Fluster Cluck Out Today on PS4

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Fluster Cluck Out Today on PS4

The question of the moment: what the hell is Fluster Cluck?

Answer: see for yourself.

Next question: why Fluster Cluck?

Answer: LOOK at it. Competitive. Fast-paced. Action packed. Tons of loadout choices. No pretense at being anything other than EXACTLY what it is: a crazy, couch-chaos battle ’till the last gamer standing wins.

If you’re looking to pile a bunch of your friends onto the couch for a party game, then Fluster Cluck is exactly the $8.99 experience ($14.99 for non-Plus members) that your PS4 needs. Of course, there are those kinds of people who are not looking for a riotous party game. You know people who are like this. Don’t be like them.

We realize that some of you reading this may need more details before making a purchase decision. Therefore, here is the entire plot summary of Fluster Cluck:

Bok. Bok bok bok bok bok. Bok-OCK!

Work your way up the ranks of Chikkin Koop’s bureaucracy. Gather cows, camels, zombies, even coworkers, and turn them all into applied chikkin technology. All of them.

Single-player campaign? Teams? Co-op? Free-for-all? ALL OF THE ABOVE.

We could tell you more about Fluster Cluck — how grown men have openly wept after playing it, how it singlehandedly ended the Cold War, how it figured out the true meaning of life — but really, you need to discover the Fluster Cluck for yourself. It’s out today. Go try it with a bunch of friends and remember why we all started playing games in the first place.

Have any questions about the absolute kick-ass, fun-with-friends gaming experience that is Fluster Cluck? Let us know below. Remember what is good in life: to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their CHIKKIN!

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