Escape Goat 2 Out Today on PS4

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Escape Goat 2 Out Today on PS4


Hello, PlayStation.Blog readers! This is Ian, main creator of Escape Goat 2, with some important news: the goat has made its way to your PS4!

Escape Goat 2 debuted in March for PC, and has since enjoyed an overwhelmingly positive fan response. My proudest one is reaching the #2 spot on IndieGamerChick’s leaderboard of over 500 games reviewed. (Journey still ranks #1, and… Yeah, I’m okay with that). It’s also the very first Double Fine Presents game. Can a dev ask for more than a nod from Tim Schafer? Every bit worth the golf club injury, from which I have fully recovered.

Simply put, the goal of the game is to reach the pinnacle of the Stronghold of Toragos — a structure laden with traps, hidden machinery, lightning machines, and ghostly animals. The theme is transformation: levels change dramatically as you solve them, some of them in a Rube Goldberg type of way.

Escape Goat 2Escape Goat 2

Along the way, you’ll need to rescue some of the sheep who have fallen under the tower’s spell. There are over 100 puzzle rooms in all, but in an act of generosity on my part, you only have to complete half of them to reach the ending. If you’re thirsty for more, there are additional challenges, some very well hidden.

I know what you’re thinking. “Goats are capable of so many uncanny feats, but can they really overcome these lightning machines and relentless reapers? Dramatic license only goes so far.” Correct! That’s why I added in a faithful mouse companion to help our hero along the way. He’s an immortal friend who reaches places the goat can’t, and becomes a puzzle-solving utility on par with the Portal gun.

So what makes the game special? It’s kind of the sum of its parts — platforming, puzzle solving, dark atmosphere, farm animals — but if I had to pick one thing, it would be the physics system. I decided to write my own physics code, which took forever, but the end result is something special. Levels transform dramatically, and yet things always stay aligned to make the puzzles solvable. Physics based games always do a great job of making chaos from order, and Escape Goat 2’s engine makes sure that no matter how chaotic things get, blocks resolve to grid alignment. When you play, you’ll see what this means!

Escape Goat 2

I’d like to thank everyone from PlayStation who made this possible. They are really following through with their initiative to add indie games like mine to their library. I’m really excited to see the reception for this game in the console world.

Escape Goat 2 is available in North America today for $9.99. Other territories are imminent. Vita owners, let me preempt your question: I would love to bring this game to your beloved handheld, and will work towards that as soon as MonoGame is operational on Vita.

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  • Power of the Goat.

  • It’s Tuesday and almost 2 PM. Where is the playstation store weekly update? I am hoping for some awesome PS+ deals around Halloween like PSN had last year and the year before that.

  • Vita hmm?
    I could handle this one as a Plus game, me thinx.
    As for PS4, I’ve said enough today about Vita.

  • And +1 to sirbflo114


    Better have Corpse Party atleast in there, I passed on it last year, and might reconsider.

  • This looks great, I’ve heard people talk highly about this previously but had never seen it in motion. This is probably way off base but it kind of reminds me of Paganitzu from way back. Appreciate the price, too. Will pick it up when it hits the store for sure

  • Oh awesome, another side scrolling indie game – much better than getting Driveclub Plus edition out…

    No seriously, this game is almost certainly better than Driveclub… what game isn’t.

  • Yay! Escape Goat 2 is one of my favorite games this year. I already own it on the PC, but I will definitely buy it on PS4 as well.

    By the way, I would totally buy an Escape Goat avatar pack if one were available. Who wouldn’t want an awesome goat or mouse friend as their PSN avatar? Regardless, I can’t wait to stream some goat escap(e)ades as soon as I get a PS4. Thanks for bringing this over!

  • Consider it purchased once the Vita version drops.

  • Let me fix that. If a Vita version drops consider it purchased*

    Looks like a perfect game that I could add to my Spelunky & Rogue Legacy addiction so I’d love to have it on the Vita. Best of luck!

  • Please bring it to Vita.

  • The day I found out this was coming to PS4 was the day I bought one. Talk trash all you want. I’ll take side scrolling over FPS any day.

  • Do Indie’s know how to make anything else but side scrolling garbage? How about a decent racing game? Fighting game? Something similar to twisted metal? Anything but these side scrolling super mario/ little big planet lookalikes

  • Will this game be coming to Vit…… Oh wait you already answered that.

  • I keep hearing how great this game is, I can’t wait to pick it up. I played and loved part 1.

    As for Indies making platformers, it’s usually a small team (sometimes only 1-4 people).
    Platformers / Shooters are a bit simpler to make than other genres.

    Doesn’t mean they are any less viable a genre. Depends on execution.

    I think every gamer should try making a game (Game Maker – Free), then we’ll all start to understand why certain things don’t live up to our expectations. It’s not that easy. lol

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