Especially as your outfit goes on display in the global leaderboards for all the world to see.

And if all that isn’t enough, we’ve also pulled in five special guests from other great indie titles. Each has their own unique twist to the game for you to discover!

Don't Die, Mr. Robot!Don't Die, Mr. Robot!

What’s not to like? Getting a rubbish score, that’s what. And dying. So here’s our special PRO TIPS guide for you lovely readers of PlayStation.Blog on how to get some serious high scores going:

  • Wait for the fruit to build up! For the biggest scores, concentrate on letting as many fruit appear on screen before you set off the explosive chain. This will make moving harder but the risk-reward payoff to get a x30 multiplier on the score is worth it.
  • Avoid the edges of the screen. That’s where the baddies come from. You don’t want Mr. Robot hanging around there. Keep an eye out for the hazard signs; they’ll warn you half a second or so in advance of an enemy spawn.
  • Destroy them all! If you can destroy every enemy in a wave you’ll get a wave bonus. Combine a few of these with a big fruit chain and watch the points roll in.
  • Graze enemies. Get close to enemies without touching them and you’ll be rewarded with a Danger Bonus, which gets bigger depending on how long you spent in the danger zone. This is well worth exploiting on slow enemies moving in a predictable direction.
  • You don’t have to move much to stay alive. The best way to not die is to stay still, moving only when you need to. Stay calm, you’re going to blow up eventually anyway.
  • Find which control scheme works best for you. Analog sticks? Digital pad? Or maybe the silky smooth tilt controls? Or maybe even the quirky rear touch pad controls? Experiment and find out which works for you.
  • Wearing the proper hat is very important. As are the proper shades. Your ability to play won’t be improved but they will represent you on the leaderboard so style is key.

And there we have it! Our tips for maxing out your score and getting the most out of Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! We hope that these tips will help you get a head start on the leaderboards.

And we really hope you enjoy our game!

Oh, and one more tip: Don’t Die!

(Spoilers: You will)

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