Time For a Little Bit of Friendly Competition

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Time For a Little Bit of Friendly Competition

It is hard to believe that it has been nearly a year since PlayStation 4 arrived in stores. Since then, we’ve seen the incredible passion of the PlayStation Nation, and plenty of new converts too, rise up in support of the connected social experience at the heart of the new console. To date, millions of screenshots and videos have been shared around the world, but perhaps the most important thing to be shared is the amazing experience that friends get when they play together. There’s something special about grabbing your PS4 controller, sitting down with a friend, and starting up a game. Whether side-by-side on the couch or online, there’s nothing quite like getting ready for some real competitive or cooperative gaming.

Here at PlayStation we know that feeling very well, and always enjoy the chance to talk strategy with a friend the next day, or help them remember their defeat.

Our new video is dedicated to those great gaming moments shared with friends. With or against each other, we know that nothing brings you together and creates those incredible moments like a little friendly competition. This Fall, we invite you to join us in the celebration.

Greatness Awaits.

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  • Is the blog gonna update with the PlayStation Experience details soon? I need to secure my hotel.

  • Really liked the scene in the video where the ATVs turned into Sparrows from Destiny! The video was really well done guys.

  • Cool video!

  • I’m so Sorry for you.

    You better change the name of blog to PS4 only.

    Always more news only for PS4 ,so what about Vita owners?

    Stop ignoring us and feel us as other PS fans.

    Anyway still hope for Vita news and new,exclusive or AAA games.

  • I think gaming will be the new major sports in the future, they way they’re getting more realistic and indepth .. You have things like “my player” and crews. people betting money on team and making money in tourney’s. The comp is very deep.

    A friend of mines use to play mortal kombat from the couch went on to be world champion his name is tyler latern look him up.

    To much risk or injury in actual sports now day a lot of heavy fines. I think gaming will replace it some of them. I think pro foot ball will be the 1st., then maybe rally car. Maybe even skate boarding too. with game like skate it highly possible..

    I agree friendly comp has evolved. It will evolve even further in the future.

    vp psn legionairre group

  • FailClub+ Edition, please!

  • @1 No You Don’t Need To Secure “Your” Hotel Chicken Little.

  • @4 I Couldn’t Agree More!! :)

  • no rpg references in that commercial,i’m disappoint.seriously though,competitiveness does not have to be through co-op but it can also be thru online,sony

    i bet that most of your fanbase compete that way more than co-op.just my 00.2 cents here

  • That was a really good Ad. Good Job

  • There have of course been some awesome PlayStation commercials, but this one was really bad. Why is there even a dedicated blog post for it?

    To the Vita guys: There is TONS of Vita stuff posted in the blog. Stop disregarding it just because all you want is a big God of War title on Vita. Anyone who bought a Vita thinking it was going to be equal to the PS4 was totally delusional. I am content with my Vita because I didn’t have unrealistic expectations. The big gaming is done on the big console. Why is that so hard to understand? Maybe the disappointed bunch should just buy a 3DS or something.

  • I wasn’t that interested in Far Cry 4, but this video sold me on it. I love these live action trailers, Sony.

  • I doubt you’ll be reading this, Guy, but in case you do…

    Do remember the days of Starhawk, Resistance 3, and many others that could have been well-sought, yet the marketing team failed to capitalize on these games, which lead to their lack of sales.

    Keep these games in mind as lessons to be learned, as titles need continuous ‘hype.’

  • Man! Playstation is killing it! From the prominent ads and marketing to the sales figures. What a come back! I Always believed. Congrats on becoming No. 1 for a third time, simply amazing!

  • mmmmmm…Daft Punk. <3 <3 <3

  • Maybe include that the video is PS4 only.
    With that being the case I will pass. , When backwards compatibility is included and my 3 year warranty is up, I may think about it.
    Might just buy another PS3, if they are still being sold.

    Have to agree with #4.
    And #11 has some valid points, but not everyone with a Vita is expecting PS4 quality.
    That isn’t the problem.
    1. Overpricing games that are PS2 quality, or Ios ports.
    2. Lack of titles. When Freedom Wars is one of the very few specially made games for the console since Killzone (last year). I know a few others, but far and few.
    3. Lack of price reduction of PSP digital titles, due to physical inavailability.
    4. Not allowing more than one ID on the system.
    5. Very, very expensive memory cards.

    Believe it or not, I still love my Vita
    1. It’s mobile, and very energy efficient.
    2. I love my older classics
    3. Friends are easier to keep up with and message.
    4. Still better than 3DS, besides lack of 3rd party. It doesn’t even have dual analog, and two screens is a waste of battery.

    New is great when real advancement is made, but not really into trying to keep up with what’s (so called)popular.
    Or acting like because you spend more, that must make it better.

  • Could you make it so that the PSN can display my freinds list instantly.
    When you have over 500 friends, it starts getting real slow.
    I did state you could just load the PSN and not the friend’s profile as well.
    Also create friends list and make them load just people within that list.
    It’s good to keep track who plays what.

  • Personally, Never Stop Playing and Live In Your World Play in ours were much better slogans.

  • I’m loving the new commercials but kinda agree with @Rezolution77. The “Greatness awaits” slogan was perfect for before the PS4 launched but now at first glance it brings the questions to mind of “isn’t the PS4 here, so what am I waiting for?” It takes some thought to get to the meaning of it. Still it’s doing it’s part with around 11 million units sold Playstation has taken the top spot in the eyes of millions.

    Also like @warezlbanez mentioned let’s not forget the GREAT 1st party games and make sure they get a really good advertising push as well. These games should not fall under the radar of gamers because there wasn’t enough of a push to get them into the minds of the masses.

  • Sony ‘re make Warhawk please and bring it back with full eSports support also when’s the info about the Las Vegas event

  • Serious question here: Why are you, Sony of America, continuing to use such awful advertising and PR?
    The video you posted doesn’t show a single second of gameplay.
    Sony of Japan does advertising much better in comparison, and everyone in SCEA should learn from them, or at least this video:
    Don’t waste of money to make huge-budgeted ads like the “Friendly Competition” one, when consumers can’t even recognize what you’re selling or even have a game or product’s name to remember.
    Another example: The Peacocking ad for Vita was terrible and focused more on a person acting like a fool than it did the system and the videogames on it.
    You’re blowing money on trying to sell a lifestyle, you should be trying to sell your products
    I doubt anyone in SCEA will read this comment, or even take it seriously, but something seriously should change here.

  • @WrekGar,

    The term is “Greatness Awaits” not “Greatness Waits”.

    Awaits – to be ready for/to be in store for

    It is not what you are waiting for it’s what you are in store for, in this case, Greatness.

  • Personally, my favorite PlayStation slogan has got to be Never Stop Playing, unless you count the Marcus PSP STEP YA GAME UP slogan. Those commercials were the best.

  • Got an idea for the next ad, just a friendly jab at the competition. Simple, like the old playstation ads. ‘Xbox one?…no,they didn’t’

  • I like the commercial & all but in order to enjoy these games the online needs a major overhall.

  • The best part of gaming was always getting together with a friend or friends, hanging out (in person) and playing some games. This generation of consoles and games have abandoned the true social aspect of gaming. Everything is online and impersonal.

  • Online has improved, somewhat, but goes through phases.
    Some better, some worse.

    Getting rid of the few permafree plus games wasn’t smart.
    Long term members had the same ones, so it was better for newly buying.
    No better way to organize digital purchases / demos / trophy deletions.
    Sales are random and erratic.
    Monday sales listings are gone.
    Many overlooked or overhyped/advertised titles.
    The Blog doesn’t make use of surveys, or find better ways for member involvement.
    Pricing is usually not being current with retail, though Vita hasn’t been too bad with less used games being on the market.

  • I also forgot the 3ds finally went dual analog.

  • “It is hard to believe that it has been nearly a year since PlayStation 4 arrived…” and there’s still so few actual games to be played. Here’s hoping it won’t be another year before we start seeing console (or at minimum next gen) exclusive titles.

  • Still PS4 = no games! All cross-gen releases and a couple of ps4 only and indies.

    No sales at all on PS4 Games in PSN Store this is ridiculous. Give us already good discounts on Killzone, Knack, inFamous and other PS Exclusives. Stop keeping overpriced games in store that already sold more than millions ww.

  • este video esta muy bueno

  • I loved this.

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